Why don't astronauts fly to the moon?

And why no one else flies to the moon? How often do ordinary people think about this? The flow of news from the screens often pushes this fact to the back of the mind: now and then you hear about the colonies on Mars, which are about to be designed, and you don’t even think why you haven’t been going to the Moon for 40 years. Fourty years! But even so recently, it seemed, there was a cold war, the superpowers fought for the right to be the first to enter the surface of the earth's satellite. And now everything has sunk into oblivion ... or was it forbidden by someone from above? Who has the power? Or were there aggressive aliens? It would have explained well why they stopped flying to the moon, but how could we manage to hide it?

why not fly to the moon

Apollo and prospects

The last time humanity attempted to fly to the moon was preserved in history as the Apollo 17 mission. It happened in the last month of 1972, the 11th. How many years have passed since that moment! Why now do not fly to the moon?

Options and theories on this subject - a huge amount. But the official version is nowhere easier: too inefficient.To land a person on a satellite of the Earth costs a lot of money, but from there they have not been able to get really useful information. According to official statistics, one Apollo cost America 23 billion greens, which was an incredibly huge amount at the time. For modern realities, this is hundreds of billions.

Results and their absence

Experiments of the 70s gave for humanity quite a lot. It was possible to develop a number of new technologies that were first implemented in the Apollo or were created for them, and then became available to a wide segment of the population. So, the Teflon coating was invented for rockets, and now they are treated with simple pans, which are in any home. But with a sound look at the situation, it becomes clear: if you send an astronaut to the Moon today, you do not need to reinvent any new technologies, which means there will be no sense from the process. At the same time, there are no such mysteries that could be solved by landing a man on an earth satellite. So it turns out: why no one flies to the moon - because it is expensive and unpromising.

why now don't fly to the moon

Currently there are no tasks on the satellite that require human participation.There are a number of questions, but they are working on them, using robotic technology. Why did people stop flying to the moon? Because a long time ago they landed probes there, and it is they who are now conducting research work, the data about which are being transmitted to our planet. Others believe that the moon is full of deposits of rare materials that can be taken from there to our planet. But so far there is no official confirmation of such information, and if it does, there will be enough robots to deliver valuable cargo. Why astronauts do not fly to the moon? To some extent, we can say that they were “ousted from work” by the machine.

Live on the moon!

The idea of ​​exploring outer space and turning it into a place suitable for human life, has long stirred people's minds. How many books, films, pictures written on this topic! So why don't people fly to the moon anymore, why don't they embody what millions of millions of years ago dreamed of? The cruel truth of our life is this: the colonization of space at the present time is a necessity that can only arise in a very distant future.

why nobody flies to the moon

If you look closely at the map, it will become clear that the impressive territories of our planet have not been completely mastered by people yet.For example, 11 percent of all land is desert land where almost no one lives. But to master them is much easier than the cosmic expanses without a suitable atmosphere. So it turns out that the answer to the question “why people do not fly to the moon” is very prosaic, economic and not at all romantic. There is no way to resist reality: there is an atmosphere on our planet that protects a person from the destructive influence of radiation, we have air, without which our life form cannot exist. Some will argue that it is hot in the desert. And why don't people fly to the moon? So it's cold there! And it is much easier to adjust the temperature to normal in the conditions of our planet than to live in space.

Maybe worth a try?

Questions a la "why no longer fly to the moon" occupy the minds of many people - from the townsfolk to the most prominent politicians and scholars. Currently, Japan has announced plans to send a person to the nearest satellite of our planet. Approximately the event is scheduled for 2030. So far, the Japanese are proposing to unite the efforts of several countries so that the expedition is international: even if it turns out to be incredibly expensive, but together the countries will be able to collect the necessary budget.Now, thinking about why they no longer fly to the moon, and explaining the need for such a flight, the Japanese are offered to study the lunar surface. Whether these plans will be realized in reality is difficult to predict.

why people stopped flying to the moon

Or is it a conspiracy?

For the first time human foot set foot on the moon in 1969. It was then that the expedition under the leadership of Neil Armstrong was able to successfully approach the earth's satellite and on July 20 the human foot left the first mark on this celestial body, which had previously seemed so unattainable and mysterious. Why not fly to the moon since then? Is it really so useless?

Officially, science has now completely abandoned research on Earth’s satellite using human power. Others suggest that the whole thing is in a threatening factor, however, it is not clear whether this is connected with someone who has power on our planet, or whether the threat is observed from the outside. And why not fly to the moon? Who and how could forbid a person to master the nearest satellite?

Conspiracy theory?

Soon after the first landing of a man on the Moon in America, the design of a new, promising, high-tech lunar cosmodrome of its time was stopped. At about the same time they finished working on the project of a city on the moon.Instead, the interest of the scientific community, it would seem, switched to Mars. But even here the doubters see quite a few disagreements between the facts, too many oddities associated with the spacecraft.

If you ask a scientist why they don’t fly to the moon, he will answer that at the moment it is meaningless - in this way you don’t know anything new, and the old is already known. But after all, the same spacecraft directed to Mars now and then miss the points where they have to fly, despite the course adjustment technologies, others lose touch with the base, barely approaching the object they were supposed to study. When a philistine asks why they don’t fly to the moon, he usually wonders after this - what happened to all the missions sent to Venus, Mars? Their history is no less mysterious and suggests a conspiracy of at least an interplanetary, if not universal, scale!

why astronauts don't fly to the moon

Stories of chatelaine

Some time ago, media attention was attracted by the designer who worked on the American spacecraft - Maurice Chatelain. His revelations, as well as information published by eminent scientists Valle, Berger caused panic among the masses: they all told about the mysterious, unknown, about the ancestors of our civilization who arrived from space.

However, various theories related to conspiracies and the presence of extraterrestrial developed civilizations have existed in the scientific community for a long time. In particular, there is a perception that lunar craters were previously cities and other structures created artificially. In the early 60s, Carl Sagan said that the cavities under the surface of the moon may well be a place convenient for the development of life. Some of these caverns are huge in size - 100 km3! Biological species could equip these areas in a completely suitable place to live. So why hasn't this happened to this day?

It's alive?

According to the information published later, in the course of research in 1963, very interesting and unusual lunar objects were discovered - huge, radiating light, five kilometers in length, and 300 meters wide. According to various sources, more than three dozen such objects were identified, and innumerable similar but smaller ones.

And in 1968, even before the Apollo-2 mission was sent, American scientists published a handbook of lunar anomalies. Among others were giant domes, sometimes appearing in sight, and then disappearing.Scientists also observed trenches with similar features, walls, craters, and incomprehensible objects painted in different colors. The cold calculation showed: 579 anomalous phenomena were recorded, which no one could find an explanation for. Incidentally, the first official observations of such anomalies were made back in 1871 by the Englishman Birt, who then compiled and published a catalog of lunar mysteries.

What we do not say?

Assumptions that the rulers of the countries have come to terms with each other and carefully hide a huge amount of information from the broad masses have long been occupied by the minds of very different people around the world. It is to this policy that several editions of reputable authors are devoted. In particular, a series of books tells about UFOs and how carefully managers hide it from ordinary citizens. One of the classic publications in this direction - written by Allen Zaynek, no less popular are the books of Timothy Hooke, Donald Keyhoy. Of exceptional confidence is the publication published by Christopher Kraft, who previously held the post of director at NASA.

why people don't fly to the moon anymore

As can be seen from the publication of Kraft, during their stay on the moon, Aldrin and Armstrong reported to Earth that they see some gigantic objects and do not believe that this may be optical illusions.The objects, according to astronauts, were under the surface of the satellite, and after a while people saw the guests checking the equipment. On the one hand, the craters were Americans, and on the other, spacecraft lined up! Presumably, it was possible to detect secret UFO bases, and this information was decided to hide from the masses. It became clear that while it is better advertised to the satellite, it is better not to approach, and a theory about the impracticality and uselessness of flights to the Moon was created for "averting the eyes". Believe in this story? Every person has the right to choose.

They exist: I believe

Various scientists were convinced at their rightness about the presence of extraterrestrial life forms, including the fact that the Moon was inhabited by them, at different times. In particular, Farida Iskiovet, who had previously worked under the President of the United Nations and advised him on issues related to unidentified flying objects, assured that they have been living on the Moon for a long time - and these are not people. The stories of Mr. English, who took photographs for NASA on a secret assignment, seem quite interesting.

Former military bureaucrat Mark Harber, not less significant at one time in the exploration of Willard Bathl and his colleague Wayne Aho, expressed their theories more than once.A curious statement was made and engaged in the space programs of NASA, Dr. James Harra. All these persons are united by the fact that in different periods they had access to classified information and eventually decided to announce something with which they once had the opportunity to become acquainted.

What if they talk to us?

Some time ago, Marconi Tesla had a rather curious experience, which he immediately sounded to literally the whole planet. This initiative man sent radio signals to the moon, which he hoped to wait for an answer. According to the assurances of many astronomers from France, England and America, shortly thereafter, light flashes were observed on the earth satellite, moving lights on the surface of a celestial body.

why don't people fly to the moon

In the 20s-30s of the last century, interest in the celestial body nearest to us was especially great, as can be seen from newspapers and magazines that have survived to the present day. It was then that Palitzer Prize made his statements, reporting that an artificial structure had been discovered on the moon, resembling a bridge in its form. In addition to it, several other people saw a similar construction. They independently confirmed that this kind of bridge was 12 miles long, had not been seen there before, and soon disappeared mysteriously.Then for the first time it was suggested that the lunar inhabitants suspect that they are being watched from the Earth, and carefully conceal the fact of their existence. So, this bridge may have been created for practical reasons, and then hidden so that it cannot be seen from the outside.

And I saw them!

If we return to the eyewitness accounts, then it would not be superfluous to recall the statements made by the astronauts, in particular, by the crews of Apollo and Gemini. Many of them told that they had seen incomprehensible objects, including space ships. One of the astronauts even photographed a UFO flying around our planet, transmitting information about this fact to Earth, and from the flight control center the object was also fixed in orbit.

But in the 60s, when the Soviet Union decided to set a new space record, this time - on the stay of a living person aboard a spacecraft, an event that was completely difficult to explain was happened: the program was turned when the ship took its place in space. Since the event was a planetary scale and it was watched by many, including radio amateurs from different parts of the world, it soon became clear that many did not like the official explanation.People allegedly observed that other flying objects appeared around the spacecraft that seemed to be playing with a ball, using a vessel with people. The astronauts panicked and soon received an order to return to Earth.

Apollo 18

No less mysterious is the fate of the 18th Apollo mission. It is known that for her everything was ready: the ship, the program, the equipment, the crew. And yet the flight was canceled. The reasons - both official and possible background events - to this day do not allow many to sleep well. By the way, the official plans after the 18th mission were to send at least two more, and yet the program was stopped.

why no longer fly to the moon

According to official news reports, the main reason is the economic crisis, a banal lack of money. As they say, lunar dust at a price per gram was 35 times more expensive than the most expensive diamond. When planning the budget, Richard Nixon realized that at the same time both the Vietnamese war and the space expansion from the state would not have enough money, and chose one thing: a war. Financing of Apollo was sharply reduced, and there were no options left for scientists and astronauts - they had to abandon ambitious plans and return to earthly reality.

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