What is the iPod?

A lot of people constantly use differentthe technique of Apple, because it is popular and works great. In addition to smartphones and tablets, the company also has other product lines. For example, the most popular MacBooks, as well as iPods. However, not every person knows what is the iPod, and also how the iPod differs from iPhone and iPad.

Let us consider all these questions in more detail.

What is the iPod for?

iPod was introduced to the world in 2001 by SteveJobs at the Apple conference. Initially it was intended only for listening to music. However, today it performs many other functions.

At the moment, there are many differentbranches in iPod models. For example, iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod shuffle. And each model is somewhat different in functionality or performance from the previous one. For example, the popular iPod touch has 16 to 64 GB of internal memory, a 5 megapixel camera, dimensions of 123x58x6 and 88 grams of weight. These parameters can vary depending on the range of iPods.

Let us consider in more detail what an iPod can do:

  • IPod can listen to music in excellent quality. This is the main function for this device.
  • Access the Internet if you have a wireless access point.
  • View videos, pictures and books.
  • Take photos and videos.
  • Record to the recorder.
  • To listen to the radio.

What is the difference between iPod and other Apple technology

Some ipod models seem to look very much like an iPhone, however, they have differences in functions and hardware inside. Consider the main differences between iPhone, ipod and aipada from each other:

  • The iPod is wider, lighter and longer than the iPhone, but it is much smaller than the iPad in terms of dimensions.
  • IPod is much cheaper than iPhone and iPad. The usual price of iPod is 299 dollars.
  • Modern iPods have a Retina screen, which is much better than the screens of old iPhones and aipads. However, Apple's new product line has Retina screens.
  • In the iPod there is usually less RAM than in the iphone and iphone. This is due to the fact that the iPod does not need to process massive data.
  • Unlike the iPhone, iPod does not know how to call and send sms, however, it can interact with the Internet, dial special programs via the Internet and send messages.
  • The iPod does not have a lot of applications to work, unlike iPhone and iPad.

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