Where to quickly make money in Moscow? Ways to make money in Moscow

Megacities provide enough opportunities for earnings, including easy and fast, compared to the periphery. The higher the population, the more potential buyers, interested customers, the number of places with good traffic, where you can put a trading point, the needs increase.

Moscow is considered to be the leader among the capitals of the CIS. Every year thousands of people flock here, who were not lucky enough to be born in Belokamennaya. Everyone wants to conquer the capital. So it was before, in the days of the Soviet Union, so it is now. But how to earn in Moscow at least so much that is enough for a normal life? Prices in the capital are much higher than in the regions.

Speech is no longer about making money on an apartment or a car in a few months. How to make big money in Moscow, professionals know, especially in specific areas, top managers, managers, business creators and people with a developed ability to sell services and goods.No wonder - such a large consumer market with good incomes.

Below is an overview of some of the ways to make money in Moscow, both fast and more stable. The list is far from complete - if you think about it, you will find very, very many options to get income. You can find work without experience in Moscow and earn really large sums. Either it will be necessary to be content with having enough for basic needs, but to do what you love. So, where to quickly make money in Moscow? Let's see.

Work at a construction site

The easiest way to earn a living in Moscow is to go to a construction site. Strong men who come to White-stone to build shopping and office centers and apartment buildings, get private cottages in the Moscow region. True, the work is very hard. You can get a handyman or a specialty, if it is available.

where to make money fast in Moscow

Muscovites themselves are not in a hurry to go to the construction site, and this is a permanent process in the capital. Still, too hard work, and pay, according to Moscow standards, a little. Only qualified workers (painters, plasterers, welders, plumbers, electricians) earn money for their services, who take decent money for services and work, as a rule, individually or in teams.So, where it is well earned in Moscow, it is at a construction site, but only qualified workers with a Moscow residence permit. Nonresident expect the same income is not worth it.

How to make money in Moscow on a construction site, what income can you expect? The amount of earnings of non-residents will also be significant, but in comparison with the money that can be obtained for the same job in a small Russian town. The final income depends on many factors, including the customer's generosity, success, and loyalty. Having settled as a laborer, you can count on both twenty thousand rubles a month, and a hundred thousand. Everything is very individual, but if the salary does not suit, you can always go to another employer.

Participation in the TV show

In the capital, many television programs, films, talk shows and programs are taken every day, requiring spectators in the hall, extras or heroes. This is a good job without experience in Moscow. Labor is not hard, especially if you get on your favorite gear. True, on the set the working day lasts a long time - as much as ten or twelve hours. Although all this time you just need to watch the shooting process, and not to drag weights at the construction site.

How to make money in Moscow

Such a long working day of the film crew and all those present at the site is fully paid off with the ease of the money earned and, sometimes, a rather pleasant pastime. At least it is interesting to see what is going on behind the scenes, how the director and cameramen, make-up artists, actors and presenters work. And a high probability to make useful contacts.

You can get such a job by contacting special agencies that recruit extras on a television show, or directly into a television studio. At the first shooting, if possible, you can agree with the director to ask the experts a question from the audience or to be present at the next shooting. They pay extra for the questions, but they don’t need to write the text - the writers will give ready-made questions.

You can earn from three hundred to a thousand rubles in one shooting day at a film studio without experience. For questions or active participation in the program (which, of course, it is agreed in advance with the director) are paid extra for five hundred and more rubles. For participation in extras in films pay about two thousand per day. There are vacancies even with a payment of seven thousand rubles for two days - for a resident of the Russian hinterland this is really a lot of money, almost a monthly salary of an ordinary worker somewhere in Tver or Ivanovo.In general, the earnings are easy, interesting, decent, there is an opportunity to “catch on” and get a permanent source of income.


Where else to quickly make money in Moscow? You can sell long hair, donate blood or sperm, or experience medicines and cosmetic products. They also pay for it, although not so much, and harm to the body is not excluded.

Healthy hair, especially natural rare flowers (red, ashy) in Moscow can be sold at the rate of 4000 rubles per 100 grams. Where to take the curls? In hairdressing. You can also watch ads on poles or in public transport.

work without experience in Moscow

For a portion of blood they give five hundred and fifty rubles and a grocery set consisting of two liters of juice, 300 grams of nuts and dried fruits, hematogen, 0.5 liters of water, five packages of biscuits, 250 grams of hard cheese, 250 grams of uncooked smoked sausage, milkshake, chocolate and packaging pills. Instead of sausage, sometimes they give ham or stew. If you abandon the grocery set, will pay extra money. You can get up to three and a half thousand rubles. Where to quickly make money in Moscow, it is precisely at blood transfusion stations.

From the "medical" methods of earning remained participation in the research and delivery of sperm. In several centers in Moscow, you can donate sperm. We'll have to do the tests, but then you can conclude an annual contract for one hundred and twenty thousand rubles. Donating sperm need somewhere once a week. You can participate in medical trials of drugs on the basis of research medical centers under the supervision of doctors. They pay from 10 thousand to 100 thousand rubles and more.

Promotion and distribution of leaflets

Such a large consumer market creates good opportunities for the implementation of various goods and services, but no one has canceled advertising. That is why many companies are willing to pay for holding actions, tasting their products, exhibitions, distribution of leaflets. Job promoter is suitable for young, sociable people. Such an activity is easy to combine with studies or another employment, because the working day usually lasts only a few hours (from 2 to 5).

where they earn good money in Moscow

How much do promoters earn in Moscow? The payment depends on the personal qualities of the employee: those who know how to sell, interest, have a potential buyer, are not afraid to talk to strangers, actively offer products to passersby, smile and politely communicate - in priority.The payment depends on the nature of the work: one rate is put for distribution to the sheet, for the tastings it is completely different. The calculation is hourly, the rate ranges from 70 to 130 rubles.

Provision of services

You can serve cars, offer electrician or plumbing services, pick up children from school and help them with lessons, do hairstyles (including wedding and festive), manicure, nail and eyelash extensions. This, in a sense, own business. There is a minimum investment (of course, if you already know how, for example, to do a manicure, and not only plan to enroll in courses), earnings are quick, and it is easy to keep a client, provided that the service is provided efficiently and at an adequate price.

It is enough to properly advertise yourself to start earning on your own knowledge and skills. You can place announcements about services on bulletin boards on the Internet, on the street, in public transport, social networks and so on. When the first responses appear, it is important to retain customers, because a successful business rests on regular customers.

Another service is to work as a personal driver or in a taxi. The driver who will take the child to school and back home is paid about 30 thousand per month.If you have your own truck or special transport, you’ll get even more money - you can take out the trash, deliver building materials, take schoolchildren on trips, and so on. If you do not have rights, but there is a car (this also happens), you can simply rent your personal vehicle.

where in Moscow you can earn 100,000 rubles

How much can you earn in a taxi in Moscow? On the day it can be ten thousand rubles, and more. But time for time it is not necessary. There are times when there are a lot of orders, and sometimes it happens that the day is wasted. Orders can be taken not through the firm, but in Yandex-Taxi or Uber. These are convenient services that allow you to make money on a flexible schedule.

To avoid such situations when there are no people, it is possible to leave for orders only at the most "profitable" time - until 9-10 am on weekdays, all day on weekends. At other times, you can do some extra work.

Resale of goods

Resale is a huge reservoir for a successful business. Buy cheaper and sell more expensive - the usual scheme. You can buy something in the morning and resell during the day at an inflated cost, or you can organize a whole business in this business.However, without official registration of business, payment of taxes and other deductions there may be some problems with the police.

You can sell almost everything. Electronics, small household appliances and computer peripherals (although the market is already rather crowded), clothing, cosmetics, household chemicals, household goods are in demand. When a small start-up capital appears, you can purchase a trial batch of any product (at least 10-50 units) and try to sell it over the Internet.

How to earn 5000 per day in Moscow for resale? It's pretty simple, especially if you already have a retail outlet or at least a slightly promoted online store. You can sell goods through the bulletin boards - people are now actively buying various products there.

Handicrafts for sale

You can sell and what is done with your own hands, through bulletin boards or by selling on the market, in your outlet. In the latter case, a business registration is required. Are in demand:

  • baked goods to order (cakes, cakes, sweets, gingerbread with original design, very tasty or natural - without dyes, preservatives and other unhealthy components);
  • converted t-shirts;
  • jeans;
  • shoes;
  • author's jewelry;
  • cosmetics from natural ingredients;
  • candles, soap and the like.

how much do they earn in Moscow

Tutoring and counseling

Where to quickly make money in Moscow? Specialists in any field can give personal advice on legal, financial, personal issues, relationships, healthy lifestyles, job search, and so on - the potential is simply enormous. Meeting with a client is often appointed in a cafe. For an hour of fruitful communication, you can ask for a fee of several thousand rubles. It is also possible to give advice via the Internet, but help in personal communication is much more valuable, especially in areas where a person needs to be taught something by example, and so on.

Students can give lessons in their field of study. Of course, an aspiring mathematician or philologist cannot ask the same amount for classes with schoolchildren as a university graduate or teacher with work experience, but it is realistic to earn a good increase in scholarships. You can take big money for preparing for exams and olympiads, however, students should show good results, otherwise there will be no customers and earnings.

Skilled labor and business

Where in Moscow you can earn 100,000 rubles, it’s in a good position or in your own business.It is easy to organize your business - there is a huge amount of business ideas, however, you need a significant start-up capital. Therefore, you can first work "on the uncle", especially if there is a demanded specialty.

How to make big money in Moscow

High-class specialists and successful businessmen receive fabulous money in Moscow, but they don’t have to rely on a huge income right away - business needs time for promotion, and you’ll not be satisfied with the deputy director right after high school. You need to show yourself from the best side, to be professional, to constantly look for options to increase the level of income, and then financial viability will not take long to come.

Help Visitors

One of the business options in Moscow is help from visitors. To whom, no matter how newcomers it is better to know what the target customers of such a company need. You can search for potential customers at train stations, there are ads in the same place. There is also the Internet, because before you go to conquer the capital, many are looking for an apartment or work on the network. The range of services of such a company - assistance in finding employment, finding cheap, but habitable housing, assistance with registration in Moscow and so on.You should offer your services for reasonable money, otherwise there will simply be no customers.

Such a business must be officially registered. You will also need a base of rental apartments, vacancies (this is all in open sources), a smartphone and a laptop for communication and search for offers, advertisements, sociability and a desire to make money.

So, is it worth going to Moscow to earn money? If the situation in your hometown is critical, there’s nothing to lose, or you just want to try something new, then it’s definitely worth it. In any case, this is a very good and useful experience in the future. A businessman who did not succeed in the capital can always return to his hometown, where a new idea will “shoot”, and an employee of a Moscow company, where relations with colleagues have not been successful, having returned to a small town, can boast a new line in the summary.

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