Who do men want?

Men want women whose appearance is something of a slut. This is a general rule. Of course, there are exceptions from it, but they are exceptions, that there are not many of them.
The absolute majority of men between the concepts of "sexually" and "depraved" puts an equal sign.

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This is the ultimate truth. She is very simple. However, women stubbornly refuse to recognize her, trying to look not depraved, but pretty.
On the one hand, women suffer from poor-quality or completely absent sex. On the other hand, they do nothing to light a fire in men.

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Instead of pumping up a cool ass and wearing under a skirt thongs and stockings, women make claims to peasants about poor-quality sex.
She cannot even pronounce the word “fuck” by choosing the wording “we began to make love less often,” and there too: where is regular sex, a goat?
What kind of sex with you can be, you fool, if you have on your ass - merry cotton underpants, which, if you sew holes in them for your cellulite leglets, will hold ten kilos of potatoes.
No one wants to fuck ugly women. This is the first.
Second: a woman cannot be considered beautiful if she has an ugly body. This is an axiom. It is possible, of course, for the sake of complacency, to deny it, but from this the men will not begin to want ugly bodies instead of beautiful ones.

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Behavior is also important. If you walk around the house, selling virtuous mug, and do not cough during a blowjob, then be prepared for what he wants, anyone, but not you.
Her, for example:

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And you, dear woman, should prepare for wearing horns. Good women may get married, but they are not fucked. Yes, and do not marry already especially, because few what a man wants to turn his life into a gray semolina.

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