What are curtains?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
February 27, 2015
What are curtains?

Curtains are functional decorative curtains designed for windows of residential premises.

Types and their identity

For a start it is worth clarifying that modern curtains can be divided into drapes and curtains. The first is a curtain of dense fabric, which is decorated and closed windows and doors from prying eyes. Most often they do not move apart. Curtains - it is a curtain of lightweight material, such as tulle, mesh, which can be attached behind the curtains.

How to choose curtains

In order to choose the right curtains, you need to adhere to several rules:

  1. Curtains should fit into the overall style of the interior.
  2. Harmoniously combined with the eaves.
  3. Competently matched in length and width.

Where did the curtains come from

Curtains as a functional element of home decoration came to us for a long time. The first mention of curtains, as a means of protection from the sun, we can see in the days of ancient Greece and Egypt. In ancient times, the curtains began to play a significant role in the setting of the interior. Beautiful and elegant products showed a high social status of the host.

Presently there is a huge choice of curtains for every taste and prosperity. Curtain salons are ready to fulfill the most extraordinary orders, as a person who wants to equip his apartment to his liking may be confronted with the fact that he will not find the right curtain design in the store.

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