What is a domain and hosting: why are needed and how to choose

About that, and hosting, you need to know if you plan to create your own page, start a business in the vast world wide web. There is nothing particularly difficult in these concepts, but it is really important to deal with them. These two terms are basic for work related to the creation of a personal page on the vastness of the limitless virtual web.

Their essence should be clear not only to businessmen, but also planning to open a blog. The quality of service provided by the provider will determine the reliability and consistency of user and administrator access to the portal, and the successful choice of a name will ensure the popularity of the resource among visitors and the favor of the search engines.

what is domain and hosting

What is a website?

For the user, this is such an object on the world wide web that can be seen through the browser. This is a page with images and text, videos and animated images.You can get acquainted with the information, add your own or make purchases - in short, the possibilities of the sea. But for a developer, a website is a much more complex system formed by files, scripts, databases, and other components. In order for the project to work normally, all these elements around the clock must be stored in one place and be accessible from different parts of the world via the Internet.

So, why do you need hosting and domain? The first is to provide access to files that form the technical side of the issue. We will deal with the second a bit later: everything is in order. A special server is created by the company and is available for rent to interested parties free of charge or for a certain fee. A super-power computer equipped with specialized software is used as a server. The customer must rent a disk space that is enough to accommodate all the files of the project belonging to him.

How it works?

The main idea of ​​your hosting is round-the-clock access, technical control and regular updates. Choosing the best option, you need to study the reviews, assess the stability of the service and check how responsive the technical support of the enterprise is.Only a responsible company is worth renting storage space from it. It is known: if the site is unavailable for some time, it quickly loses its position among the results of search engine results. In order not to spoil your reputation and not to undermine the business (and it will be very difficult to restore the situation), it is better to take a responsible approach to choosing a company to rent space on the server.

why do you need hosting and domain

Paid, free hosting provide providers. There are several accommodation options. Virtual hosting is quite popular when one server provides enough power to host multiple sites. The user has his own unique control panel in his account.

The amount of resources allocated to its needs is determined by the tariff plan. If there is a shortage of capacity, it is usually enough to raise the tariff to solve the problem. Shared hosting is considered the best option when you need to open one or a small number of projects in the vast electronic web.


Defining for yourself the most favorable conditions for creating domains and hosting sites, you should definitely consider the possibilities of VPS, VDS. Such servers are provided for use by the client, which gives access to extensive resources, increased capacity. The advantage of the technology is absolute control and maximum independence, advanced project management functions.

Not less interesting is the version of the physical server. In this case, the provider offers to rent a car, and all its resources will be in the temporary ownership of the client. Do not have to share with anyone!

Quality and result

Choosing a free hosting, you should not count on great technical capabilities or especially responsive support service. But when renting a place for a certain fee, it is worthwhile to carefully select the provider in order to pay for real quality service.

The technical base of the enterprise, the level of service maintained by the firm determine the effectiveness of the client project. If the hosting is productive, it is stable, then access to the site will be at any time, day or night, 365 days a year.Neither the load nor the scale of the project will play a role.

The task of hosting (“Yandex”, by the way, regularly publishes updated recommendations on the choice of providers) is to ensure that the pages on the user's computer load quickly. At the same time, experts constantly check technical support, make a backup every day and carry out maintenance work, preventing possible breakdowns. If there is a force majeure, the provider must provide the maximum useful information for data recovery.

Domain: what is it?

The hosting above has already been considered, so you should pay attention to this important term, the understanding of which should be the basic task of starting a person’s sites. Under the domain is commonly understood such a unique name that helps to identify the project in the vast world wide web. An alternative term (absolute synonym) is a domain name.

free hosting

The domain is formed by two levels of the component. The first order is an index of letters written in the line after the point: com, edu, ru. From this information you can get an understanding of the state in which the site operates.The second level is a unique name, the invention of which is the responsibility of the owner of the project. The user domain is total: for example, name.ru.

Why is it important?

On the one hand, the domain name is the very first feature that distinguishes a site from all the others, that is, through it you can present the project to a potential client, visitor. But this is only the most obvious naming function. No less significant is the name for the search engine, through the domain that understands what the page is about.

Successfully promote only such a project, for which the domain name of the site was responsibly and successfully chosen. When choosing a name, it is necessary to remember some of the advice of experts, first of all inventing a bright, sonorous, understandable phrase. It is recommended to make it as short as possible, falling into memory.

Considering the different versions of the first-level domains, it is better to dwell on the one that corresponds more to the geographical location of the target audience. For example, focusing on the whole world, preference is given to com, but for our country the current version is ru. Good useful advice gives the choice of the domain hosting "Yandex".In particular, it is possible to learn from the first-class specialists of this largest domestic company that search engines (by the way, Yandex itself are also better) perceive sites whose addresses are written in roman letters.

Cyrillic domains are undoubtedly good, but it is almost impossible to promote such abroad. When choosing a name, it is necessary to put a semantic meaning in the word, choosing something that reflects the subject of the project. For commercial projects, you must enter in the address of the company.

What's in a name?

Selecting a site name that seems to be as relevant as possible, effective for future promotion, it is necessary to verify the domain. This is a special procedure that allows you to find out whether such a name has been registered before by someone. If it turns out that a site with such an address already existed, through special resources it is possible to check whether it still exists, what its subject was, reputation, who was the owner.

Some enterprising people register popular names, which they then resell. If you really want a domain name that was assigned to someone in this way, you can agree on the purchase of an address for reasonable money.

domain registration

To some extent, you can compare the human name and domain.Such an address, which already belongs to someone, is not accessible to a potential site owner.

The fact is that many people can be called with the same name, but on the Internet this trick will not work: every name, every address must be strictly unique, individual, unique. This allows you to maintain order in the virtual web and makes it possible to quickly find a resource in the system without confusion and wrong direction of the user.

Domain Name Selection: Important Aspects

As practice shows, not all entrepreneurs, opening their own business on the Internet, and not every blogger, starting his own page, think about choosing an address seriously. Many people prefer to entrust this to the company engaged in the development of design solutions. Needless to say that the selected address in this case may be disappointing? As experts say, it is better to deal with domain registration independently.

On the one hand, this will allow you to have access to your account at any time in order to block the name or extend the service, and the user will receive the necessary skills, will be able to register a new address at any time.change the old one. In addition (and this is the most important!), With all the responsibility you can choose a really suitable option.

The name is the face of the company, site, project. Others compose a real gibberish, but only benefit from it will be small. If the name does not tell the visitor anything, then it will not sink into memory. Abbreviations are suitable for those enterprises that already have a name known to a wide user - for example, the Air Force. There are no difficulties in order to remember the site, to understand what it refers to, will not. But any ABC? Will he be remembered? Experts say that you should not count on it.

Alternative approach

For the company, the publication of the most successful choice of name - consonant with the name of the company. It’s not always possible to pick one up - most likely, the option that came to mind will be busy. In this case, it is worthwhile to approach the task of registering a domain “from the other end”: analyze the main area of ​​activity. For example, if the project is dedicated to sports news, then the address may contain an indication specifically on the subject matter - sports, news, and not just the name.

hosting transfer

If the company is still just spinning up and does not plan to promote its website on the Internet, but is considering such an option for the future, it is better to register the name in advance. Extending from year to year costs really little money, but in the future, when it comes time to create your website, you will not have to fear that all suitable addresses are already occupied by more efficiently operating persons.

By the way, in the history of such examples, a la "did not have time" to the fullest! The same "McDonald's" and "Microsoft". By the way, some do serious business on this - register successful names, and then sell them for decent money.

Hosting: who what?

Having understood what a domain and hosting are, you can begin to choose the best option for yourself. If everything is relatively simple with the name - the above features are considered, then you have to work hard to choose a site for placing files. There are many offers on the market, some companies are based abroad, others are in our country. The level of cost of services varies greatly. How to choose something for yourself? Experts assure that it is not too difficult, you only need to thoroughly approach the process.

In particular, for a start-up company, as professionals are convinced, shared-hosting becomes the best option. If at some point its capacity is not enough, you can always arrange hosting transfer, there is no problem with this, there are special tools that make up a package from files that another provider can read. On average, shared-hosting costs 100-600 rubles for one month of use, the specific cost is determined by the settings, the facilities provided, and the financial policy of the enterprise.

When is it suitable?

Having understood what a domain and hosting is, it is also necessary to predict the scale of the project and business opportunities, if such is supposed to be conducted through a virtual representative office. In particular, the proposed option of a shared-hosting is good if monthly attendance of a page will vary within three thousand users.

The preferred scripts, the settings that are set (depending on the tariff plan) determine how many users will be able to withstand hosting. If the boundary is broken, the project will hang. It must be remembered: not only users, but also search engines will notice this.

Yandex hosting

Despite serious restrictions on attendance, shared-hosting has a number of important advantages, and the first place is rightfully given to the availability of such an option. It is necessary to realize that the extension of the domain, regular payments to the provider for the space to accommodate the files of the site - all this costs money. If a business that should recoup the costs of a site while it is weakly promoted, you should not dwell on the most expensive options. When the flow of visitors increases, it will be possible to expand opportunities.


Shared hosting is good for basic level start-up entrepreneurs. To use this service does not require special skills, knowledge of administration, all will be engaged provider. A simple control panel, the ability to access it at any time and from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access are the undoubted advantages of this option. The provider will help with the initial setup, will support the project in the future.

More business - more opportunity

Enter into an agreement with a hosting provider is necessary after the selection and verification of the domain. If the primary test of opportunities has shown that the minimum tariff plan is not enough, it makes sense to consider options for expanding resources.Many modern providers are ready to offer improvements to the base rates. This mainly concerns large technical capabilities, that is, the project will be better able to cope with the average daily load.

This improvement is necessary if the resource enjoys increasing popularity. Please note: you need to constantly monitor the number of visits in order to increase technical capabilities not at the moment when users already have problems, but in advance.

your hosting

Another good opportunity that providers provide in addition to the base rate is an increase in disk space. Thanks to this, the owner can simultaneously place several sites in the zone allotted to him, and administer projects at the same time. As a rule, such a “feature” is added for an adequate fee - it is cheaper to conclude a new contract.

Weak sides

Shared hosting has not only positive parameters, but also certain disadvantages. The most significant - the daily limit of the CPU load. As soon as the set limit is reached, the provider blocks the site until the counter is updated.

VPS: the best choice

The reduction hides a virtual dedicated server. This is more expensive than the described option, but productive enough to satisfy the requirements of most modern virtual pages. The price per month is from five to seven thousand rubles, the specific amount is determined by the possibilities that the provider provides access to. The values ​​will depend on the processor power and on the amount of memory (constant, operational).

It is recommended to subscribe to such a tariff plan only to an already well-promoted business, an enterprise characterized by a steady stream of clientele, in a situation where the most highly technical offers of the provider seem to be too expensive. Mostly VPS choose news sites, other media, as well as popular online stores.

A company can simultaneously open several websites, the hosting supports multiple domain names, and at the same time allows working with different databases, e-mail. It will be possible to put advanced applications, libraries and other improvements that will help more effectively administer projects.

domain check

Are there any weaknesses?

Of course, VPS seems like a good option, but it does have some drawbacks. For example, you have to fork out for a professional system administrator (unless, of course, the entrepreneur himself does not possess all the necessary skills), since the provider is not responsible for the technical aspects of administration. You will have to configure everything on your own, and no one will answer for the efficiency of the software.

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