Where to go to work? Work in the north. Should I go to work in Poland

Today, many are unhappy with their earnings. In this case, there are several scenarios. You can put up with the situation and plan personal finances so that is enough for the main items of expenditure. You can look for an additional source of income or a second job. And you can change the place to a higher paying one. The bravest are ready to move to another country for a decent wage. So, where to go to work?

Earnings in Moscow

Moscow attracts not only Russians from the provinces, but also citizens of other countries who cannot earn a living in their homeland. Rumors about the high incomes of Muscovites are heard in almost all countries of the world, but what are the “pitfalls” worth paying attention to ensure a profit from moving to the capital of Russianot a loss? The most important questions will be discussed below. After reviewing the answers to which, you can decide whether to go to work in Moscow for work.

where to go to work


As in any large city, work in Moscow must be sought in advance. Many are traveling through acquaintances already on the reserved seats with the certainty that they will not be misled upon arrival. The first step is to determine the desired salary and cost of living (rental housing, food expenses). If the costs do not exceed the expected income twice, then the choice can already be considered successful.

As soon as you get a job, you need to use the main rule - do not stay in one place, and after a certain time look for more lucrative jobs for yourself. You can count on success with specific skills and being a professional in your field. A plus will be knowledge of English or another foreign language.

Finance control

A person who came to Moscow for a living should be able to control all expenses and closely monitor finances. Here are some rules that will help not to spend the entire salary in a few days, and live comfortably, gradually accumulating funds:

  • order any debit income card, which will allow you to return a part of funds from large purchases;
  • do not spend the entire salary, keep in reserve extra money;
  • Many stores in Moscow offer favorable discount programs, so that the purchase of a discount card will not be superfluous;
  • if you do not plan to move to permanent residence in Moscow, it is better to refuse any loans.

work in the north

Permanent residence

Moscow is a city of possibilities, so if a visitor decides to stay in the capital for good, it will not be out of place to purchase his own housing. An apartment in Moscow costs from six million rubles. It is advisable to take a mortgage with a salary of one hundred thousand rubles a month, otherwise debt obligations may leave the visitor without a home.

Life and work in the North

The question "where to go to work?" Always remains one of the most pressing. After the capital, many residents of Russia and neighboring countries choose the North. Qualification of work in the North is quite diverse, and requires drivers, and oilmen, and many other specialties. Here are some tips for making money in the North:

  1. Work in the North on a rotational basis can take from fifteen days to a couple of months. For travel to the place of employment is better to use the airline, not the train.
  2. When working on the rig you need to take into account several basic principles. A drilling worker can be said to “get a new family,” because there will be total food and cleaning on schedule. The main thing is to be sociable, friendly and try to join the new company.
  3. Salary varies depending on the position of the employee: the more highly qualified a vacancy is required, the greater will be the increase. For the largest companies, such as Lukoil or Gazprom, the salary for the two months on duty comes to one hundred and fifty thousand rubles.
  4. High earnings in one-day companies is a myth. You should not go where they promise to pay huge sums for completely undistinguished vacancies. Employers launder money at the expense of workers, and when the time comes to accrue, they simply disappear.
  5. Work on a rotational basis is difficult psychologically. You will have to part with your family for a long time, completely change the established habits, make new acquaintances and adapt to new conditions. It is important to tune in a positive way.
  6. The difficulty lies in how to get to work.Heavy flights are very exhausting person even before the start of working days.

where to go to work abroad

It can be summed up: work in the North is not profitable for everyone, but if you are already excited about this idea, the above information will help to know in more detail what to expect.

Where to go to work abroad

Many people voluntarily or due to circumstances are sent to work abroad. But which country to go to work for?

One of the great countries is Canada. The ease of accession of immigration opens up a wide range of legal employment for Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians. In an English-speaking country, a great advantage for visitors will be knowledge of English or French at a sufficient level. Promising specialties where there are not enough employees and you can get settled without problems are qualified doctors, engineers, lawyers and project managers.

As in many other countries of the world, highly qualified employees are held in high esteem, but even a regular seller of food products receives up to two thousand dollars a month for work. What is remarkable is that both a Canadian citizen and a person who came to work is under state protection, which provides a simple solution to most problems.

whether to go to work in Moscow

Should I go to work in Canada? If English and French are sufficient for free daily communication, the answer is unequivocal - it is worth it.

South Korea as a country where you can go to work

Should I go to Korea to work? Men have an extensive list of vacancies for which candidates without qualifications are considered. Income per month is up to a thousand dollars, in the early stages of work (during the trial period) the minimum subsistence rate is paid - six hundred dollars. Here are some places of employment where employees with no experience are most often required (although experience will be an advantage):

  • construction (handymen, loaders and workers of various specialties are needed);
  • seafood processing;
  • various factories that sew clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • farm (requires men who will care for animals, clean up, work on the field).

whether to go to work in poland

Depending on what kind of work the candidate chooses, the salary will be no more than $ 850 per month. Overtime is a significant premium, but more on that later.

Jobs for the fair sex, where specific skills and abilities are not required, are:

  • preparation of confectionery;
  • textile production;
  • work on conveyors (equipment, packaging, quality control).

At the above-mentioned workplaces, women can rely on wages up to $ 760 per month and overtime hours, which are selected at will and paid separately. Most often, living conditions are negotiated before arriving in Korea, and the employer provides a room or a trailer that has everything you need for an overnight stay.

If a foreigner is a highly qualified specialist in a certain field and has a significant work experience, then there will be no problems finding a highly paid job. In Korea invite:

  • researchers with a master's degree;
  • programmers (web developers, designers, mobile application developers);
  • chemists, biologists, physicists.

If a visitor plans to stay in South Korea for a long period of time, it is better to find a highly qualified job. When temporarily staying, you can get a job specialty to save up money.

Should I go to work in Poland

In addition to Canada and South Korea, there are options for finding a job closer. Where to go to work? For example, in Poland. On average, a person with no work experience on unqualified vacancies is offered to pay no more than $ 500 a month, and work is most often associated with physical labor. The downside is that even with high qualifications without the right connections and with a good knowledge of Polish, a high salary will be very difficult to achieve. Not even good English will save.

Is it worth it to go to Korea to earn money

Many employers provide their employees with free housing and minimal nutrition throughout the day, but they have to work for 10-12 hours depending on the specifics of the work. In an hour of such exhausting labor, a person earns about ten zlotys (local currency); in a day, 100-120 zlotys will turn out. This is about 1600-1900 rubles.

One of the most common seasonal work in Poland is harvesting, fruit, and mushrooming, regardless of the season. For these vacancies they take both men and women, a special preference is given to Ukrainians.

Current work in Poland for women is a maid.Cleaning in hotels and homes, the ability to work at night. The total salary per day is one hundred zlotys or seven to nine zł per hour of work.

No qualifications are required to get a job at washing dishes, as an assistant cook in the kitchen, at work in cafes and catering establishments, which often take women from Ukraine. Remuneration is about the same as in other places - up to ten zlotys per hour.

Men open the road to construction sites. The opportunity to work as an ancillary worker is for everyone, and you can get eight zł per hour. Those people who are qualified in such jobs may take a higher paying position and receive up to fifteen zlotys.

whether to go to work in Canada


Recommendations where to go to work, a great many. When choosing, you should carefully review the most interesting options, compare the minimum rate in other foreign countries. In each city (and the country even more) there are pros and cons, you should choose the best option. To achieve your goals you need not to turn off the intended path.

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