What is a widget?

What is a widget?

  • A widget is a graphical module on the screen, which is both an information block and a control element.

    Currently, widgets are especially often used on the desktops of cell phones (smartphones), PDAs and tablet computers. The widget is especially useful when you have a touch screen.

  • A widget is such a mini-program, usually serves to decorate and bring some usefulness to the interface of a site or mobile device. On mobile phones and tablets already have built-in widgets that you can choose - hours, temperature on the street, a calendar, something else.

    But all the good is quickly trivialized - recently, sites have flooded with the same-say "feedback" widgets. Overwhelming you saw them when you suddenly go to the site suddenly jumps up some quot; free lawyer ;, which monotonously and annoyingly writes you "personal"; messages, as he is ready to answer all your questions. And no matter how you would not close it, the widget will persistently unfold and write you a message for the message:

    What is a widget?

    I hope soon the fashion for this horror will pass.

  • This word has several meanings and uses. The desktop widget is not a large program that performs a variety of functions. They appear on the desktop of the computer. The most common: weather widgets, calendars, news. Also there are widgets on the sites, they are embedded in the site structure and carry some functions

  • It depends on what widgets you have in mind. They can be used both on your computer on the desktop and on the Internet on websites.

    Under the widget, you can understand a program that can decorate the screen of your monitor - I'm using now such widgets as a clock, a weather forecast.

    When creating a blog on WordPress, you also have to work with widgets that help to develop a blog column by putting something in it - a calendar, sections of the site, an archive by months, just links to other sites.

  • WidgetThis is a small program or mini application, which is usually located on the main screen of the phone or on the desktop of a computer or tablet and performs a useful function. It can be a clock, weather informer, calendar, currency rates and much more. Often, widgets are called gadgets.

  • It depends on what site the widget is. Here, in the blogger.com blogging system, the widget is some kind of application, perhaps some html code. For example, a weather forecast, a dictionary, a widget with anecdotes or any games, a widget with jokes. It can also be a calendar, it's also a widget.

  • A widget is a small application or graphic element on the main page of a site or a computer screen. It helps to get quick access to watches, weather or other useful functions. There is a widget on Bv on the main page. This is the frame from the VKontakte where the subscribers of the group are visible.

  • A widget is a microprogram that performs a function, for example, shows the weather, and is located on the desktop. Widgets are convenient to use.

    There are puzzle widgets, calendars, translators, widget news.

  • Widget is an information program, an application in which information can be changed. For example, in Android devices it is a clock widget, news widget or weather widget and many others. In them, the information is constantly updated and shown up-to-date.

  • Widget is a small information block placed on the main page of Yandex. Usually it contains data or service of another site, for example, news, recent forum posts, random anecdote, search for vacancies and so on.

    Widgets are needed to receive information from several sites, using as a starting page only one page of Yandex's main page. Some widgets contain small applications: games, a calendar, a clock.

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