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For those who like to get unusual sensations from watching movies, adrenaline, but at the same time prefers to plunge into the world of psychological intricacies and unusual events, TRILLERS will become a real boon.

What is their feature

Interest in the action genre is primarily due to the entertaining psychological line of the characters. Many people are interested to observe not only the development of the plot, but also how the main characters will cope with their own unstable state.

Of course, every Kinozhanr has the right to call unique. But nevertheless, few people would argue that films of this particular category intensively generate the viewer's imagination and unconditionally carry away subtle games with the human mind. This direction of cinema has no clearly defined boundaries. Themes here are very different. But one thing remains the same: thrillers create a special atmosphere while watching.

Thriller classification

To date, there are several categories of films of this type. Each of them has its own characteristics, which are mainly related to the direction and the main plot.

• Adventures - the oldest subcategory, which deals with adventure travel or ventures;
• horror - is a kind of interweaving of Gothic and horror, the focus of which is irrational phenomena, or mysterious events;
• criminal stories - possess numerous features related to detective sources.

In general, one can say with certainty: this kind of film work is always in one way or another connected with the secrets of a person’s subconsciousness and its inexplicable aggressive behavior in certain situations. A common aspect for all types of thrillers is that the ending in them causes the maximum surge of emotions after reaching the highest point of tension.

Our collection

On the web portal http://1serial.club/trillery/ everyone can watch the best films of this direction for free. We are sure that you will not be bored while watching them: whether it will be a classic masterpiece of world cinema or a novelty of audience screens.

We invite you to plunge into the environment of thriller films and experience its depth and understand the message of meaning on your own experience. Particularly noteworthy are the paintings of famous personalities of Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang. But, of course, other works should be honored.

The world around us never ceases to amaze with its versatility! Join us and unlock the riddles of the human being, sitting in a comfortable chair!

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