When are the snowdrops blooming?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
February 8, 2013
When are the snowdrops blooming?

These fragile white flowers first appear from under the snow and mark the arrival of spring.

The snowdrop (galantus) is a small-leaved plant of the Amaryllis family. For almost the entire year, the bulb is underground and only at the very end of winter produces several thin leaves and a spike with a white flower that blooms for 3-4 weeks.

The time when snowdrops bloom depends on many factors - the geography of the area, the terrain and the time of arrival of spring.

In the southern regions, the first snowdrops appear in January; in the middle lane, flowering occurs at the end of February-March.

Much depends on the type of snowdrop. The snowdrop of Elvez blooms from February to March, the period of flowering of the snow-white snowdrop occurs in March-April, the folded snowdrop pleases with flowering in February-April, and the broadfoot snowdrop blooms in April.

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