What can I write to my beloved?

One of the ways to best express your feelings to your loved one is to write a letter on the topic “I love you”. That, of course, will allow you to express without hesitation all your thoughts and attitudes towards your loved one. In addition, such a letter will bring a lot of pleasant feelings to a lover or a sweetheart, and will be remembered as one of the most pleasant memories. But since there are some questions about what you can write to your beloved in the letter, we will provide some kind of plan that will streamline your thoughts and help you in making such recognition.

Letter to his beloved

  • If you have computer skills, you can type in a letter using a text editor. If not, then do not be upset, and write with his own hand.
  • Write all that you like in your loved one. For example: "loyalty", "voice", "lips", etc.
  • Then we make a sentence like this: “I love you, because ...” or “I love you, for what ...”. For example, a sentence might be: “I love you because you are faithful to me.”
  • Next, we write the reasons why this is important to you. For example, if this is the word "loyalty", then we describe that you do not need to worry and be jealous.
  • Now we supplement the sentences with our own feelings, for example: “My heart is calm, because I am sure that you are only mine (you are faithful to me).”
  • Then we write about voice, hugs, etc. For example, "I love when you hug me, in these moments I feel the protection and confidence in our future."
  • All the previous was the basis of the letter, now it's time to discuss what to write at the very beginning. You can start with the words "I love you so much that it is impossible to find words that describe all my feelings for you."
  • In each paragraph, we describe one of the qualities of a loved one. After completing the writing of the letter, we put it in an envelope, we write on it the name of the beloved.
  • Talking about how to provide such a letter, there are several options. The first is in the evening, when you are alone, to get a letter and read to your beloved, the second is to leave in the morning in bed, while the beloved is sleeping. In any case, it will bring him a lot of pleasure.

Beloved messages

On asphalt

There is no limit to expressing your feelings to your loved one.Confessions on asphalt have become popular for a long time, and in order not to speak, it’s pleasant to see such an inscription in front of its windows in the morning. In addition, everything is much easier than it seems. What is necessary for such recognition:

  • A can of paint and better than white, as it is best seen on asphalt;
  • A brush, preferably wide, so that the words are clear;
  • You need to dress in clothes that you are not afraid to get dirty.

Responding to a question about what to write a loved one on asphalt, it is worth noting that everything should be very brief. For example: “Seryozha, I love you”, you can also use such words as “sun”, “kitten”, etc. Subscribe here is not necessary, but not prohibited. In addition, in the same way, you can ask for forgiveness for something, for example: "Sergei, forgive me" or "Sergei, forgive me, I love you."

SMS at night

SMS at night is waiting for every man in love before going to bed. This is a reminder of your love and that your thoughts are occupied only by your loved one. Many find it difficult to write to a loved one for the night so that it would not be a banal "I love you." Although such a saying, in spite of its simplicity, it is nice to receive your beloved. But in another case, you can think of something more interesting:

  • You can write with rhymes about your love, for example: “Sleep, lie down and think about me, Well, I will dream you in a dream!”;
  • You can reveal your feelings in this way, for example: “sweet dreams, my little angel”, “I miss you so much” or “my love for you is boundless”.

Formerly loved

As to what to write to a former loved one, not only difficulties arise, but there are numerous disputes. It all depends on the situation and the purpose of this message. If you want to part with a former loved one in this way, then it is worth considering a few points:

  • Do not insult in the letter;
  • No one to blame for this situation;
  • Do not list the many reasons for your decision;

In such a letter, you need to say that you regret the situation and did not want to hurt this person. Just say that he will surely meet love in his life. Although this is considered an extreme way of parting, since if you really have no feelings for this person, it is better to meet and talk with him, looking into his eyes. Thus, you express your respect for him and show your honesty towards him.

If you are writing a similar letter in order to return the person and try again to create a relationship with him, then you need to take into account such details:

  • Remind about the good moments spent together;
  • Do not remember the reason for separation and quarrel;
  • Do not talk about who was to blame for parting;
  • Say about your feelings.

The above-mentioned subtleties of writing such a letter will help you remember past feelings and joyful moments, and if you are not indifferent to a person, then he will definitely answer the same. Now you know what to write to your loved one in different situations and how to express your feelings in different ways, so that he will remember it forever as one of the most pleasant moments of life.

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