WHA: how to connect the generator?

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WHA: how to connect the generator?

To ensure the smooth functioning of the electrical equipment in the car, a generator is used. While the engine is running, it charges the battery and feeds the entire on-board auto system. It is very important to properly connect the generator after it is replaced or repaired, since the integrity of all electronic equipment depends on it: from the onboard computer to the wiring. When making any car repair, do not forget to wear protective gloves and clothing.

Features of the installation of the generator at the WHA

The generator produces an alternating current using a magnetic field, which occurs when the rotor rotates inside a ring of permanent magnets (stator). Thanks to the rectifier consisting of 6 silicon diodes, the alternating current is converted to direct current and can be supplied to the electrical system of the car. It should be noted that it is impossible to use the generator when the battery is disconnected, as this will cause a short-term overvoltage in the equipment of the machine.

How to connect the generator to the WHA with your own hands?

Be very careful when connecting electrical equipment, as by mixing up the “plus” and “minus”, you can seriously damage not only the wiring, but also expensive devices.

The process of installing and connecting a generator is quite simple:

  1. Connect the lower fastener of the generator with the bracket on the engine;
  2. Through the bushings on the hardware and the bracket, install the bolt and put a nut on it;
  3. Install the top fastener into the tensioning bar and screw the nut on it;
  4. Now you can connect the generator to the WHA, for this connect the terminal "30" with the positive battery wire;
  5. Install the plug on the central winding;
  6. Install the alternator belt on the pulleys;
  7. Pull the alternator away from the engine, thereby tightening the belt (for this, mounting is best suited);
  8. While holding the alternator, tighten the nut on the tensioning stud;
  9. Now you can tightly tighten the nut on the bottom bracket.

After completing the installation, check the degree of belt tension; it should not be too tight or too loose. Incorrect installation can lead to rapid wear and tear, as a result of which the alternator belt will have to be changed soon.

What can affect the performance of the generator?

If a low battery light on the control panel lights up, first check the integrity of the generator wiring. Perhaps, just wiped the wire or disconnected the connector, this sometimes happens on VAZ cars.

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