What is a signal?

What is a signal?

  • In this age of computer communication, a signal is not just a sign or an image, but in a definite way a decorated photo-gift, on which the person's name or nickname can be seen on the body of the person to whom this gift is intended.

    The location of the inscription can be any on the abdomen, arm, leg, chest

    What is a signal?

    There are options when the name or nickname is written on paper, which is held by a person in the picture.

    What is a signal?
  • If we consider the word "sigma"; in translation from English, it means "signature", but if you apply this word to "the world wide web"; - the Internet, then sigma is a kind of gift photograph of a person who puts it under a different name, and this nickname can be absolutely on any part of the human body, for example, on the arm or leg. Usually they are shown for their close people or fans, that is, a kind of expression of that, for example, people feel feelings or admire its beauty, that is, the provision of certain signs of attention. There is an opinion that for the first time, the signal appeared on social networks and was used to confirm the authenticity of the user.

  • Signal- this is a photo of a girl or a guy with a written on the body name of a person who is made a sign. Usually this name is written on the chest, buttocks or abdomen. A peculiar manifestation of love and adoration for man, an attempt to make it, so to speak, quot;closer to the bodyquot;) The signal is often made for celebrities or loved ones. Here is an example,photo signal:

    What is a signal?
  • Signal - from English means quot; caption ;, quot; confirmation; Has appeared relatively recently in social networks and is popular with young people. Simply put, this is a photo-gift made on a sheet of paper or on a part of the body. All these syusi-pusi are very popular with young people and girls, a kind of way of self-expression.

  • On the questionWhat is a Signal- you can answer what it isimage on the body, with names, emblems, agreed in advance. Although the signal can be written on a sheet of paper and placed next to the girl. We started making girls in a virtual world to prove to the guys that they are real, not a video. Nowa signalbecame a fashionable attribute, there were collectors ready to pay money to get a photo of a beautiful girl with her name written on a certain part of the body. There are bookssignawith the company logo on the girl, and then spread out like an advertisement.

  • The signal is that the modern youth uses ... hmm ... for self-assertion in the network. Well, apparently self-esteem it raises to someone not badly) Stupid, really. These are photographs that depict a person with a person's nickname (usually written on the body or on a sheet), for which this signal is intended. Signals are also often used as a so-called confirmation of the person) Like, in the photo I really depicted, not the American photo model)

  • A signal is a gift-photo. when one person is photographed with the name of another person. For example, a girl can write how she misses a guy. With the help of such a photo you can send greetings to another city or country and tell about your feelings.

  • Signal - from Latin is translated as a sign, a brand. Earlier it was a kind of fine art on coins, statues and so on. Now it is a gift-card, that is, a photograph with the name or nickname of another person to whom sigma is intended. This fashion has arisen in social networks.

  • Signal (from the English word sign - image) is a slangy, everyday expression denoting a photo image of a person or attribute with a nickname or the name of the one to whom this signal is dedicated (for whom it is made). It is often done on some original places and spaces and besides the name usually contains or implies some kind of subtext.

  • The signal is a modern kind of self-expression of modern youth, which consists in the fact that the name of the person to whom this message was sent is written on the naked body of a girl or boy. Now it is very fashionable to upload such photos on the bare body, where your name is written.

  • What is a signal in VKontakte? What are they needed for?

    to this question I gave a detailed answer, what is a signal and what is it for: earlier to confirm your page in the social network, and now for the Ponte.

    Especially among the guys, when they spread their nicknames, names on someone's chest or pope (feminine of course).

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