What candles are used for thrush?

One of the most unpleasant diseases is thrush. It is difficult to get rid of it and it often comes back again. Symptoms of the disease are known to almost every woman - this is abundant cheesy discharge, itching in the groin, pain in the lower abdomen. All this causes a lot of trouble and discomfort. In addition, the neglected disease faces serious consequences.candles for thrush

How to treat thrush in women?

First of all, you need to visit a doctor. You will be given directions for tests, according to the results of which the specialist will determine the extent of the disease and prescribe treatment. The most commonly used candles for thrush. Only a doctor can prescribe them. Even if you are confident in the effectiveness of a drug, self-medication is not recommended. This is fraught with relapses and the transition of the disease to the chronic form. Candles used today for thrush can have a different composition. The main substances are: nystatin, clotrimazole, natamycin, isoconazole, ketoconazole.The therapeutic effect, and consequently, the time of recovery, depends on their combination and quantity.

How to use candles for thrush?

than to treat thrush in womenFirst of all, you must comply with personal hygiene. It is not recommended to take a bath, limit washing in the shower. Do not use soap for washing. It dries the delicate skin and can only aggravate the situation. At bedtime (while lying), a candle is inserted into the vagina (as deep as possible). After that, it is advisable not to get up until morning. Under the influence of body temperature, the drug dissolves and is absorbed into the mucous membrane. Many candles for thrush are used even during menstruation.

What are the candles?

In the case of the primary disease, the drug Livarol is prescribed. This tool acts gently and quickly enough. With timely treatment, you will forever forget what a thrush is. Treatment (candles and specific terms of use) is prescribed only by a doctor. Many drugs have side effects. And they should be applied with great care. These include such means as "Verzhinan" and "Poliginaks". They are appointed, as a rule, in severe cases.The drug "Nystatin" is effective against a fungal infection. It does not affect viruses and bacteria. Candida fungi are not able to develop immunity to this drug. In this regard, the medicine "Nystatin" is used for chronic thrush. Its action can be enhanced by a drug such as McMiror (if applied simultaneously). Effective consider candles with thrush "Ginesol". They have a wide range of action. The drug is prescribed for relapses. Good effect gives treatment with the drug "Gino-Dactanol". Its undoubted advantage is that the substances in the composition do not inhibit the activity of healthy microflora.

thrush treatment candles

Features of the disease

Treatment with any drugs should be carried out immediately with both partners. Otherwise, it may be ineffective and useless. During pregnancy, use of any drugs is extremely dangerous for the life and health of the fetus. Prescribe treatment can only the attending physician. Do not neglect this rule. The treatment of vaginal infections (for obstetric surgeries) is carried out by means such as "Betadine".It consists of an antiseptic substance with anti-fungal action.

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