What to wear for a girlfriend's birthday

After receiving an invitation to the celebration, after reflectionabout the gift you think about what to wear for your birthday. The eternal feminine question. And let the wardrobe is full of things, it does not solve the problem. There is a campaign to buy another outfit.

But knowing the rules of layout, you can even fromexisting things to create an extraordinary, all-remembering image. After all, the dress that you already wore, you can give a second life, skillfully defeating it with accessories and hair.

what to wear for a birthday

What to wear for a birthday: the basic rules in a combination of clothes

  1. The thing with patterns is difficult to arrange. It is already an accent, so accessories should be restrained and not bright. If both items in the kit contain a small print, then they must match the color and style.
  2. It is necessary to combine the cut and the texture correctly. With a bulk top, the bottom should be narrow, and vice versa. Otherwise, if you put on all the spare, the female silhouette will disappear, moreover, it will add several kilograms.
  3. It is necessary to observe the proportions in length. After all, breaking them, you can shorten your legs (trousers or a skirt with a low waist) or enlarge your torso.
  4. The texture of things should not vary. That is, for a summer outfit, a lightweight fabric is suitable for a chiffon blouse. You can not wear a transparent blouse with dense trousers, just like a sweater with a volume - a silk scarf.
  5. It is necessary to observe a balance in color, in a dress they are notshould be more than three. It is necessary to choose the dominant one and build the entire composition around it. The color can change the proportions to become visually higher, you need to put on a light top and dark bottom. You can also select the desired zone with a shade.

If my girlfriend invited me to her birthday

First, it must be remembered that the mainthe heroine of the celebration will not be you, so you need to think your outfit so that you do not outshine it. Secondly, the image will depend on the place of the celebration. Suppose we put on a birthday party in a cafe?

If the venue for the celebration is a café orrestaurant, it is better to dress up in a dress of medium or short length. The best option would be a cocktail dress, a long evening floor will not work for this occasion. Because, firstly, it will be inconvenient, and secondly, do not forget about the main character of this event. And another point - if the party is themed, it is also worth considering when choosing an onion.

what to wear for a girlfriend's birthday

Dresses options

  1. Very fashionable this year lace dress.
  2. Brilliant with a basque in the waist line dress - already a bright accent spot, so there should be a simple cut.
  3. The dress-shirt, it would seem, is quite simple, but if it is played with bright, even extravagant, accessories, it will play with other colors.
  4. Model with strap across one shoulder.

In fact, the choice is huge, and not just dresses. You can choose a multilayer lush skirt from tulle, but at the same time the top should be modest. It will look great miniature red satin dress, which will rivet your eyes.

what to wear for a birthday in a cafe
A good option is a narrowed trousers or a skirt in combination with a smart blouse, you can supplement the image with a high heel and a small handbag.

The outfit should sit well on the figure, hide the shortcomings and demonstrate the pros. You can make an easy make-up and decorate the image with accessories in the color of the ensemble.

Thinking about what to wear for a daybirth of a girlfriend, should not cause panic and fear, it is important to properly assess the situation and carefully think about the outfit. After all, the celebration can take place in nature, at home, and in a nightclub.

what can I wear for my birthday

What can I wear for a birthday club?

The atmosphere of this establishment involves movementand active pastime, so you should wear a short skirt or narrowed pants with a fashionable blouse or top, you can dress up in a mini dress. The main thing is to be comfortable, but not vulgar. If it's summer, the onion can choose a bright palette, the winter kit is better composed of calmer tones. Apparel of shiny fabric will be appropriate, but it is worth to observe moderation, in this performance one piece of clothing should stay.

Celebration in the walls of the house

This does not mean that you can get dressed in a sportysuit, from the options of the sets remain all the above. Just dresses should be softer and more comfortable, accessories - modest, ornaments - original.

what to wear for a birthday photo

Holding a holiday in nature

What to wear for a birthday in such conditions? This is not an excuse to put on an old, greasy suit. Even the nature can be dressed stylishly, elegantly and at the same time comfortable.

There are a lot of options. If it's summer, you can prefer short jeans shorts and tops or a T-shirt, a restrained blouse. Of shoes fit sneakers or sneakers, they can be on the platform. You can take a stylish backpack or a handy little handbag over your shoulder.

Let's say a holiday takes place in nature, ina country house, then fantasy can be played out more. It can also be a cocktail dress, you can put on heels. A good set will be jeans or tight pants in combination with a blouse or a light sweater. Everything depends on weather conditions.

If nevertheless it is not clear what to wear for a birthday, photos from fashion magazines will help in this.

From accessories you can supplement the image with sun-protective glasses, headdress, interesting ornaments.

If there is no money to buy a new dress, and youdo not know what to wear for a girlfriend's birthday, do not despair. Open the wardrobe, and there is a dress, let it be simple, not even discreet, but with the skillful use of accessories it can be turned into an exquisite outfit.

Which accessories will help in this

  1. Belts. Their variety will allow you to choose a thin belt-shaped or leather-wide with a perforation, a dress tone or a contrasting one. If it seems defiant, there is an alternative - a lace belt. With his help, you can pick up a long blouse and highlight the waist in a small black dress.
  2. A variety of clutches in tone ensemble and shoes and scarves will help to beat the old outfit and refresh it.
  3. Jewelery and costume jewelry can divert attention fromdresses, but you can not overdo it, there should not be more than two, be it earrings, a bracelet or a necklace and a trendy brooch. And they should be expensive and quality. Cheapness does not save the outfit, but will only exacerbate the situation.

To go to the club you can use different jewelry, multilayer shiny beads, bracelets, volumetric earrings and pendants.

It is very important to be able to pick up accessories to along, because they can both decorate the onion, and spoil, even if it is an expensive branded dress.

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