What to feed the geese at home in the summer, in the winter, so that they gain weight for meat? What to feed the geese in 2 months?

Such a valuable agricultural bird, like a goose, is not without reason enjoyed by deserved love and popularity not only among farmers, but also in a usual private farmstead. Tasty meat, delicious liver, medicinal fluff of the highest quality - it is difficult to overestimate all the advantages of gusevodstva. At the same time, the weight of an adult poultry meat breed can reach up to eight kilograms, and these are very favorable indicators. A reasonable question arises: what to feed the geese to get the maximum benefit at the lowest cost? It is necessary to evaluate all aspects of the fowl to approach this issue as a profitable enterprise.

what to feed the geese

Agricultural value of geese

Poultry is estimated by several parameters: the types of profit that it can bring, the cost of maintenance, the number of problems with breeding or fattening.Geese are distinguished by good endurance, even to fairly harsh natural conditions, they do not have any special content requirements, they do not have serious vulnerabilities to diseases or external aggressors. When a farmer or owner of a private farm reflects on how to feed the geese, the ability of these birds to get a significant share of food during free grazing can be a considerable advantage. The amount of green mass in the diet of goose herds is quite large, and this allows you to significantly save on concentrated feed or grain.

There are problems, perhaps, with a large population, when grazing becomes problematic. It is necessary to solve problems with the supply of green mass, with the premises and walking of the bird. However, the simplest calculations make it clear that the maintenance of geese is beneficial, especially if everything is carefully thought out.

what to feed geese in the summer

Breeding geese in a private courtyard

In the subsidiary farm geese are often bred as natural as possible - they contain a family of a male and several females. Provided that all geese are good chicks, every year one bird will be able to incubate 10-13 geese at a time, up to three broods in the spring and the beginning of summer.It is possible to increase the number of chicks by using an incubator or by attracting hens from the side - goose eggs can hatch and turkeys.

With this approach, it is not necessary to think how to feed the geese in such an amount. Grown up chicks willingly buy other private farms for fattening; this is a good profit.

Economically sound regulation of the population of geese

The calculation of the diet for the year will not be uniform - it is inappropriate to keep a large herd in winter. Young animals are fattened for meat in the season, when there is a lot of cheap or free greenery, and for the winter only maternal livestock is left with the males. Based on the regulation of livestock, the question of how to feed the geese at home should be considered in the annex to the change of seasons.

The stock of feed for the winter is calculated on the maternal livestock, in the spring should be left stock with the expectation of the appearance of young stock. In addition to concentrated feeds, it is also necessary to store hay and vegetables, this allows the bird to provide with vitamins and green fodder necessary for geese to develop normally and maintain active reproductive functions.

what to feed the geese at home

Buying goose for fattening

If the owner of the farmstead does not intend to breed geese in his own farm, you can buy baby feeds for the purpose of obtaining commodity carcasses. Intensive fattening lasts an average of three months; longer is economically inexpedient.

It is important not to miss the timing of molting. The first happens at the age of 10-11 weeks, hence the question: what to feed the geese in 2 months? Chicks changing baby feathers to the plumage of an adult bird require additional feeding, enriched with mineral supplements, vitamins, proteins. Special premixes, containing all the necessary complex, showed themselves remarkably. These compounds are added to the grain mix, which geese actively eat in addition to green food. It is not recommended to add premixes intended for pigs or cattle: feed additives are not interchangeable.

what to feed the geese so that they gain weight

How to feed geese for quick weight gain?

Intensive fattening implies a quick weight gain, for which the bird is moderately limited in mobility with an increased caloric intake. However, it is easy to overdo it, carcasses will become too fat.Despite the full value of goose fat, this is a disadvantage, so it’s better to understand than to feed geese for meat.

In order to have a moderate amount of fat in the carcass with the maximum amount of muscle tissue, it is recommended to make a diet of poultry from juicy greens, grain mixture and proteins. This composition should be enriched with premix, then it will be as balanced as possible. Such feed has the highest efficiency, in this case it is a gain per unit of feed spent.

what to feed geese at home in summer

Geese features and feed costs

Unlike other agricultural birds, geese require a very large proportion of green food in their diet. That is why the question of how to feed the geese in the summer does not even rise for the owner of a private farmer: the bird is grazing freely. In this case, it is often possible to do even without supervision, adult geese responsibly approach the raising of goslings, lead the flock in a disciplined manner on a meadow or on the shore of a reservoir and bring them back in an organized manner. It is necessary to look after the herd, if the terrain is generally unfavorable, there is a risk of attacking wild animals, stray dogs or people who are ready to steal birds for their own purposes.

The diet of the goose, which has the ability to walk freely in a meadow or near a reservoir, consists of a large amount of vegetable food, up to two kilograms per adult. Along the way, birds willingly eat worms, slugs, snails, this is an additional protein diet.

what to feed the geese in 2 months

Summer Goose Flock Diet

To give the geese an extra incentive to return home in the evenings after the free-range, they are fed up with a wet crumbly mash of crushed grain. You can also use special feed. But the viscous mash is better to thicken, such compounds are poorly eaten, clog the nasal openings in the beak, the birds begin to sneeze, and often rinse their beaks in the drinking bowl.

Many owners are interested in what to feed the geese at home in the summer, if it is not possible to release the bird on the meadow or on the shore of the reservoir. In this case, the diet has to be increased, necessarily providing the herd with green fodder. The cut grass can be given fresh, well go leafy vegetables, grated root vegetables, zucchini and cucumbers.

The dependence of the quality of the goose carcass from the diet

Which grain is better to use as the basis of the diet and than to feed the geese, so that they gain weight faster? In the private courtyard, you can use almost any cornmeal.Geese are equally eager to eat crushed wheat, barley and oats. But coarse corn is better to steam with boiling water, it becomes a bit softer, and then it can be used to make mash with boiled or simply chopped vegetables.

The quality of goose meat is directly dependent on the diet, protein feeds contribute to building muscle. Adding peas to the diet has a positive effect on weight gain, it is the cheapest type of legumes. The greens of clover and alfalfa are also related to legumes, and geese gladly pluck these plants.

Different types of goose ration

Depending on the conditions of detention and the type of fattening, a diet is also prepared. Intensive fattening is aimed at quickly obtaining a commodity carcass, this requires a more abundant feeding, while walking is not provided. Extensive fattening in most cases means the most economical fattening for maximum results. This type refers to seasonal, it takes no more than four months with the full use of the opportunities of the warm season. Choosing what to feed the geese at home in the summer,First of all, you need to decide on the type of fattening, this will allow you to logically adjust the diet, use the currently favorable type of feed.

What to feed the geese in the winter?

After the seasonal slaughter of young stock on the farm, as a rule, only the parent and maintenance livestock are left. Depending on the gander's temperament, an appropriate number of geese is left, on average, 5-7 females per male. For peace in the house, it is recommended that each goose family be given a separate room. It remains only to calculate how to feed the geese in the winter at home, when the possibility of free grazing is excluded due to natural conditions.

In addition to concentrated feed and grains enriched with vitamin and mineral supplements, it is advisable to stock up on vegetables for the winter, including cabbage, nettle brooms, high-quality hay. Some farmers successfully feed the geese with silage, providing the necessary amount of green mass. The amount of greens in the winter feed, it is desirable to maintain at least 30% of the total mass in the summer diet - up to 50%.

what to feed the geese for meat

What profit can be obtained from breeding geese?

Regardless of the choice of the type of fattening, breeding geese was and remains a very profitable occupation. In addition to the carcasses of meat, goose liver, valuable fat, fluff and feather deserve special attention. Farm and private farms also make a profit by selling goslings and grown young stock alive, for fattening, or as a maintenance herd. The pedigree breeding of purebred geese can be called especially valuable, their youngsters are valued much more than simply intended for poultry.

Goose eggs can be considered quite valuable food, but they bring more profit if they are intended for incubation, and not for culinary purposes. The adult bird is also sold live: in any farm you may need a new male or female of reproductive age. This is faster than growing a bird from a goose, with very vague prospects.

Keeping geese can be expensive or very budget. It all depends on the terrain, the possibility of safe free-range walking, the availability of a cheap forage base. But to keep the geese are not as demanding as other poultry. They are less sensitive to cold and not as defenseless as the same quail.An adult gander is quite capable of driving away a dog or a stranger, vigilantly guards the flock and does not give offense to chicks. So breeding geese is not as difficult as is customary to submit.

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What to feed the geese at home in the summer, in the winter, so that they gain weight, for meat What to feed the geese at 2 months 68

What to feed the geese at home in the summer, in the winter, so that they gain weight, for meat What to feed the geese at 2 months 41

What to feed the geese at home in the summer, in the winter, so that they gain weight, for meat What to feed the geese at 2 months 10

What to feed the geese at home in the summer, in the winter, so that they gain weight, for meat What to feed the geese at 2 months 28

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