What gets girls?

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What gets girls?

The relationship between a man and a woman. What could be more beautiful and more interesting. After all, if there is a feeling between people, then they have plenty of time to study each other.

The options, however, are different. For example, an affair for a couple of days. Then the question arises, how to get a girl in bed? With a young man there are no such problems. Here, it can be said, it is enough to be alone with him, and he, as a pioneer, is always ready.

Everyone knows the saying - a woman loves ears. Here you have trumps in hand. Talk. What are they needed for? If you have established “verbal contact” with a girl, then your relationship will be very long. What does it mean? In your words, she heard confirmation of her thoughts and desires, if you want. You need to speak with her truthfully, a lie is always felt.

You can communicate on different topics, not just lyric. Try not to talk about sports and cars, unless, of course, you found out earlier that she likes it. The main thing - do not turn into a talker, that is, "radio", which never stops.

How to get a girlfriend in words? We must be gentle, affectionate, sincere. Tell her how beautiful, tender, and unique she is. How are you with her well. It can be expressed in different epithets, not four words blur. Communicating constantly, you will understand what you can talk.

Try in conversations and in the process of communication in general, look into her eyes (do not stare, of course). When listening to a girl, listen carefully. Answer, not be silent. If you observe her reaction to your words and movements, then it will be easier for you to find a moment to start.

What gets girls? It is very important in a relationship of touch. Try to constantly have hand contact. Kissing is pleasant and exciting. Just not a passionate idea (although they may sometimes be needed), but a gentle touch of the lips. You can say - touch, but with a delay. And it should not be one.

How to get a girlfriend? Gentle, but strong (not crunch bones) hugs. Again gentle, but a little longer than a touch, kisses. In all this your desire should be felt. And not a desire for rough sex, but a gentle and affectionate "making love".

A girl must constantly feel that you want her.This does not mean that you have to go with a “strong tool” in your pants everywhere and always. If a girl feels that she is desired, moreover it is you (if, of course, the feelings are mutual), then you will have no problems.

As a rule, for men, ending is more important. For women, again, as a rule, the process is interesting. So make it unforgettable. And so that you want to repeat again and again.

After exciting kisses in the neck and lips, the open space is opened for you. Believe me, the whole girl is ready for a kiss. The main thing is not to hurry. And move gradually and not be distracted. Well, maybe only to tell her how beautiful and desirable she is.

In a more "talking" kisses do not hurry. When you feel that she is relaxed, move on. Can you even ask the girl if she is good? Do not jump from place to place, and explore her body. It is useful to you in the future.

Strive for sincere relationships, and you will get more than you could even imagine.

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