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And I had no doubt that this is exactly the situation in the family of the killed three Khachaturian sisters. I read an interview with the mother of girls Aurelia Dunduk and I don’t even need to explain anything:
“Aurelia, when did he start beating you?”
- Yes, almost as soon as I moved in with him. The first time, I remember, when Seryozha (the eldest son) was eight months old. A holiday of some kind of house, I am in a smart dress, I wanted to go to my mother. But for all he gives me a face and suddenly suffocates me: “You’re not going anywhere from this house, you understand?”. Everyone saw his sisters, mother. After that, I did not go out on the street for five years. The younger Mary was a year old when he more or less began to let me out. Sometimes his sisters walked with children sometimes, they went to the store and to the kindergarten too. I had no right to talk without his permission even by phone. And he wanted me to give birth every year. And after Masha, I began to protect myself from him in secret.
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For Aurelia Dunduk herself, everything ended relatively well: the dead man simply drove her out.
A normal woman, in my opinion, should have defended herself - with her teeth to snatch the Adam's apple to the tyrant, save the children, but the woman’s fear overcame:
He kicked me out after another scandal. The last time he beat me, beat me, and then put a gun to my temple.I thought everything already. And he said: “If you want to stay alive, don't make me sin. Get out now. ” I asked - what about the girls? “The girls will stay with me, they feel better here. I'll hire nannies, a cleaning lady, learn them. What can you give them? Not a day worked.
And she left. She left throwing children with this monster. Occasionally, she coped with the situation, met in the apartments of relatives.
The monster sisters convinced her that he was good to the girls, but her mother wanted to believe and believed in it. The eldest son of Aurelia was still a bit with her and more than once: the tyrant believed that his wife had pooch.
“I see, you can't get pregnant, children means not from me? Where did you get up? ”. And beat - another reason appeared. Although when could I go on a run, if I didn't leave the house at all? We had pistols and rifles at home. He shot right in the apartment, we all had walls in the bullet holes. How many times he threatened to kill us all: "I will take you to the forest, bang there and no one will find!". He is such a person, such a character. Soothing saw pills did not help.
- Where was your eldest son Serezha?
- He had not lived with us for a year and a half. His father threw him out at the age of 16 and did not let him on the threshold. He had disliked him since birth.For some reason, Mishina's mother thought that Seryozha was fattened. That son always got, like me ... Huddled with friends, friends. I helped, as I could, transferred money, food. It was such that at the entrance he was warming himself in the winter. There was nowhere to go at all. And I waited for my husband to fall asleep, let Seryozha into the apartment. We had a big sofa with the bottom, where he was hiding and sleeping. And in the morning I left. Once my husband noticed and beat him and me, he said, I will see again - I will kill both. Shot him.
At the same time, the whole woman was so crammed that she blamed herself for believing that the problem lay in her:
I was sure that everything was fine with my departure. Maybe I used to annoy him, well, it happens that one person does not tolerate the other. But I am not, and everything is fine ...
Well, isn’t it a Dunduk? And how many women are slaughtered in Mother Russia? They are in the face, and they say: they themselves are to blame, he has just such a character.
Or worse, I live, they say, with him for the sake of children. I get in the face, but how are they without a father? Where I will go, how we will live, because he is a support, a stone wall and in general a man.
Usually, of course, such a family relationship ends with the fact that the daughters are looking for a tyrant husband.But it also happens when you overtake a stick - the psyche does not stand up, and the girls are killed.
Three sisters are charged with premeditated murder as part of a group. The hardest article of the Criminal Code, which give life. Who is guilty of murder? Obviously, the monster itself, but with the mother of girls can not be removed moral responsibility.
I am not his official wife, we didn’t sign for it - we just got married. He himself designed everything. In all instances was listed as a single father. I always lied to everyone that I left the children and left. But I didn’t let me go there, and I didn’t have any documents at first. I am from Moldova ... My brother, he is also in Moscow, has statements that Michael threatened them with murder, came with weapons to their house. I was looking for when I ran away. Oral: “I will kill you and cut out all your family.” And from the police came replies. It's no good, do you understand?
No, I do not understand this and do not want to understand. Mother is obliged to protect herself and her children. Remember this - do not be afraid of anyone.

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