Why does sperm smell?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 27, 2013

Some girls who regularly resort to oral sex are interested in the question of why sperm smells. And for men who carefully monitor their health, such a question may also arise. Can the unpleasant smell of sperm indicate any diseases in the male reproductive system? Let's try to figure it out.

The smell of sperm and its causes

Many girls notice that their men sperm smells like bleach, detergent or bleach. This smell is often surprising, hostile and wary. It is understandable: why suddenly such an unusual smell, and is not the man sick?

We hasten to reassure you: light (only necessarily light, not strong!), A barely noticeable smell of “bleach” or the smell of starch in sperm is normal. Where does this smell come from? Scientists have found that this smell has a portion of semen excreted by the prostate and seminal vesicles, it is the smell of spermine produced by the prostate gland.

Moreover, the power of the smell of sperm in all men is not the same.In some, "bleach" smells more than in others, in addition, the same man, this smell can also change. One thing is for sure: if the smell is dim, it doesn’t cause discomfort to you or to the partner, then everything is in order. And why does sperm stink and not just smell like bleach or something unpleasant, and what to do about it? If the smell of "bleach" is strong and does not pass for a long time, then this is a reason to turn to a urologist, since this smell can be a sign of an inflammatory process. A man will need to pass his sperm for analysis.

So, we found out that in the normal state, sperm has a slight unpleasant smell, which can resemble starch or bleach. But what if sperm smells like something quite unusual? For example, tangerines or coffee? What smells sperm in other cases, and what is the reason?

The answer is: the smell and taste of sperm is directly influenced by the food that a man has consumed recently. Many products tend to reflect the smell and taste of sperm. So, they say that after pineapple juice, sperm becomes sweeter and more pleasant to smell. But alcohol and cigarettes have a very negative effect on both the smell and taste of sperm.Also, the smell of sperm depends on many other factors - the age of the man, sexual activity, physical and psychological condition. To improve the sperm on the smell and taste, a man needs to eat healthy food, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, juices.

As you can see, the sperm in different men may smell completely different.

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