What is fenya?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
February 24, 2015
What is fenya?

Among the many words in the Russian language, there are often those whose meaning is difficult to understand. Few people know what Phenya is, therefore we suggest finding out the meaning of this word and the main areas of its use.

History of Feni

Fenya is the name of a language that was formed in Russia in the Middle Ages. It was used by vagrant merchants, who were called ofeny, and that name was derived from them. Fenya was invented to ensure that outsiders do not understand what the traders are saying among themselves. The words were slightly changed, but they remained traditional Russian morphology. After a while, this language penetrated the criminal environment and became firmly entrenched in it.

Currently, the word "Fenya" implies a special thieves jargon, which is used by people who have a criminal record. You can learn more about the features of speech in certain groups of people in the article What is Slang.

And now we offer to consider what it means to work with a hairdryer. According to the thieves' jargon, this expression means speaking the language of thieves using certain words and phrases.

Examples of thieves

Here are some common words and expressions of modern damn about:

  • bashki - money;
  • bracelets - handcuffs;
  • Jack - six;
  • go to sleep;
  • fat is luck;
  • zenki - eyes;
  • get on the wheels - be on the run;
  • follow the broom - do not allow insults in speech;
  • be on the line - watch out, watch out;
  • loaf chop up - to pester and provoke a conflict.

Some of these expressions have already penetrated into ordinary spoken language and are firmly entrenched in its composition. To master the skills of communication in the hair dryer is quite simple, because on the Internet you can find, which, if necessary, will help you to get acquainted with these simple words and understand their meaning.

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