What is the film "Forest Gump" worth seeing?

What is the film "Forest Gump" worth seeing?

  • Everyone will take out something from the film. The film is about good.

    Forest Gump brought happiness to everyone who just did not resist it.

  • About life.

    In all its manifestations, sometimes very different and sometimes convoluted ...

    This film has become a classic, so now it does not matter when he went into the rental - he continues to recruit fans, despite the "age"; (by the way, I'm also among the "fans").

  • What is the movie about?

    On the life of a person, about joy and sorrow, about finds and losses, about attitudes toward life, about human values. Life to live is not a field to cross.

    Is it worth to look?

    Watch - definitely!

  • This film is about the complex life of Forrest Gump. About how since the childhood he has to overcome difficulties in order that, from a weak and sick boy, finally become a successful man and businessman. To achieve with persevering labor many heights and glory.

    But I did not like the film. Not my genre.

  • The film is just awesome! Tom Hanks played inimitably! The plot is twisted incredibly exciting! Repeatedly reviewed this film ... not tired! About the content I will not tell, - just convincingly I advise him to SEE! You will not regret!

  • The main role is played on 100%, very natural and believable. The film is very impressive. Forrest, one of the main characters in the film, has been acquainted with a sweet girl in school years and has maintained a love for her for life. Despite the health problems, Forrest achieves a lot in life, the only thing missing, it's reciprocity from Jenny (Rebecca Williams). I recommend the film for viewing.

  • a film about human power to experience life's difficulties!

  • Of course, it is worth watching and more than once. You are grateful to Tom Hanks for an amazing game. In general, in whatever role this actor is filming, he is wonderful, very sincere, professional, which our actors seem to have forgotten for a long time, as well as about Stanislavsky's system.

  • The film must be watched. I first stumbled upon it by clicking the remote control late at night, intending to fall asleep, but the dream left in 5 minutes, and watched to the end in one breath. Now I review periodically. But I think the film will appeal to those who love psychological movies. Who cares about human relationships. My husband, for example, did not share my enthusiasm. He is a fan of fiction. But without looking, do not make your own conclusion).

  • This is my favorite film - I watched it six times. It is necessary to have the same adventure with one person. Forest Gump seems to have lit up in almost all more or less significant events of the second half of the XX century. This is not only an interesting film, but also a drama and a comedy. This film is worth seeing without exception. Another Forest Gump received an Oscar for the use of computer graphics. Yes, and the cast was very well selected, that only the lieutenant stands and Baba. In short, a life movie!

  • And I believe that the movie "Forrest Gump"; not at all about the life story of one person, who, without exception, was considered a "fool", and he himself had an inferiority complex about it. In the film, in a hypertrophic form, it is shown how some "fool", a fool and a slobber, in life achieves success greater than full-fledged people, although the initial conditions were clearly not in his favor (leg prostheses, mental retardation). This film is a reminder to us who have both hands and feet and a head on their shoulders, that one does not need to lose heart of life like a disabled person in Vietnam (the lieutenant at first drank terribly while trying to flood his disability), or Jenny, who indulged in drugs and got involved with the hippy movement, that in our life everything should be no less fantastic than this "quot; Forrest Gump, why? I believe that this film about the person's belief in himself, about faith in God (which, in principle, he gave everything), well, I do not believe that "fool"; he was able to earn first, and then keep such a lot of money, thanks to this, Jenny came back to him, who gave birth to his son, comfort and ordinary human joy for the "fool", whose strength of spirit envied any "; genius" !!!

  • This is one of my favorite foreign films, I review it periodically and still does not bother. He narrates about the life of the main character, reflects the sincerity and purity of his soul in different life circumstances. Retell all the adventures of meaning I do not see, it's better to see - you will not regret. The film is very clean and bright, as the saying goes, "clings for a living";

  • This film that our destiny as a feather is borne by the wind. And only the readiness for good changes depends on us. Forrest Gump did not strive for anything, did not conduct an in-depth analysis of the situation, he acted only with his feelings, he floated with the flow and it carried him higher and higher.

    What is the film "Forest Gump" worth seeing?
  • Watched this movie about five times probably. What is this film about? About a man who was born with mental disabilities from birth, I suspect that this is an average citizen of the United States. Forrest Gump could not understand the meaning of some words, but if he undertook something to do, then he did it for nothing or for someone else, but did it for himself. As a result, in those cases for which he was accepted, he was waiting for success. But he had to pay for everything in life, he had love, but next to it she did not want to be there, because he did not feel joy in life. A film about diligence, love, loyal friends and just a good person Forrest Gump.

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