Why can not I go to Odnoklassniki? What to do?

Social networks, like the Internet in principle -a huge mystery for users. Here, very often there are various failures and malfunctions that interfere with comfortable work on a particular service. Recently, users complain and find out from other people the answer to this question: "I can not go in" Classmates. "How can I be?". The reasons here can be a huge number. Some you can correct, and with something you just have to accept. In practice, it turns out that the user is usually guilty of what is happening. And in his power to fix it. Can not I go to "Odnoklassniki"? Then it is worthwhile to find out the cause of this phenomenon and eliminate it, if it is possible. What options can be at an event?I can not go to classmates

the Internet

The first thing that can be assumed is failure inyour internet connection. "I can not go in" Odnoklassniki "- a common complaint, but sometimes this phenomenon is observed because of the carelessness of users.Surfing the Internet, as well as a variety of accidents at the station at your provider - that's what can lead to this situation.

To know for sure that the fault is not in theInternet connection, pay attention to the work of the browser and applications that need a network to function. Does everything work except the social network? Then the reason is clearly not on the Internet. Can not work with the Internet at all? Quite another matter - you will need to find the cause of the network failure, eliminate it and resume connection attempts.


You are faced with a problem called "I can notgo to the "Classmates". Writes that the page is unavailable? If the Internet connection fails, you can try to change your browser. Sometimes in these applications, too, there are various failures and malfunctions that simply block access to sites in an incomprehensible way. The focus, as practice shows, is on social networks and blogs.

You can either completely uninstall and reinstallthe current browser, or put another application on the computer. Sometimes this method helps. And the question is: "Why can not I go to the page" Classmates "?" disappears by itself. In fact, this happens very rarely. After all, social networks do not just refuse to work. Most often, the reasons lie either in the work of the head server, or in your operating system. Pay close attention to these two areas.why can not I go to classmates


But what if you are confronted with a situationunder the name "I can not go into" classmates "from the phone"? This phenomenon is usually corrected easily and simply - try to try again later. In addition, it is desirable to reboot the mobile device system. Maybe there was some minor glitch, which now hinders the work of the mobile browser.

As an option - try to get authorization insocial network with the help of another mobile phone. If this was successful, the problem is in your device. No? Then do not need to slander on the mobile. Look for the cause of the problem elsewhere. Most likely, it's impossible to fix the situation independently. Why? Let's try to figure this out.

Server failure

Someone complains "I can not go in" Classmates "(from a computer, tablet or phone - it's not important). "It's not uncommon for social networks to be attacked by various competitors and hackers, which leads to malfunctions in the main server, which in turn becomes the main reason for the social network (or other site) from work.I can not go to classmates write

With all this, pay attention - the problemit will start to appear not only on your account, but also with other users. Contact your friends and find out if they can go to "Classmates". No? Wait for a while. And read the news. Usually hacker attacks and server failures of well-known sites are written in news feeds.

Of course, from users in such casesnothing depends. It remains to be patient and wait for site administrators to set up the main server. After that you will be able to log in. With rare exceptions - when the cause of the problem called "I can not go into" Classmates "appeared not through the fault of the main server's main server failure.


The next moment, worthy of attention, is not thatother than the technical and preventive works on the site. No hosting is insured against them. And similar "events" are held on a regular basis from time to time. Do not be surprised if suddenly you are faced with a problem that sounds like "I can not go into" Classmates. "The page is not available." It is better to ask if any work was planned by the administration of the social network.

By the way, surprises can be avoided. It is enough to carefully read the news and messages of administrators and hosting moderators. Users try to warn in advance about carrying out of preventive works. In this case, please note - you may not be authorized, but friends - quite. It all depends on personal luck. Repeat attempts to work with "Classmates" preferably after some time. If you find the news, where the exact time frame for the prevention or technical work is written, approximately 10-15 minutes after the end of these, all should be earned.I can not go into classmates what to do


Occasionally, problems with logging into social networksprovokes the content installed on your computer. Especially if it can contain malicious files and even viruses. If you are faced with a problem called "I can not log in to Odnoklassniki, it's enough to see how much is running on your computer." Note only the software that requires an Internet connection.

As an option - end this kind of workapplications and resume attempts to work with the social network. If the actions have brought the result, in the future, simply do not run simultaneously as many programs that require Internet connection. There is no result?

Remember which apps you installedbefore the problem occurs and get rid of them. This method also helps very often. Pay special attention to the software, downloaded from unreliable and unreliable sources. These are the main threats to the computer. All the same, nothing helped? Maybe the reason is different?

operating system

The operating system is one more reason forwhich can become impossible your authorization in social networks. And not only in "Classmates". Some system failures can disrupt the browser and the Internet in general. Hence the impossibility of authorization in social networks and the transition to a variety of sites that on other computers normally work.I can not go to classmates on my phone

Thinking over the topic "I can not go in"Classmates." What should I do? "? Try to roll back the system at the time authorization was still available to you, just check the options with technical work and hacker attacks first.Now, do not hurry to accept the operating system rollback if problems are only observed in Odnoklassniki. And with all the other sites and social networks, everything is in order.

This is not true? Be sure to roll back the system and look at the result. It is advisable after reinstalling the idea to reinstall the browsers. Often rollbacks require this operation. Anyway, there is no sense? You do not need to despair. There are several alternative solutions to the problem.


Or maybe your account was hacked? Remember, did you use any suspicious content for the social network "Odnoklassniki" lately? If so, there is a huge likelihood of hacking. Your task is to return the account. In practice, it is difficult to do this if you have not entered and confirmed your actual data. The administration of "Classmates" will somehow prove that you are the true owner of the profile. Actually it's only when you can go to the main page of the site.

If you have the opportunity, trylog in from another person's account. Or in general, register yourself another page. And forget the old one. Suspicious content, if any, must be immediately removed from the system. Usually under suspicion get to applications for cheating friends, as well as software that offers the expansion of standard features of the social network.I can not get into classmates


With regular problems you can tryresort to one trick. If you can not go to "Odnoklassniki" or to any other social network, you do not download music and videos, it's time to clean your computer's registry. It is advisable to use CCLeaner for this. Maybe your computer already simply does not have enough resources to connect to a particular page. Cleaning the registry will fix this problem.

Especially hope for success is not necessary. But if it helped you, rejoice. And do not forget to regularly clean the registry on your computer. It is advisable to apply to this procedure at least once a month. It helps to fix the operating system.


We are almost at the end of our topic today. As practice shows, most often the inability to visit "Classmates" and social pages in general is caused by the presence of viruses on the computer. The problem is solved easily - it is enough to get rid of the malicious files in the system (in other words, to cure it). And then the efficiency of the social network will return.

In some cases, it is more expedient to simplyreinstall the operating system. The method is relevant for situations where viruses have already seriously damaged the computer. Do not rush to look in "Classmates" immediately after reinstallation. First, install the drivers on the network and sound cards.why can not I see my classmates on the page


The last trick is working with the so-calledhosts file on the computer. Certain viruses can put a lock on it to visit certain sites without the user's knowledge. This does not mean that all social networks will not be available to you. Only selectively.

To be able to go to "Odnoklassniki",it is enough to find hosts on the computer (it is stored in the folder etc on the hard disk, partition with your operating system), open it with notepad, erase all contents and save the changes. Or at all to remove, keeping thus shift. Restart the computer and enjoy the results. So we found out the possible reasons for the problems with authorization in Odnoklassniki. Before starting the fight with the situation it is advisable to look into the hosts. Most often, the problem lies in this file. Now it's not a problem to answer the question: "Why can not I go to" Classmates "?". It is enough to sort out all possible causes and pick up something that suits your case.

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