What to see in Rome?

Among the hundreds of interesting sights of Rome, it is important to highlight those that are definitely worth seeing during a trip to this wonderful city. Below are the six most interesting places that will answer the question of what to see in Rome.

Ancient Amphitheater Colosseum

The capital of Italy - Rome, is known to tourists as the location of the residence of the Pope of Rome and the large historical amphitheater - the Colosseum. The official name of the Colosseum is the Flavian Amphitheater. Here gladiator fights took place, which often ended with the tragic death of one or several participants. The amphitheater received its name in honor of the tyrant Nero, near whose residence the Colosseum was built. For the construction of this structure took a lot of materials, so its name translates as "enormous and huge."

To this day, this historic place has been preserved in a far from ideal form: in addition to earthquakes and natural destruction, the blocks of the walls of the Colosseum were used to build various Roman palaces.

However, to this day, tourists with great pleasure visit the ruins of the amphitheater, which remind them of historical events in Rome.

Vatican Palaces

The residence of the popes, called the Vatican palaces, is considered the most important architectural ensemble in the world of art. Today, the Raphael Stanzas, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are open to the public.

During the audience of the Pope, the Apostolic Palace also opens to the spectator's gaze. It houses the world-famous Museum of Christian Art, Ancient Art and the Gregorian Museum.

It is worth saying that the Papal Palace, which consists of more than a thousand rooms, many museums, chapels and the famous papal library, is a must in Rome.

Saint Paul's Cathedral

To the west of the center of Rome is the Cathedral of St. Peter. Once there was a circus, in the arena of which Christians were executed. According to the tradition, the apostle Peter was brought here for execution. A real work of art was built in his honor - the Cathedral of St. Peter.

Roman Pantheon

The temple, built by all the gods, the Roman Pantheon, was created around the 120s.Later it was converted into a Christian temple, and today it is famous for its tombs.

Ancient Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is a large complex of ruins of buildings, temples and arches. In the old days here was the center of the social life of ancient Rome. To feel the atmosphere of the old days, you should walk to the Capitol Hill. It will take you about two hours to fully explore this complex.

Capitol hill

Capitol Hill was considered the center of Rome, on which stood the Temple of Jupiter. Today, there are two museums here: the most ancient public museum of the World - Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo di Conservatory, famous for its galleries, frescoes and sculptures. From this hill the most beautiful view of the city opens.

Of course, the six places mentioned to be seen in Rome are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also many fountains waiting for tourists, including the Fontan di Trevi and the Fountain of four rivers, several well-known universities, dozens of arches, among which the Arch of Constantine is popular in the art world.

If you ask anyone who has already been to the capital of Italy, that this city is interesting in itself, you will hear that it’s impossible to see all the sights in Rome in one visit.Therefore, enjoy every moment spent in this fabulous historical city.

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