What is the dream of the day?

Elena Kasyanova
Elena Kasyanova
March 18, 2015
What is the dream of the day?

Dreams are echoes of the past or foreshadowing the future. For a long time, the values ​​of dreams are trying to solve. There are many variants of prediction, and all of them are collected into dream books - interpreters of dreams. Consider a dream in which you had a day. In this dream, it is desirable to compare events, natural phenomena occurring in it. But if you look at the picture of the day in general, you should appreciate what day it was for you.

What a dream day: interpretation

Events occurring in the clear daytime - to positive changes, pleasant unexpected acquaintances. In the gloomy, overcast - to losses, unsuccessful beginnings of new cases, long expectations.

According to the Nostradamus dream book: to admire a beautiful, clear, sunny day is a good omen. Dream foretells you brilliant health, strong true love and high-paying work.

If in a dream you saw a rainy, gloomy day - then the upcoming short-term difficulties will be overcome by you with dignity.

Drizzle rain - to the internal discomfort.

If in a dream on a warm, sunny day, hail has gone - to new worries and unforeseen circumstances. Being present at the funeral of relatives on a clear, fine day is a sign of the good health of your relatives, for young people the likelihood of a quick wedding.

If in a dream you celebrate your birthday - a long happy life awaits you, someone else's birthday is waiting for an unpleasant meeting, illness or danger for someone whose holiday was. In the dream it is already dusk - most likely, your plans will not come true. You are too late to do business.

If you saw a particular day or date in your dream, it means you are reminded of some important event, or you need to take into account the symbolism of the numbers contained in this date.

In a dream, there is no concept of time, so if a sense of measurement appears, it is the length of your life. No wonder there is a saying “the day rules the world”, from which it is clear that the concept day implies a period of time longer than it seems at first glance.

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