What to give a boy in 8 years?

Choosing a gift for many is a difficult issue, especially when it comes to children. To buy a gift for a boy at the age of 8 is not a simple matter, because at this age, children are usually very mobile, therefore, it is desirable that the present direct their energy in a constructive way, as well as be useful and interesting. Usually, children develop responsibility at this age, they become more independent, and with it, their hobbies and toys begin to change. Children are happy to begin to learn something new, drawing information about the world from all sides. In this article, let's take a closer look at what to give a boy of 8 years old.

Sports Equipment

As a rule, boys at this age have an increased need for movement, therefore a gift in this direction will help to satisfy this need. An excellent gift will be: rollers, ball, skateboard, ski, bicycle, boomerang and much more. Children of this age usually play games where there is a competitive team struggle.Sometimes it is worth knowing in advance the preferences of the child, as well as the sizes of the shoes and clothes, if this is intended in the gift.

Kits for creativity and scientific research

This category of gifts is very useful, because all boys love to explore, explore and discover something new, especially at this age. An electronic designer, a pocket microscope or a potato clock, most children will take on “Hurray!” And will be happy to take with them for walks.


Many children at this age begin to get involved in reading, so a modern and interesting book, for example: "Tom Sawyer" or "Harry Potter" will be very useful. The book market now offers a large selection of children's detectives and fiction, so finding an interesting gift in this regard is not difficult.


At this age, the designer is always considered a great gift for any holiday, and especially for a birthday. To buy a gift for a boy of 8 years in this direction means to take the child for long hours in an exciting activity. At this time, the sets are represented by various themes that can satisfy any preferences, for example: Star Wars,the police station, the adventures of Indiana Jones, various medieval castles and maritime themes, and much more.

Games for consoles

Boys who have consoles and love to play them are always interested in such a gift, because he will join their collection of toys. Before you buy a disc, you need to find out what kind of console the child has and what games in his arsenal already exist so as not to repeat. If a child has a lot of friends, then multiplayer games that can be played by a big company for a winner are perfect.

Music player

What to give a boy in 8 years, if he is interested in music? A great gift would be such a gadget as a music player. The modern market offers a wide range of different types, differing among themselves: design, device size, simple or touch display, memory, transfer speed, etc. Choose a gift is not difficult, and he certainly will please the little music lover.


At this age, the boys are very pleased when they are treated like adults, trusting to choose their own gift. This good gift will allow you to avoid a difficult situation if you doubt the choice or just do not know what to give.After that, of course, you need to orient the child and help choose a useful gift. It is also a good idea to donate a piggy bank in addition to cash, especially if the child wants to save money for something big.


This type of toy has not lost its popularity for a long time, especially among primary school children. Many children collect collections of Bakugans and exchange among themselves. This game is fashionable, requiring the combination of dexterity and strategic skills, which makes it interesting and exciting. On the market, Bakugans are represented from the smallest and simplest, to giant, with very interesting designs. Such a gift will expand the collection with new and interesting models of a little tomboy.


Many children at this age begin to dream of their own pet, considering themselves to be quite responsible and able to care for him independently. In this case, a puppy, kitten, parrot or hamster will be the best gift for your baby. After receiving a pet, the child will take care and remember the basic rules of caring for animals, which are considered very useful skills.

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