"Shel killing KGBeshnika"

The man who shot the mother and son in the south-west of Moscow on April 8 actually wanted to kill another person. The villain told investigators that he planned to take revenge on the KGB colonel for the death of his father, to which he allegedly relates.
As it was found out, the incident occurred on Sunday at about 16.00 on Garibaldi Street. A 55-year-old employee of the social insurance fund Antonina (all names have been changed) returned after a walk home with her 22-year-old student son Alexei.
Approaching the entrance to the entrance, they saw a suspicious man with a bat in his hands. The stranger tried to flush into the staircase, but the vigilant Antonina and Alexei were not allowed to let a stranger in.
A man (he was a 47-year-old native of the Saratov region Alexander) answered their questions aggressively. During the trial, he pulled out a traumatic pistol and shot the woman first in the head, and then opened fire on her son.
Alexey tried to take refuge in a nearby supermarket, but Alexander caught up with him and began to beat him cruelly with a baseball bat. The criminal was stopped by the policemen who arrived at the scene.
The guards barely dragged him away from the bloody student, but this did not pacify the aggressor at all - Alexander shouted that he wanted to kill the guy. The ambulance brought the mother and son to the nearest hospital. Alexey was sent to intensive care with a brain contusion, a gunshot wound to the lips and hematomas, and his mother was hospitalized with a head injury.
According to a law enforcement source, the woman and the boy were accidental victims of Alexander. The offender purposefully went to kill one of the residents of the house - the colonel of the KGB reserve, the chairman of one of the veteran organizations of the security forces, but a sudden conflict at the entrance violated his plans.
Investigators found out that Alexander was engaged in programming and is listed at work at one of the capital PI. The villain himself told detectives that he had a motive to kill a respected veteran who was allegedly involved in the death of his father.
In turn, the elderly security officer said that he knew Alexander, since the man had become a member of a veteran organization that he heads last year.
True, the villain himself has nothing to do with the law enforcement officers and asked for advice because of his ID and pass to the car, taking advantage of the acquaintance with the son of the colonel.At the same time, the chairman of the organization said that he did not know Alexander’s father.
At the same time, investigators found out that the parent of the villain had cancer and his son went to his homeland in the Saratov region two weeks before the incident. Detectives are checking the testimony of the suspect, but so far everything indicates that the man has lost his mind.
According to the press service of the State Committee for the Investigative Committee of the TFR in Moscow, a criminal case was initiated on this fact under the article "attempted murder".

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