What is a layer?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
What is a layer?

Speaking of a homogeneous mass of a substance that covers any surface or is between anything, we often use the word layer - a layer of apples in a pie, a layer of straw, a layer of clay, etc. But it is still necessary to figure out what a layer .

The concept of "layer"

This word is widely used in various fields of science, technology, national economy. Phrases that are created with its help, often have a terminological sound, for example: the upper layers of the atmosphere, the annual layer of wood and the like.

A layer is also a geological body, which is a mass of a substance lying in a band above or below another substance.


In the modern literary language, very often along with the word "layer" they use "layer", which basically serves as a geological term to designate sedimentary rocks and the forms of their occurrence: surface layer, aquifer, etc.

The noun "layer", although it is related semantically to the word "layer", but still has certain shades.It is mainly used to denote a solid homogeneous mass bounded by more or less parallel planes. Most often this word is found in terminological compounds relating to rock: iron ore formation, salt formation.

The word "layer" is very widely used in a figurative sense: segments of the population, layers of students.

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