Vera Kharybina: actress, director, teacher

Often the name of Vera Kharybina is associated with her famous spouse Igor Zolotovitsky, although in fact she herself is an immensely talented actress and director who has manifested herself both in the Soviet years and at the present time.

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Work in the theater

Kharybina Vera Anatolyevna dreamed about the acting profession at school. Parents, professors of the Moscow Aviation Institute, did not interfere with the fulfillment of her daughter’s dream, and at the age of 22, Vera received a diploma from the Theater School. Schepkina.

In the Soviet years, young graduates and beginners were given a job distribution. According to the distribution, Vera Kharybina was accepted into the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire, to whom she devoted 30 years of her life.Vera Kharybina actress

Inveterate theater-goers may recall the actress in his youth in the image of Peppi in the play of the same name, in the role of one of the princesses staged about the life of King Louis XIV after novel A.Dumas. At the age of 27, Vera Kharybina managed to play the difficult role of a school principal in the play “Fatal Error”.

Teaching activities

Being a successful theater actress, Vera did not want to rest on her laurels and, despite significant employment in the theater, she completed stage and acting skills, receiving a diploma from a teacher. Since then, the combination of work in the theater, shooting a movie and teaching activities have become an integral part of the life of Kharybin.

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To this day, Vera Anatolievna teaches students acting skills at the Moscow Art Theater School and at the State Institute of Cinematography.

Work in the cinema

The first experience of participating in the television shooting actress received immediately after graduating from college. In the films of the 80s, “Women's Joys and Sorrows,” “Monday is a tough day,” and “Peter the Great” played their early roles as Vera Kharybina. The actress gladly went to auditions and castings for numerous films, but the acting profession gave way to personal life.

Personal life

Accidental acquaintance in the compartment of the train with the Moscow Art Theater actor Igor Zolotovitsky turned into a turbulent romance, and a few years later - into a married life. In marriage, the couple had two sons, Alex and Alexander.

Both young people are now trying to follow in the footsteps of their parents and master the acting profession, and also take a great interest in music. And in the distant times of perestroika, the already famous actress had to interrupt her career due to maternity leave, and then due to the lack of offers to participate in the shooting. All this time, the main source of family income has been the actively developing actor’s profession of a spouse, often traveling abroad with popular theater performances of the Moscow Art Theater.

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Director's work

Some time later, Vera Kharybina became interested in directorial work and decided to continue her education at the directing department of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. The head of the course, in which the actress mastered the new profession, was a recognized film director, the creator of more than a dozen films, including “Republic Shkid” and “The Return of the Battleship”, Gennady Poloka.

In 1997, having become a certified director, Vera Kharybina began shooting serials. Serial tapes “Masha Berezina”, “Sins of Fathers”, as well as the popular film “Adjutants of Love” were filmed with the participation ofHarybina.

During the search for the next project for filming, Vera Anatolyevna is being offered a documentary film. So the actress discovered a new specification - the director of documentary films.

In 2014, an unusual project was presented at the anniversary film festival “Kinotavr” - a film with elements of both documentary and fiction film “Ask me”, directed by Vera Kharybina and the ideological inspirer. Photos from the red carpet of the Sochi festival are carefully kept at the Moscow Art Academic Theater students, who have become the main characters of the full-length film.

The film “Ask me” turned out to be quite unusual: on the one hand, it is a full-fledged documentary film about the life and fate of eight real characters with different destinies and lives, and on the other, students of theater schools who tried on someone else’s life path took part in the shooting. Specific cinema did not become a prize-winner of a film festival, but was highly appreciated by colleagues and critics.

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