Who is this - a womanizer?

A womanizer is a fickle young man who does not lose sight of any beautiful young lady. Such a person is characterized by emotional immaturity and weakness of character. Psychologists call these guys psychopathic hysteria.

Characteristic person

A womanizer is restless,cheerful, carefree and energetic people. As a rule, such men are easy to talk to and inconspicuous. In such a man, the girls change at an enviable speed, he does not attach much importance to the relationship, realizing that one beautiful woman will be replaced by another in a short amount of time. In sex, they are hasty and unsubstantiated. They love to brag about their successes and victories in bed.

womanizer is

You can also meet a situational womanizer - thisa certain type of man who, in fact, is not a womanizer. But sometimes, due to the appearance of problems on the personal front, it can borrow a couple of techniques from the individual described above.

Rules of womanizer, or How to distinguish a womanizer from an ordinary guy?

  • Such a young man has a fear of long intimate relationships with a member of the opposite sex.He cannot make a choice in favor of one, even the most beautiful young lady, because he is afraid of losing freedom and becoming addicted.
  • As a rule, a womanizer is a sissy who grew up in a female society or in a full family, where the father did not have the right to vote. Mom praised and at the same time intimidated the guy that without her participation, he could not achieve anything. Having matured, such a boy is not able to make decisions concerning even domestic issues.
  • At the level of intuition, such a young guy chooses a field of activity where he could rotate in the women's team. Women's gossip, revelations, for a man-womanizer are more interesting than men's conversations.
  • A true womanizer is not really a bouncer. Anyone who brags about the number of seduced women just wants to seem so. A real womanizer gives a glance, he can be uncompromising, but clingy and in one second “scanning” every female member.
  • Sex for a man-womanizer - not the ultimate dream. For him, the most important thing is the process of conquest. Such a young man is something between a hunter and a collector.Mutual feeling visits him no more than any other man. Most of his novels are just a peculiar way of personal realization.

film womanizer

  • The young man is always in search of the ideal life partner, communication with which would provide physical and mental satisfaction for the guy. However, each subsequent date brings with it disappointment or indifference. Most womanizer lose interest in the girl when she agrees to go to bed with them, for the simple reason that the process itself does not cause strong feelings and emotions, as if seduced. It is not possible for such young people to meet “that only one”, as they are victims of their own illusions, which are never allowed to come true.
  • In the past, every woman lover has a love story that justifies his actions.
  • For male women’s women, marriage doesn’t change anything. When a womanizer begins to overcome longing for true, true love and normal family relationships, he can tie the knot. However, being married, the young man will continue to cheat on his wife. The best wife for a guy-womanizer can only be a woman withunshakable self-esteem, confident and optimistic, who will perceive her spouse, first of all, as a friend, not a lover.

Types of womanizer

However, not all women lovers are the same in behavior. There are several types of womanizer. Acquainted with the features of each type, you can develop the right tactics when communicating.

  • Estet, who admires the appearance of a beautiful woman.
  • A womanizer-athlete is interested only in the process and the number of ladies who succumb to temptation.
  • An amiable womanizer - as a rule, a creative person who regularly needs new sensations;
  • A heartbreaker guy sets a goal not only to take possession of the soul, but also the heart of another victim.

rules of womanizer

The film "Womanizer"

Much has been said about such young guys. Modern American cinema has pleased more than one broken heart with a karmic lesson that brought life to the hero of Ashton Kutcher in the eponymous film.

The plot of the film tells the story of a young Alfonso Nikki, who leads a wild lifestyle and, thanks to his irresistible appearance, as well as his confidence, enjoys a beautiful life.His goal is to find a wealthy person and live with her at her expense. However, one day, Ashton’s hero meets a young waitress who begins to use him as he used to be his rich girlfriends.

The hero-lover falls in love with a young waiter, but over time it turns out that the girl earns a living by spending time with well-provided boyfriends, one of whom she is even engaged to.

man womanizer

In conclusion…

Not all women lovers are as insidious and dangerous as it may seem at first glance. With some of them, it is sometimes even useful to maintain friendly relations, since the guys-ladies can charge with positive energy and raise their spirits. The main thing - to keep a distance and not to allow the farmer to close.

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