When her ex - prince

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Good to be a prince! Any former girlfriend of your girlfriend looks like an unpromising sucker of dubious origin next to you.
But with the guys, "inherited" the girl after the prince, the situation is reversed. They will have to try hard not to look in the eyes of their girlfriend as a “third grade is not a marriage”.
Rolled it on his new Renault - and it turns out, she moved into it from Rolls-Royce.
He served her coffee at McDachna - and the former, it turns out, called for a first date in Paris.
I bought a sweetheart ring with a diamond crumb - and she has something similar in her cell, but only with a large full-fledged pebble ... Well, you understood me.
If a real prince broke off at the very beginning of her life, by default you are a step lower. You are a pale shadow of past magnificence. Even if the former used the girl for a couple of months and threw them into the frost with extreme cruelty.
It seems to me that the material gap with the previous guy should excite men much more strongly than the intimate experience of the partner.Because if the exploits in bed are easy to repeat in the presence of mind and fantasy, then the need to go to Gelendzhik instead of the Seychelles, for example, is a much more serious problem.
A woman who, in his youth, met a male prince, a male star, will henceforth have something to compare with.

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