Where is Svetlogorsk in Russia?

Where is the city of Svetlogorsk in Russia? Now we will understand this question. A cozy German-style resort town on the Baltic Sea is Svetlogorsk. A place with an interesting history, nature and sights. Any time of the year is good here. In summer you can relax on the beach and get healthier. At other times of the year the city offers its visitors walks and excursions. Where is Svetlogorsk? This will be discussed later in the article.

Historical information about the city. How did it come about?

Once this area was part of Prussia, and the town, now called Svetlogorsk, was called Rauschen. At the beginning of the XIX century it was given the status of a resort. Then the city began to be built with boarding houses and sanatoriums. The Prussian king Frederick William IV loved this cozy city. He gave the order for the beautification and landscaping of the Rauschen embankment.

where is Svetlogorsk

The city received its present name after the Great Patriotic War in the spring of 1945, when the Red Army occupied the settlement itself and the adjacent territories. A year later, the city was renamed Svetlogorsk in the Kaliningrad region.

Place on the map.Where is this town?

What is remarkable: the Kaliningrad region with Russia has no land borders. In the days of the Soviet Union, of course, there were no questions, it was a single state. Now, a piece of Russia is separated from it by Lithuania, and on the other side is Poland. Traveling by car, for example, from the Moscow region will have to cross two foreign powers. Depending on the route - it will be Latvia and Lithuania, or Belarus and Lithuania. A trip by car from Moscow itself to Svetlogorsk will take almost 15 hours. By plane it's only two hours. For lovers of long and comfortable trips train suitable. The road with transfers will also take from 13 to 15 hours.

Where is Svetlogorsk?

The place on the map where Svetlogorsk is located is called the Sambian Peninsula. The peninsula juts into the Baltic Sea, is washed by its waters, the waters of the Curonian, Gdansk and Kaliningrad gulfs. Curonian is unique in that it is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land, bearing the name of the Curonian Spit. Here is the National Park of the same name.

Climate, nature of the area

On the peninsula where is the city ofSvetlogorsk, mild maritime climate. There is no hot summer here. The average temperature does not rise above + 22.5 degrees. The sea warms up best at the end of the summer; that’s when you should go on vacation. In August, the water temperature in the sea is +19 degrees. Winter is not frosty, with snow. The average temperature rarely drops below zero. In December is + 1-3 degrees.

The sea and golden sandy beaches are the main attraction of this city. Sandy beaches stretch along the coast. Along the coast are equipped with embankments. But there are remote places where you can stay alone with the sea.

Where is the city of Svetlogorsk in Russia

The hills where Svetlogorsk is located are literally buried in verdure. The city has many parks and squares, a walk through it will be like a tour of the botanical garden. Southern heat-loving trees and flowers have taken root here. Magnolia, sea buckthorn grows in parks of the city, hydrangeas, azaleas and rhododendrons adorn the flower beds. Hiking will allow you to enjoy the scent of coniferous and exotic trees.

How to get there?

Where is Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad region)? The city is located 40 kilometers from Kaliningrad.To get to this resort from the regional center can be three types of transport: train, by car or taxi, by bus. Travel time by car to the city takes less than an hour - 30-40 minutes.

A trip by car will be not only comfortable, but also picturesque. Perennial trees grow along the route and form beautiful green tunnels.

A quick and inexpensive way to get into Svetlogorsk is by train. They leave every hour from the railway stations, the first from the railway station Yuzhny, the second - from the railway North. Schedule can be found directly at the station. Tickets are sold at the box office railway.

Between Kaliningrad and Svetlogorsk ply buses and minibuses. Every 20 minutes a bus leaves from the bus station, which is located near the South Railway Station. The time it takes is a little longer than by car. This process will take 1 hour and 15 minutes. Tickets are sold at the bus terminal.

In the summer, you can go to Svetlogorsk directly from Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport. Three times a day flights from the airport to Svetlogorsk and back. Travel time is about 2 hours. Also from the airport, you can order a taxi or minibus.Transfer can be ordered by phone or online on the Internet. The driver of transport will meet visitors at the airport with a sign. It will contain contact information.

Sights of the Baltic resort. What to see in the city?

The locality where Svetlogorsk is located in Russia is not only remarkable for its seascapes and nature, there are other attractions here. Monuments of architecture, temple, church, museums, wide city quay.

The picturesque Lake Quiet justifies its name. It is located in the city center. But surprisingly there is a rather quiet place. You can fish, feed the lake birds with bread. There are paths for walks, there is a cafe to sit. For lovers of outdoor activities rent boats, catamarans, ordinary bicycles, rope park works.

On the slopes and hills where Svetlogorsk is located, high age-old pines grow. Fresh air combines the aromas of coniferous forest and sea breeze. When building trees remain in their places, so the landscape of the city does not look quite usual.

One of the main attractions of Svetlogorsk is an old hospital building with a water tower. Construction of the early 20th century. The tower has a height of 30 meters.

where is the city of svetlogorsk

Then there is a wide city embankment, cozy benches for rest, a cafe, fragments of the old pier.

Watch "Zodiac" and the layout of the city of Königsberg

The sundial "Zodiac" is located near the Central embankment descent. In sunny weather, they show Moscow time. The base of the clock is a platform with a diameter of 10 meters, decorated with a mosaic of 12 zodiac signs.

The house of the storyteller and the layout of the city of Königsberg are interesting to visit for both adults and children. The layout is very original, reminiscent of illustrations for children's fairy tales. The miniature city is guarded by a sculpture of a medieval knight.

Cable car and temples

The cable car is only 118 meters long. She can be used to get a panoramic view of the city and make sightseeing from a height. In fact, it was built to descend from the embankment to the beach. The height difference is 40 meters. The booth is designed for two people, the descent will take only 5 minutes.

where is Svetlogorsk Kaliningrad region

An interesting attraction is the church of St. Seraphim of Sarov. It is a building from 1903. Also, tourists should see the temple of the Icon of Our Lady “Joy of All Who Sorrow”, which has a sad story.It was built relatively recently, in 1972, at the site of the crash of an airplane crashing onto a kindergarten building.

Monument "The Frog Princess" and the sculpture of Brachert

The main street of the city - Lenin. It is on it is a modern monument "Tsarevna Frog". On a large boulder sits a bronze girl in a frog pose. Her head is wearing a crown, her lips are folded for a kiss, and her feet and hands look like frog legs.

The descent to the sea since 1938 is decorated with a sculpture of a nymph, made by German sculptor Hermann Brachert. His other sculpture of 1944, one of the most famous works, is a girl with a jug. Currently, its exact copy is located in the "Larch Park". And the original was transported to the sculptor’s museum for restoration.

Amber Pyramid

The Baltic coast, where the city of Svetlogorsk is located, is famous for its amber, which is considered one of the best in the world. On the territory of the plant there is another interesting attraction. This is an amber pyramid. It is installed in honor of the skill of workers working at the plant. The height of the building is 3.3 meters. The area of ​​its surface is 25 meters, and it is lined with amber.The weight of this unusual lining is 500 kilograms. From such a large amount of amber one could collect beads 8 kilometers long! The pyramid room can simultaneously accommodate up to twelve people.


In this area, where Svetlogorsk is located, there are climatic and mud resorts. People who are not well tolerated by the hot and humid climate of the Mediterranean countries come here to be treated and heal.

Where is Svetlogorsk in Russia

Sanatoriums and pensions are open all year round, you can come here in winter. Fresh Baltic air, mud treatments and mineral waters ... Beauty! Peat mud is used for the treatment:

  • mud wraps;
  • applications;
  • electric mud therapy;
  • baths;
  • abdominal swabs.

Unique healing therapy with amber. Here they make massage with the use of this mineral and wraps. Also practiced walking on small amber with the purpose of foot massage. Being in an amber pyramid has a beneficial effect on the body.

Resorts Svetlogorsk shown to people with a variety of diseases:

  • respiratory organs;
  • thyroid gland;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • gynecology / urology;
  • nervous system disorders.

Fresh sea air combined with pine needles and a temperate climate will do the trick. The effect of air, saturated with oxygen, has a beneficial effect on the whole human body.

Those who wish to go to rest here in the warm season, should choose the time in July and August. These are the hottest months of the year. Those who are not the most important temperature, you can go on a trip at any time of the year. On the territory of sanatoriums and boarding houses are equipped with indoor pools with medicinal water.

 where is the city of Svetlogorsk

Holidays in the Baltics are also attractive pricing policies. Domestic resorts are not inferior in quality of service and service overseas.

Small conclusion

Now you know the answer to the exciting question: "City Svetlogorsk - this is where?". This settlement combines modern design and ancient architecture. This city is mixed with the forest, its noise is replaced by quiet cozy places and the splash of the lake. You can just have a good time in this city. A trip to historical places on the Baltic coast in Svetlogorsk will leave a positive impression and charge you with positive emotions.We wish you a good holiday in this wonderful city!

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