What to write to the lover so that he answers: SMS examples


Happy New Year

  • In prose

    * * *
    Dear lover, my sweet, Happy New Year to you. May this year bring even more of our meetings and passionate nights, may you have not a single problem in the new year, not a single obstacle on the way. I wish that the New Year's wish come true, that your whole life should be beautiful and amazing, and you in it - the brave hero of my heart.
    * * *
    Happy New Year, my sweet lover. I wish this year to give us a lot of passionate meetings and romantic nights, I wish you to succeed in all things and not lose your skill in achieving success.

  • In verse

    * * *
    My love, my dear! Happy New Year!
    Around you today I will circle the dance,
    I pour olivier in a bowl
    I pour cold vodka with pleasure to you!
    And I'll put a tangerine in my mouth,
    And after twelve in the bedroom waiting for you
    On fresh sheets, let's start a new life,
    No one! And only we together!
    * * *
    Sweet my man! Happy New Year to you!
    I bloomed the whole with your arrival,
    After all, there is no better gift for me,
    You can add fire to my life!
    I am burning at the sight of you and burning,
    After all, the best lover in the world I do not know
    My favorite! You are the man of my dreams,
    You are a god! You are Apollo! You are a beauty genius!
    * * *
    My dear lover! Take me!
    I've been waiting all day for you,
    I was burning with passion and you wanted
    For the happiness of your love, I just did not have enough!
    I want you under the Christmas tree, I want you in the forest
    Every meeting with you, how I expect God
    The table is set, help yourself and let's start,
    Our New Year to celebrate with you!
    * * *
    My hero! My lover! My ideal!
    I'm coming to visit you, I want to wait for me,
    So that the table be laid and treated me from his lips,
    May the New Year be just for the two of us!
    Let the champagne flow today through the bodies
    I will not give anyone to a man like you.
    * * *
    Happy New Year my sinful love,
    May our happiness not come from the shores,
    Sorry, we were not born under a happy star,
    So that we can become one fate.
    I want to wish us well,
    Let it not stop the creaking of the bed.
    Be goosebumps, my dear, family,
    I want to live with you my dear beloved.
    * * *
    You, love, in the New Year
    I wish you good luck
    So that we can save
    Stolen happiness.
    To all the obstacles on the way
    We were able to overcome
    To our sinful love
    With you we saved.
    I wish you a new year
    Dispute win with fate,
    So that you, lover, could me
    Call your wife.
    * * *
    Congratulations, my welcome,
    My forbidden, sweet fruit.
    I wish you love and passion
    My dear, I am in the New Year.
    Meetings give us joy,
    Fill with positive.
    Be happy and successful
    My beautiful, my favorite.

From February 23

  • In prose

    * * *
    My dear, my wonderful and dear lover, I congratulate you on February 23 and sincerely wish you to always remain my proud eagle, my predatory tiger, my tender cat and a formidable lion. May only light stripes be waiting for you in your life, let not a single enemy meet on your way, may your luck and my love always be near you.
    * * *
    From February 23rd, my dear lover. You are my brave, brave, strong, fearless, be so in any situation of life. I wish you always to be on a horse, to keep luck by the tail, to be able to set a good bashing to any opponent. Remain my hero, protector and noble man.
    * * *
    My dear patron! Near you nothing threatens me. You protect me from loneliness, boredom, gloom and sadness. I wish you in all situations to feel like a real man, and I will try to provide you with a decent company. Since February 23, darling!

  • In verse

    * * *
    What a pity you're not around right now
    What won't I hug you
    What will the wife kiss first,
    Congratulate you on a holiday.
    I have prepared a gift
    And I'll hand it later,
    He will be very, very sweet
    I tell you for sure.
    Well, for now, the man is important,
    From February 23
    Congratulations and wish
    Always keep the tone!
    Be healthy and successful
    I love you so much
    And I tell you honestly,
    Meet our really looking forward!
    * * *
    Although we meet infrequently,
    But today is this day,
    I'll tell you, my dear,
    It's not too lazy to wait for you
    Happy Defender, my sweet,
    My lover dear,
    I believe the day will come soon
    And you will be only mine!

Happy Birthday

  • In prose

    * * *
    My dear partner in carnal pleasures! I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you my dear, good health, male strength and beauty, prosperity and well-being. Always remain the same gentle, affectionate, caring and reliable.
    * * *
    My lover dear, my sweet and desirable man, I wish you a happy birthday. I wish you to remain passionate and hot, strong and strong, vigorous and courageous, cheerful and kind, happy and loved.
    * * *
    Dear lover, wonderful man, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you success in life, a significant influence in any circle of communication, happiness, well-being, luck, the realization of ideas and passion.
    * * *
    My sweet man, wonderful and most passionate lover, on your birthday I want to wish you complete self-confidence, a delicacy of life, high intelligence and an incredible power of your nature. My dear, may there be no barriers for our relations, may all new perspectives and opportunities appear on the horizon for your success.
    * * *
    My dear lover, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish to constantly bring notes of passion and romance in our relations, always return to my tender embrace, never doubt my courage and sexuality, meet every day of my life as a happy and cheerful person.

  • In verse

    * * *
    I am happy to have met you.
    With you love tremendously learned.
    We are not guilty, do not test yourself,
    That the feelings of their sinful will be given.
    On your birthday, I want to say
    That without you I can not imagine life.
    I want to wish you, my dear,
    So that your dreams would come true.
    * * *
    I will not be there, but congratulations,
    And quiet feelings will tell everything for me.
    On your birthday, among the guests of all the noisy,
    Feel how warm my soul I am!
    I give now all our nights and hours I,
    I will put my love gently in my palms.
    Darling, let it be in such a beautiful holiday
    Happiness you will feel the whole world boundless!
    * * *
    We have families with you,
    But we are together, dear.
    Happy Birthday
    And I wish, without a doubt,
    Joy big and happiness
    To avoid bad weather
    So that health was normal,
    So that you are always in shape!
    So we often met.
    Better not to part!
    Kiss accept love
    Be the fate always kept!
    * * *
    You are my secret love.
    You have a wife and children
    I have only you.
    About you my dreams!
    Happy Birthday to You
    Congratulations, loving,
    And I wish that with me
    Was you happy, dear!
    Let us be sweet together.
    Let people not condemn
    What love we have is -
    Stolen, but earthly!

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