Why is everything so expensive in Crimea? ...

Everybody, both Crimeans themselves, and mainland Russians, who come to Crimea for holidays, complain about the Crimean prices. Prices in the markets at the level of Moscow. I will modestly keep silent about cafes and restaurants ...
I travel a lot around Russia and sadly observe the picture that prices in Sevastopol and Crimea are much higher than in the capital. Be it food, clothes or any other things necessary for life.
Why is this happening and how to solve this problem?
Sevastopol “notes” tried to find out what the reason for the transcendental Crimean price tags is: The merchant vessels do not enter the Crimean ports because of the sanctions. Therefore, the goods have to be overloaded in the mainland ports on Russian ships. But customs are still importing on the peninsula. As a result, Crimeans have to pay extra for its storage in the Novorossiysk port from their own pockets. So why not to customs the goods right there, at the place of his arrival in the Russian Federation?
In Crimea, it is customary to complain about high prices. More expensive: products, clothing, household products, building materials. Sellers write off all on complex logistics.In part, they are right: the very delivery of imported goods to the peninsula by sea costs the Crimean wholesalers at least twice as much as the same delivery to the mainland.
Ships under foreign flags do not enter the ports of the Crimea, which means they cannot deliver the goods directly here. We have to use the transshipment base in Novorossiysk.
A container ship carrying goods from China delivers it to Novorossiysk. There the ship is unloaded, and then for the containers sent to the Crimea they charter a new vessel.
While the necessary quantity of goods has accumulated, there will be a Russian ship for its transportation, it takes several days or even weeks. All this time, the cargo is collecting dust in warehouses.
For each day of idleness the owner has to pay a considerable amount. At the same time, some of the goods going to the Crimea, in Novorossiysk, do not undergo the procedure of customs clearance - everyone will register it here, in the Crimea, at our local customs office.
While the cargo is not cleared, it should be supervised in a special warehouse - under responsible storage, where increased security measures are observed - these are the rules. And you have to pay for this at least twice as much as for a regular warehouse.
Add here the cost of re-loading and unloading - and you get a two-fold increase in the cost of shipping goods to the Crimea compared to mainland Russia. Naturally, in the end, all this is reflected in the store price tags.
What gets to us by sea? Foreign goods that you see on the shelves of construction and hardware stores: dishes, brooms, ironing boards, drying, washing, building tools and some materials. And also Spanish wine material, from which some respected producers make “Crimean” wine on the peninsula.
Why our suppliers do not carry out customs clearance there, in Novorossiysk? Why it is impossible to deliver containers to us not by sea, but by land - by truck over the crossing? After all, it will cost much cheaper.
The only reasonable answer to this question: for political reasons, we need customs here, in the Crimea and Sevastopol.
The weekly volumes passing, in particular, through Sevastopol are ridiculous. But it is now not loaded customs. In a few more years, the world’s Crimean question will be forgotten and the sanctions lifted.Or a bridge will be built, and then the flow of trucks to the Crimea will be impossible to stop.
In the meantime, you can warm your hands well on the situation, because warehouses for responsible storage are not customs, but private ones. And the cost of this storage is sewn up in the price of the goods we buy here.
As for the local customs, for three Russian years, corruption has been practically eradicated in its lower ranks. A gloomy and serious inspector will no longer solve the problems with your cargo for a certain amount in the currency of another country. But what is happening above, we do not know.
If the goods are not cleared on the mainland, "then it means someone needs it." It is not clear why the wholesalers themselves play these expensive games. They will hardly miss their benefit. It remains only to guess.

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