Wedding Car Decoration

In our time, preparing for a wedding is a successful business. Attention newlyweds are offered all possible accessories and decorative elements, many of which are not made in the best way, but at the same time they are very expensive. Some newlyweds without looking buy everything that is offered by the market, without thinking that many wedding attributes can be made independently. For example, decorations for wedding cars can cost much less and will not yield to market analogues in beauty and quality.
To create spectacular decorations on the car will need very little:
- hard tulle;
- satin ribbons: wide white and thin green;
- artificial flowers.
- green and white threads, needle, scissors.
decorations for a wedding car

To create this type of jewelry, two kinds of flower garlands and artificial roses were bought for the car in the artificial flowers department.
artificial flowers

Car decoration

The decorations on the car have a V-shape with a length of 1.7 m each strip.
At the very beginning it is necessary to measure four strips of hard tulle 20 cm wide and 3.5 m long. It is not necessary to buy 3.5 meters of tulle. Depending on the purchased width of the cut, you can take a smaller amount of material, cut off more bands and stitch them together. The resulting stripes alternately stitch in the center, forming folds.
strips alternately stripe

Well iron each fold and sew two strips together, getting a ribbon with folds of 3.4 meters in length. After that, we take a wide satin ribbon with a length of 3.8 meters, place it in the center along the strip with folds and stitch it three times: in the center and along the edges.
sew between two bands

For a more convenient mounting tape on the hood of the car should be left around the edges of 20 cm tape.
We fold the strip in half, form a corner, which is well stitched.
form a corner

At the corner of the composition, two 40 cm long strips must be sewn, which will be attached to the grille of the machine.
Getting to the decor. We take a green ribbon with a length of 3.4 meters, fold it in half, and divide the garland with roses into an even number of parts, which at regular intervals we string into a green ribbon and sew to tulle.
Getting to the decor

We do the same with the second garland - chamomile. We divide it into equal pieces, with which we fill the gaps between roses from the first garland, stitching to tulle.
garland with roses

In the process of sewing flowers you need to raise, so that the inflorescences cover as many gaps as possible.
The final touch is decorating single rose decorations. These flowers are necessary in order to close the gaps, which could not handle the flowers that are already sewn to the tulle. We take each rose and sew in the place where there are not enough flowers.
In this form, the tape can already be used as an independent decoration. However, in order to make the decor of the car more effective, we’ll add to the center a flower arrangement that was previously bought together with the garlands.
gaps between roses

The composition is securely fixed not to the grid with which it is sold.
inflorescences closed

Straighten each flower and sew on the corner of the V-shaped ribbon with flowers.
Finished composition

Decoration is ready! Have a nice holiday.

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