VAZ-21310 NIVA: description, specifications, reviews

Each of us at least once heard of such a car as the "Niva". This is the legendary and world famous SUV. Today, dozens of modifications are known. But one of the most common is the VAZ-21310. This model is an elongated, five-door version of the "Niva". Serial production of the machine was carried out with the 95th year. By the way, this model is still produced.


VAZ-21310 is an all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle. Built on the basis of the three-door "Niva" 2121. The car has an increased by 50 centimeters base and a five-door body. The car is designed to operate not only on highways, but also:

  • Sandy.
  • Clayey.
  • Swampy.
  • Snow covered areas.

Also, the machine is able to overcome water obstacles up to half a meter.


The design of the car is completely identical to the three-door "Niva". So, there are simple halogen headlights in front, turn signals and parking lights on top. In the center - a wide plastic grille. Below - a metal bumper.Also on the sides there are wide moldings. On some models there is an inscription "2131".

five-door cornfield

What they say about the VAZ-21310 reviews of the owners? The car body is not resistant to corrosion. Although the Niva does not rust as quickly as the UAZ, metal still needs to be processed regularly. Thresholds are more susceptible to corrosion, less often - arches. The quality of the paintwork is also weak - say reviews.

Dimensions, clearance

First of all, the VAZ-21310 "Niva" has an elongated body. So, it has the following dimensions. The length is 4.22 meters, width - 1.68, height - 1.64 meters. As well as on the three-door modification, here is a 22-centimeter ground clearance. Yes, in view of the elongated base, the permeability deteriorated slightly. But you can not say that the VAZ-21310 turned into a kind of SUV. This machine is also capable of kneading dirt no worse than imported SUVs.


As is known, the Niva was developed on the basis of the VAZ Classic. Therefore, it is not surprising that the interior is from “Zhiguli”.

vaz owner reviews

Inside, there is a recognizable four-spoke steering wheel and a flat torpedo with a compact glove compartment on the passenger side. The seats in the car are soft, but even unnecessary. All adjustments are mechanical only.There is no air conditioning, no heated mirrors or seats. In terms of equipping the VAZ-21310 - this is a Spartan car. There is not even music. Therefore, the owners have to independently refine the interior. Among other shortcomings, the owners say poor noise insulation. Inside you can hear the sound of the engine and the box. And on the bumps you can hear how the suspension works. In winter, when you turn on the stove creates a lot of noise. This is the result of the stove motor. And so it rustles already from the factory. If you change the motor to a new one, you cannot get rid of the noise.

niva photo

But I must say that the five-door "Niva" has a spacious interior. For the most part this applies to the back row. Yes, this, of course, is not a limousine, but a tall passenger will be able to drive without discomfort. On the back row are the same soft seats, there are no adjustments. There are no seat belts here (the car began to be equipped with them only recently).


In the five-seater version, the trunk of the VAZ-21310 is designed for 420 liters. But the back of the back sofa folds. As a result, the trunk volume is increased to 780 liters.

vaz 21310 reviews

The machine is well suited for the transport of bulky goods. So, there is a wide opening and a flat floor.Spare wheel, as well as on the three-door "Niva", is under the hood.

VAZ-21310 specifications

Under the hood of an SUV installed gasoline inline four-cylinder engine. Initially it was carburetor. However, the new "Niva" is already with injection injection. The power of this unit is 83 horsepower. Engine capacity - 1.7 liters. Timing - eight-valve, with one camshaft. Drive belt - chain, as in the "Classic". The unit itself is positioned longitudinally. The engine conforms to the ecological standard "Euro-4". But as noted by the reviews, already at 50 thousand kilometers there are problems with the catalyst. As a result, it is cut out and reflash the computer under the "Euro-2".

What are the dynamic characteristics of the long wheelbase "Niva"? Like the three-door car, it did not become a racing car. Acceleration to a hundred is about 20 seconds. Maximum speed - 137 kilometers per hour. But already at 90 kilometers the car starts driving on the road - you have to constantly steer. The fuel consumption of the car is 13 liters in the city and 10.8 on the highway. The volume of the tank VAZ-21310 - 65 liters.Thus, the power reserve can reach up to 600 kilometers.

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Together with this unit, a five-speed manual transmission works. Other boxes for this car is not provided. Also, the car is equipped with a transfer case with a reduction gear and a forced differential lock.


In front of the car has an independent suspension with anti-roll bar. At the back is a bridge with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. Brakes - hydraulic, with an amplifier. Disk mechanisms are in front installed, drum mechanisms are behind. The steering mechanism is a gearbox with hydraulic booster.

How does this car behave on the go? The suspension is surprisingly quite soft. And it works softer than the three-door short-base version. Irregularities are worked out well, but still the knocks of the suspension are heard inside. There are also questions about handling. At speeds above a hundred, the car begins to scour the road. Yes, and talk about comfort is not necessary - inside the roar of the engine is heard. Therefore, this suspension is excellent only for rough terrain.


But on the off-road car shows a good result. Even on highway tires, which the car is equipped with from the factory, the SUV is chosen from any “trap”, be it sand or a wet primer. The Niva also shows itself well in the snow. And to expand the characteristics of the terrain is possible only by installing a more "evil", mud rubber. The stores have a wide range of tire choices for the Niva. This can be a true MT mud rubber, or a universal AT, which is suitable for both asphalt and off-road. In addition, the car can be equipped with a power bumper with an electric winch. But usually, three-door “Niva” are prepared on this principle.

"Lada Urban"

About this modification should be told separately. She was released in 2015. However, the full replacement of the model is not necessary. This is most likely the restyling of the old Niva.

five-door photo

Externally, the car began to look nicer thanks to a more voluminous plastic bumper and a modern grille. The shape of the mirrors has changed. In the base machine was equipped with alloy wheels. The cabin is not a lot of changes.The instrument panel now stands from the "dozens", changed the door cards. I must say that the new "Niva" five-door got a good set of options. This power windows, heated seats and mirrors. And in the more expensive versions there is air conditioning. But there is still no music, which is frustrating. In technical terms, the changes are minimal. Here is the same injection 1.7-liter engine. Dynamic and operational characteristics are the same as in the previous Niva.

The cost of the five-door model

The price of this car may vary significantly. If we talk about the "bottoms" of the market, the cheapest and more or less "live" five-door "Niva" will cost about 150 thousand rubles.

vaz 21310 owner reviews

Tuned versions can be bought for 250 thousand. But the new "Niva" is available at a price of 440 thousand rubles. The luxury version is available for 545 thousand.


So, we found out what the VAZ-21310 is. The strength of this car is only its throughput and affordable price. The rest of the car has several disadvantages. It is uncomfortable, unreliable and not dynamic. Should I buy such a car? Buying "Niva" is advisable only in cases where it is supposed to operate it on the roads.Such a car is not suitable for city driving, although it is the most accessible in its class.

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