What is self-education? Goals and types of self-education

In addition to the traditional ways of obtaining knowledge, thenthere are lessons in the school or other educational institution, there are alternative methods of education. Sometimes they are even more effective than lessons, as they are selected individually.

What is self-education?

Self-education is a methodacquiring new knowledge without the participation of teachers and outside the school. This method of teaching contributes to the development of thinking. Education and self-education are integral parts of the full development of the individual.

self-education of preschool children

Self-improvement develops self-confidence. A person should strive to acquire new knowledge and never stop at what has been achieved. This is the key to a successful future.

Self-education in some cases is capable ofcompletely replace the process of obtaining knowledge in school or other educational institutions. This is primarily suitable for children who for one reason or another can not attend educational institutions, but are eager for new knowledge. Work on self-education should in this case be organized by the parents or the child himself, if he is already an adult and can independently allocate his time.

Self-education of preschoolers. What is the essence?

At the preschool age, the child learns newknowledge with great speed. Cognition of the world occurs during the game. In this case, education is natural and not too tiresome for the child. At this age, it is impossible to make a child learn. If he does not want, sitting for hours on end, the repetition of syllables and letters will not help.

self-education of the child

Preschoolers need a different approach to teaching. Their self-education should take the form of a game. It can be various developing intelligence classes that will be of interest to the child. At home, parents themselves can select those classes that their children like, and based on them to teach. For example, a child likes to add puzzles. This game is the best suited for self-education. You can buy or independently make puzzles with letters and numbers.

Self-education in kindergarten

Self-education in the DOW is limited toinstitutions and abilities of the educator. But with the right approach, it is even easier to teach children in the team than each child individually. In the team, children quickly learn from each other.

self-education in the pre-school

That the child was more interesting to receive newknowledge, the process of preschool education in kindergarten should be properly organized. Self-education of the teacher, whose role is performed by the educator, must also occur constantly. The use of modern methods of early development of children in the team contributes to the manifestation of not only intellectual abilities, but also creative ones.

Self-education in the Dow has its difficulties. The level of development of children who go to one group can vary greatly. Then some babies simply will not keep up with others and lose interest in the game or occupation. The main task of the educator is to notice in time that the child has become bored and skillfully drawn into the process again. Or, if these children are the majority, quickly change their occupation.

What is the student's self-education?

what is self-education

The school program is built in such a way that a largepart of the knowledge the student needs to receive independently. What is self-education in school can be understood by looking at the child's diary. A lot of jobs on the house suggests that, in addition to teaching in the classroom, the student will do at home.

Sometimes such a system of obtaining knowledge, on the contrary,inhibits the development of children. Instead of learning something new, the child must solve the tenth example of the same type. And some children and ten examples are not enough to learn a new topic.

The curiosity of children is not limited toschool curriculum. Moreover, the program for children is made up by adults, and the interests of the child are not taken into account in it. A person of any age needs to develop in different directions, but preference should be given to those occupations that are of the greatest interest.

For example, a child does not like math, butPerfectly applies to literature. In this case, it is not worthwhile to force him to pull up mathematics for days on end, and will not lead to anything good. What then classes should enter into self-education? Mathematics should remain a priority in the school and in consultation with the teacher. The child himself can not learn much independently, if he is not interested in it at all.

What kind of self-education is at school age?

Self-education of the child can be a supplement to the basic school curriculum or the development of creativity. Also, self-education can completely replace classes in an educational institution.

As a supplement to school activitiesself-education is present in the learning process of each child. All teachers ask homework on the topics covered in the lessons. This is done to check whether the student has learned the material received. Also this method of teaching is used to consolidate the material that has been passed.

In a similar way, you can tighten those topicssubjects that the child can not learn. For example, if he does not understand some rules of spelling, then it is worthwhile to work on this topic at home. If the child himself wants to understand a difficult topic for him, then the lessons of the house will be only for him. Otherwise, the teacher can not do without the help.

Development of creative potential

Ways to develop the creative gifts of a child can be considered as self-education. The upbringing of children also includes the direction of its energy in the right direction.

self-education upbringing

If the child is mobile and active, then he just needs to play sports to splash excess energy and character formation.

In time to notice the child's unusual abilitiesis the responsibility of parents and teachers. If the child prefers music lessons, then forcibly giving it to the sports section is not the best solution. Physical development is also important, but not at the expense of the child's own interests. Do not fulfill your unfulfilled dreams at the expense of children. To provide the child with full development is the primary task of parents.

How to teach if a child does not want to learn?

There is a category of parents whoclaim that their child is not interested in anything, and self-education work is not carried out. Most often these parents simply do not know how to communicate with their children and do not notice their interests. If the child does not pay enough attention, then you can skip important points in his becoming as a person.

If the child likes to sit at the computer, thennot necessarily he does not want to learn. Maybe he does not like reading books. In this case, you can use the help of electronic manuals and all kinds of presentations. Just take into account that the time that the child spends on the monitor should not exceed the norms for his age. And if he studies at a computer, then he must play on the street.

The manifestation of interest in the work of the computer itself andcomputer programs can also talk about creativity. If the child shows a desire to understand the principle of work, and even more so if he does it, then do not limit it. The desires of the parents may not coincide with the interests of the child. Perhaps this is the future computer genius.

Self-education instead of education

Unlike education, self-educationpromotes the development of a free personality, not limited to the educational institution. Communication in a peer group is necessary, but sometimes the development of a child exceeds the level of his classmates. And then the school curriculum only hinders its development.

Home schooling allows for selfbuild a comfortable schedule for their training. Of course, only adult children can do this, who know exactly what they want and what is important for them. This method of training is used by professional athletes or other creative individuals whose way of life does not allow them to attend educational institutions.

People with disabilitiescan also be educated externally. Not all educational institutions are equipped for special children, but some schools and lyceums take exams from children on home schooling and issue certificates on completion of education.

What deprives the child of home education?

For some, complete self-education can beis unacceptable. This is primarily due to the fact that the child as a result can consciously refuse to communicate with children. For the development of social skills of a person, communication with peers should begin at an early age.

If the parents decided to leavechild at home individual education, then the lack of communication with children should be compensated in other areas of his life. For example, playing with peers in the yard or visiting a variety of sections and circles.

Particular attention should be given to the child's regime at home schooling. He should be selected in the light of his interests and include the required subjects of the school curriculum in the right amount.

Organization of child self-education

education and self-education

To help a child realize his talents is not difficult,if you know what self-education is, and how to organize it. First of all, this applies to additional classes, visits to sections, circles. This kind of self-education is aimed at the development of the individual qualities of the child.

Visiting various exhibitions and museums, peoplegets general knowledge that will always be useful to him in life. If you instill a love for your child from childhood as a child, then in the future this knowledge will make itself felt good taste.

The same principle applies to those who prefer the pictures of the exhibition of technical novelties. Once seen, it will always be reflected in one's own activity.

How to switch to self-education in school?

Go to home schooling in the school can be inany moment of the educational process. The list of necessary documents you need to learn at a particular educational institution. The main condition for obtaining a certificate of graduation is the successful and timely delivery of exams on the provided plan.

For children with disabilities, a planis selected individually, and the deadlines for exams can vary for each child. As agreed with the school administration, children can attend some classes, such as laboratory work, which can not be done at home.

Distance learning

The most common form of self-this is distance learning in universities. Programs for higher education at home are found in many educational institutions. Such training is acceptable primarily for an adult. Self-education of the leader and a constant desire to develop their skills allow increasing the efficiency of the whole team. Proper organization of work is the key to the success of the enterprise.

self-education mathematics

What is self-education in higher education?institution? In universities, mostly come independent individuals who have already decided on the goals in life. And often their aspirations do not coincide with financial opportunities. In this case, distance education allows you to earn and still learn in your spare time. Programs include a curriculum of the educational process followed by the passing of exams. Full distance education implies passing exams online through online tests.

Self-education of an adult

The learning process should not end whenachievement of certain results. It is human nature to strive for new knowledge. This is especially true for some professions. The development of civilization is based on the development of individuals.

Increasing the level of professional skillsa person is reflected not only in his activities. For example, the teacher's self-education affects the level of development of his students. The more the teacher knows, the more the student can gain knowledge.

Man's striving for self-development inthe professional plan positively affects career growth and makes it a valuable, irreplaceable employee for the organization. Specialists in their field always take into account new trends in a certain field of activity.

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