What dreams fall?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 7, 2012
What dreams fall?

Now I will tell you what dreams of falling from somewhere or just about the process of falling in a dream - what exactly it symbolizes.

If you fall in a dream and at the same time experience fear, it means that you will most likely encounter some difficulties in achieving your goals, but you will overcome these difficulties with honor.

If during the fall you got some injuries, hurt yourself something, it could mean upcoming conflicts and quarrels with family and friends, as well as various difficulties along the way. And if you feel a blow when falling, it may even be talking about separation from friends.

I wonder what dreams of a falling man? A falling person often dreams of being promoted and of all kinds of awards and honors. But if you fall down the stairs, then it is to unsuccessful efforts for a businessman and to a crop failure for a farmer. And for people of other professions there comes a stagnant period that you just need to go through.

If a person falls from a roof in a dream, this may symbolize self-doubt, but nevertheless he will succeed anyway.At the same time, the height of the roof speaks here, oddly enough, about the significance of success. A fall from a great height generally speaks of strong fear in reality. But if you fell in a dream, stumbled, it may mean that you will commit some kind of not quite plausible act, the consequences of which will not in the best way affect your reputation. So be careful.

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