Yota: Internet settings and access points

Despite the fact that the operator Yota has been successfully providing communication services for some time, many users still have a number of questions. Finding answers to them is not so easy, especially when it comes to setting up a mobile gadget to work with the SIM card of this operator.

yota internet setup

This article will address the topic of how the Internet setup is performed on the Yota number. Is it possible to perform it automatically and how can I set the necessary parameters manually?

Mobile Internet from Yota

The question of how the Internet setup is performed on the Yota number is particularly relevant for those customers who recently began to use the communication services of the operator in question. It may also concern subscribers who have changed their mobile gadget. After all, when installing a SIM card in a new device, you must re-perform the steps to configure the Internet Yota.

It should be remembered that the majority of modern devices that can be purchased in the communication salon or other electronics supermarket, are able to independently configure the Internet.Thus, it’s likely that not all customers will have to delve into the details, but only those whose mobile device can get the Internet settings automatically.

Internet settings yota

Sometimes users think that there is no possibility to use the Internet due to the fact that the necessary Internet settings Yota are missing. Although in fact the problem may be due to other factors:

  • there is no money in the account;
  • Internet service on the number is disabled;
  • Mobile data is disabled in the device itself;
  • mobile gadget is faulty;
  • repair work on the side of the service provider;
  • The operating system has a virus that blocks the ability to connect to the Internet.

Internet setup Yota

As mentioned earlier, on the phone with a Yota SIM card, the Internet can be set up automatically. What do I need to do? In fact, the subscriber simply needs to install the SIM card in the slot of the smartphone or tablet PC and wait until the operator icon appears on the display. This indicates that the number has been registered in the network. Then you should go to the browser or another application that has access to the global network, and check whether there is a connection.First you need to make sure that the “Internet” service is connected to the number (it is included in the list of basic and is available to everyone by default), and mobile data is also activated in the gadget settings.

Manual configuration of Internet settings on Apple devices

For owners of “apple” devices that use the SIM card of the operator considered in the current article, it will be good news that the setting of parameters on their devices is not much different from the settings on gadgets with other operating systems. So, to configure, you need to go to the appropriate section (with the general parameters of the smartphone) and go to the section “Cellular communication” (depending on the OS version, the names may differ).

Internet setup yota on the phone

Next, select the section “Cellular Data”. In the opened form you need to fill in only one parameter - this is APN. Other fields are not required. Access Point (APN) - internet.yota. Then you should adjust the type of network so that the device can connect to the 3G and 4G system.

Internet settings Yota on Android

Owners of mobile gadgets, working on the platform "Android", have to perform all the same actions, but with some reservations.

First, in the general settings of the smartphone (or tablet), you should call up additional parameters by clicking the "More" button. There will be a “Cellular Network” item (a different name may appear on different models of gadgets). As in the case of devices on iOS, you should register in the form that opens the access point - internet.yota and also specify the name Yota. No other parameters need to be set in the current form. You should save the entered data and then set the network type so that the gadget can receive both 3G and 4G (LTE) signals, if, of course, the device itself supports this function.

Manual configuration of Internet settings on Windows devices

When using a Yota SIM card in a Windows-based device, setting up the Internet by the subscriber is done in a similar way. In the settings of the cellular network, you must specify the access point and save it. Entering values ​​in other fields is not required, as APN is enough for connecting to the Internet.

Internet settings yota on android

Many customers are interested in how to get automatic Internet settings Yota? After all, other telecom operators provide their users with this opportunity.The company "Iota" does not provide a service for ordering auto tuning for the Internet and multimedia messages. This may be due to the fact that the new generation of mobile phones, as well as tablet PCs, are able to independently obtain the necessary network parameters. In this case, you can always go in and check the phone settings, whether the access point is correctly registered, and edit it if necessary. This is done very simply (it was previously described how setting up the Internet Yota on the phone).

What to do if you can’t set up the Internet by yourself?

For all matters relating to setting up the mobile Internet on the relevant devices, you can call8 800 550 00 07. This combination can be used to dial from any device: mobile and landline phone, and any operator. The call is free. The specialist will help to resolve the issue with the setting, will answer any questions regarding communication services and the Internet.

automatic internet settings yota

You can also use other methods of communication with the specialists of the contact center: online chat (it is available on the operator’s website), feedback form (leaving your message in a special field, the client can be sure that soon he will receive long-awaited answers).


The current article discussed how to set the parameters of the mobile Internet operator "Yota" for different operating systems. We draw the attention of users: it is not always the reason that you can not access the Internet, is the lack of settings. If, after checking the access point, it turned out that it was set correctly, then you should think about what else can be a barrier to the normal use of the service.

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