Why dream of trees? Interpretation of dreams

Why dream of trees? People constantly see them in everyday life, so they do not attach much importance to their appearance in night dreams. This is the wrong approach, as trees appear in dreams for a reason. The subconscious mind is trying to warn a person of something, and this is worth listening to.

Why do trees dream of people?

Night dreams in which they appear may have different meanings. Why dream of trees? To understand this, you need to take into account the factors that are listed below.

trees in a dream
  • The condition of the tree.
  • Its species (apple, pine, fir, spruce, birch and so on).
  • The parts of the tree that the dreamer noted.
  • Manipulations that it underwent.

Blooming trees

Why dream of trees, if they have a flowering look? Such a plot predicts a man happy times. Lonely young ladies who have seen such a dream should be prepared for changes in their personal lives. Soon they will have serious intentions.

dreams of trees

Trees covered with green leaves promise well-being and happiness in family life. Conflicts with relatives will finally be left behind, mutual understanding will reign in the house. The fruits symbolize the spiritual treasures that man has to acquire. Also expect a well-deserved reward for hard work.

Fading plants

What dreams of trees that are in the stage of withering? In the life of a man, a black stripe will come, fortunately, failures will not long haunt him. Leaf fall, which the dreamer observes, has a similar meaning.

a big tree

Yellow trees predict old age, filled with light sadness. By the end of his life journey, man will gain wisdom. Red foliage indicates that the dreamer spends a lot of time digging into himself. She can also warn about excessive enthusiasm for alcoholic beverages.

Why dream of trees covered with snow? A person should pay more attention to events that occur in the outside world. If he does not heed this advice, he will miss the chance to change life for the better. Broken trees dream of someone who needs to pay close attention to their health.It is time to stop postponing the visit to the doctor, especially in the presence of alarming symptoms.

What happens to the trees?

What does it mean to see flowering trees in a dream, to watch budding buds? In the life of a man, a joyful event will soon occur, which he is unable to predict. Foliage flying around under the onslaught of the wind promises change for the better. The dreamer's sorrows will soon be left behind; luck will turn to face him again.

see trees in a dream

If a strong wind pulls tree roots out of the ground in a dream, losses are likely in reality. Most likely, a person will be forgiven with an old friend, with whom relations have already become obsolete. Roots, washed up with water, can be imagined to the one who is time to temper passions. The voluptuousness will not bring the dreamer to good, may adversely affect his health.

Fall, chopping

What dreams of a fallen tree? A dream with such a plot can hardly be called a good sign. Man waiting for serious trouble. He has a chance to solve the problem if he shows perseverance and patience.

fading trees

It is impossible to call a kind prediction a dream in which a person falls from the branches of a tree. He is trying to ruin his life with his own hands.It is time to stop and think about their next steps.

Hacking dry trees in a dream can be a person who in reality has to get rid of unnecessary connections. Extra people will forever leave his life, which will contribute to change for the better. Chop off dry branches - constantly make mistakes in others. A person often suffers because of his excessive gullibility. To chop the trunk with green leaves in their dreams can be the one who, in reality, is to lose hope.

Climb a tree

What does it mean to climb a tree in a dream? Such a plot promises a person respect and recognition. However, if he is trying to get to the top, this indicates fatigue from monotony. It is time to stock up on new impressions, otherwise the dreamer will finally get bogged down in the routine, he will develop a depression.

green tree in a dream

Why dream of sitting under a spreading crown? Such dreams can be seen by one who in reality is worried about his future. The position of a person at the moment can hardly be called stable, his financial situation leaves much to be desired. Hang on a branch upside down in a dream capable of someone who is accustomed to soar in the clouds. It's time to stop building castles in the air, learn how to set achievable goals.

What dreams of a big tree that a person is trying to climb? Such a plot promises good news, positive changes. If the dreamer is afraid when he tries to climb a tree, the curtain of the future will soon open before him. Trying to hide behind the trunk in his dreams can he who in reality needs protection and support.

Dream Medea

The sorceress Medea associates the tree with the dreamer himself. The state of the cortex allows you to understand how a person is able to deal with difficulties, protected from the negative effects of the environment. On the life strategies and attitudes of the dreamer tells the root, the trunk also tells about the position that he occupies in society. Foliage allows you to learn about how the sleeper's relations with others.

dream of trees

Dry trees without leaves predict loneliness, a break in existing relationships. It is also possible the emergence of an insurmountable obstacle to the goal. Strong trunk, lush noisy foliage - all this indicates that a person occupies a decent position in society. If necessary, friends and family are always ready to help him, he will not be left alone. Flowering trees symbolize the emergence of new affections, love.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

What predictions does the Tsvetkova dream book? A healthy tree promises profits that may come from an unexpected source. Flowering symbolizes achievements in the professional sphere, fruitful promises peace and goodness.

The negative coloring have dreams in which the felling of trees appears. Such a plot promises losses that can be material and moral. Death and mourning predicts a tree torn from the rhizome. If it burns, the dreamer should be prepared for damages. The precursors of inheritance or money are sawn bars and logs. The thickness of the barrel determines the size of the possible profit.

Tree view

Why do people dream of beautiful trees? Sleep has a value that directly depends on the breed.

  • Pine. Her appearance in night dreams promises an improvement in her financial situation. A person can take a high post, get a pay raise or inheritance. Additional sources of income are also possible.
  • Cypress. The one who sees this tree in a dream, luck awaits in reality.
  • Bamboo. An exotic breed predicts a sea of ​​joyful events. A person will have the opportunity to change life for the better, which should certainly be used.
  • Maple. It is the right time for any undertaking.Any projects conceived by man are being successfully implemented.
  • Fruit tree. It dreams of those who will become parents.
  • Apricot. This tree predicts a quick change of residence. A person can move based on career or personal considerations.
  • Cherry. It promises a change in life for the better. They are most likely to be reflected in the material condition of the dreamer.

Various plots

A big tree standing alone in a field dreams of a quarrel. Constant conflicts will lead to the fact that a person will lose the support of loved ones, will be forced to deal with difficulties in solitude. The barrel floating in the water, dreams of worries and troubles. The bent tree promises extreme need, the dried-up predicts the death of a relative.

What other scenes does the dream book consider? The tree that grows promises the birth of a son. Plant it - make a profit soon. Grafting seedlings promises wealth. Stumps dream of someone who wants to forget about events in the past. The big stump symbolizes the anxiety that has seized man. To walk on it means to exaggerate the ability of the past to influence the present.

A tree that goes to heaven dreams of one who wants to penetrate the secrets of the universe. To bring down the forest - the actions of a person harm everyone, and first of all he suffers from them. To enjoy the noise of the foliage in his dreams can be the one who, in reality, is waiting for a pleasant conversation. Trees with young foliage symbolize the collapse of all hopes. The dreamer will have to plunge into a state of depression for a long time.

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