Valery Kharlamov: biography of hockey player, family, sporting achievements

The name of Valery Kharlamov is widely known to all hockey fans. It is hardly necessary to describe in detail all his successes. Especially since there were a lot of them. Let us dwell on the little-known facts of personal life and the beginning of a career, leaving the “space” of large hockey on the sidelines.

legend number 17

Car wreck

The death of the hockey player Kharlamov, as recorded in his biography, happened on August 27, 1981. In the early morning over the Leningradskoye highway in Moscow region there was a dull, cold autumn rain. Light gray "Volga" was at a speed of about a hundred kilometers per hour. Ahead, the road works sign appeared, and the car turned aside to drive around an obstacle. What happened next is not entirely clear.

Whether a technical breakdown, or a wet asphalt laid unevenly laid, or a wet clay on it ... In general, a car spinning like a thunderbolt was thrown into the oncoming lane, exactly under the heavily loaded ZIL.The truck driver managed to react and roll over to the side of the road, but the unmanaged Volga almost crumpled, crashing into the side of the ZIL.

Injuries incompatible with life, resulting in an accident, were the cause of death for hockey player Kharlamov. Biography athlete ends with such a tragedy.

All those who were in the passenger car died: Valery Kharlamov, his wife Irina (who was driving) and Irina's cousin, who only served in the army Sergey Ivanov.


The biography of the hockey player Kharlamov should begin with the fact that the Kharlamovs come from Kolomna. However, Valery’s father Boris Sergeevich grew up in Moscow. Without shining with physical data, nevertheless, he loved sports. He played football, had the second category of motocross, but it turned out best of all in hockey with the ball, where he played for the first team of the Moscow “Labor Reserves”. However, sport in the life of Valery’s father, although important, was purely amateur. Boris Sergeevich was primarily a worker.

Valeria’s mother, a Spaniard Begonit (Begonia, or, as her relatives called her, Begonya) Oribe-Abat, turned out to be in the USSR at the age of twelve (July 24, 1937, together with other Spanish children evacuated from Spain embroiled in civil war).At first they lived in the Crimea, then in Odessa.

After the beginning of the war, I had to move about: Kherson, the Kurgannaya village in the Krasnodar Territory, then Saratov, where Begonya, at the age of 17, went to work for an aircraft factory as a student of a turner. Then there was an aircraft factory in Tbilisi, and, finally, it turned out to be in Moscow, where she began working as a turner at the Kommunar plant. The one where labor fitter Boris Kharlamov worked.

They met in the factory club at the dance. In a few months, they actually got married. Officially, the relationship was hampered by the fact that Begonia did not have Soviet citizenship, but only a residence permit. A year after the start of the meeting, the son Valery was born. This solved all problems with citizenship and marriage. A little later, the daughter Tatyana was born.

From rheumatic heart disease to hockey

From an early age Valery skating. Playing hockey with the ball, the father always took it with him, so as not to burden the mother with unnecessary worries.

Following the example of his father, Kharlamov Jr. also became interested in sports games. In the summer it was football, and in the winter - ice hockey. Being no different, like his father, with physical data, Valery somehow immediately caught on the fact that the main thing in the game is not physical strength, but agility, speed, speed of reaction and thinking.In domestic battles, he quickly gained credibility and permission to play even with the older guys.

Unfortunately, Valery in childhood did not have good health. Sore throat, scarlet fever, frequent colds ... Once at 13, another sore throat gave a heart complication. There was a paralysis of the right half of the body. Rheumatic heart disease was diagnosed. Valery spent three weeks in the hospital, then for the same months, but he was treated on an outpatient basis. Naturally, followed by a ban on sports.

However, despite the father’s ban, Valera continued to play in secret. Then the father who understood the passion of the son joined the secret. Fortunately, a miracle happened in the biography of hockey player Kharlamov: a year after the examination it turned out that there was no longer a serious illness. Even the traces of her disappeared, which caused extreme bewilderment in the doctors treating the boy.

Spain is a good country, but ...

In 1956, all Spanish children who were evacuated to the USSR in 1937, were able to return to their homeland under a simplified scheme. Lighted up to see her parents and Begonia. No joke, 20 years old. There was no direct talk about moving to a permanent place of residence. Boris flatly refused to go, but he let his wife and children go for the sake of his Spanish father-in-law and mother-in-law.We decided: let's go, see, and we'll see.

So, eight-year-old Valery was with his sister in his mother’s hometown, Bilbao.

Gran Via in Bilbao

They lived here with their grandparents (a professional sailor, and then a driver engaged in private truckload) for almost six months. Valera even attended a Spanish school for four months, but they got bored with her mother in Moscow, her husband and father.

Spain did not forget this visit and the fact that Valeria’s mother is Spanish. That is why in the city of Haka, one may say, the center of what is, but Spanish hockey, there is a monument to the best Spanish hockey player in history. And the name of this hockey player Valery Kharlamov. Here is a fact from the biography of hockey player Kharlamov.

Bride girl

In the hockey school CSKA Valery Kharlamov was in 1962. The boys in the yard said that CSKA was conducting a scan, and he went with them for the company. By Kharlamov’s own admission, he didn’t take the hockey too seriously, but during the review he tried to prove himself. The well-known trainer Boris Kulagin, who conducted the review, accepted the newcomer, and, moreover, Valera, conscious of his physical "pettiness", knocked himself over a year. The deception came to light later, but this was no longer important: the coaches realized that they had talent in their hands.Valery Kharlamov’s first mentor was Vyacheslav Tazov, and then Andrei Starovoytov.

Mike Kharlamov

First shine

It cannot be said that in the hockey school CSKA Kharlamov was so brilliant and distinguished. Here are just a release during the final tournament of the junior championship of the USSR in 1967 so flashed with improvisation, skill, hard work and dedication that the head coach of CSKA did not hesitate to immediately invite him to the training camp.

In the "Star": through the thorns to the stars

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, CSKA head coach Anatoly Tarasov loved physically powerful hockey players, among whom Valery Kharlamov was clearly not one of them. Therefore, he had to go through all the burden of Tarasov training, and then a “link” to the Ural Chebarkul (now Perm region), where the Army Star (coach Aliev) played in the second league in order to wipe out among adults physically and morally harden. What he did succeed: scored in almost every game.

The space of the big hockey

The successes of the hockey player in the biography of Valery Kharlamov are well known. Therefore, we recall only the main milestones.

04/23/1968 The first puck for CSKA was scored (at the gate of the Wings of the Soviets).

December 1968th.Participation in the international Moscow tournament (the future "Prize" Izvestia ") in the second team of the USSR.

12/6/1968. Debut in the first national team of the USSR in the match with the amateur team of Canada. The birth of the attacking trio Mikhailov - Petrov - Kharlamov. Photo hockey player Kharlamov, biography of an athlete began to interest every fan of this sport.

Mikhailov Petrov Kharlamov

1969 began as a first-rank athlete, and graduated from the Honored Master of Sports. The first goal for the national team at the World Championships (the Swedes). He became the champion of the planet and the Old World.

Playing with the Swedes

1972 Olympic champion in Sapporo. Top scorer of the Olympic tournament. The legendary game in the legendary Super Series with the Canadian team, made up of professionals. In the second match of the clash with the frank rude Bobby Clark and a serious injury.

Czech game

1974 Matches of the USSR national team with the national chemistry team, which finally made Valery Kharlamov a superstar for North America.

05/26/1976. The Kharlamovs had an accident on the Leningradskoye shosse, when they were returning home from their guests late at night. Valery wanted to overtake the slow-moving truck, but a taxi jumped out to meet. Kharlamov reacted and turned aside, crashing into a pole. The result - a fracture of two ribs, concussion, not counting the many bruises.And the worst thing is a comminuted fracture of the right leg. The spouse has not suffered. Despite the advice of the doctors to engage with hockey, as I had to re-learn to stand on my feet, I found the strength to return. After the accident, it was not the same Kharlamov, but he still achieved a number of victories. In a word, in the biography of hockey player Kharlamov there were many reasons to stop, but this was not the nature of a man.

About him

What they say about Valeria? Below are reviews of famous hockey players.

“With Mr. Kharlamov it was impossible to lower the eye for a second. He threw the puck strongly, accurately and, which is the most dangerous, often unexpectedly” (Ken Dryden, goalkeeper of the Montreal Canadiens and the Canadian team).

“Kharlamov was the diamond of our game” (Ulf Sterner, the legendary Swedish hockey player).

“Kharlamov, like the sword of Damocles, is always brought over the rivals' goal, always ready to rush forward to throw the puck or create an assist situation for partners” (Vsevolod Bobrov, legend of Soviet football and hockey).


Kharlamov Valery Borisovich (USSR).

Born on 1/14/1948 (Moscow). He died 08/27/1981 (Leningrad highway, near Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region).

Position: forward.

Years, clubs, matches, pucks:

  • 1967, 1969-81 - CSKA (Moscow) - 438 games, 293 goals.
  • 1967-68 - “Star” (Chebarkul) - 40 games, 34 goals.


  • ZMS USSR (1969).
  • The champion of the Soviet Union (1968, 1970-73, 1975, 1977-81).
  • Winner of the USSR Cup (1968, 1969, 1973-75).
  • The best hockey player of the country (1972, 1973).
  • The best scorer of the championships of the USSR 1971, 1972 (“goal + pass”).
  • Winner of the European Cup (1969-74).
  • Champion of the Olympics (1972, 1976).
  • Silver of the Olympics (1980).
  • World Champion (1969-71, 1973-75, 1978, 1979).
  • Silver of the World (1972, 1976).
  • Bronze of the World (1977).
  • The best forward of the world championship (1976).
  • Member of the 1972 Super Series.
  • In the USSR national team (1967-81) 203 games, 140 goals.
  • In the Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1998.
  • Two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor.
  • Order of "Badge of Honor."
  • Medal "For Labor Valor".

Anthropometrics: 173 cm, 73 kg.

Personal life

Below is the role of the wife in the biography of hockey player Kharlamov.

He met his wife Irina Smirnova in 1975 in the restaurant "Russia". Valery is 9 years older. The wedding took place 05/14/1976. On September 23 of that year, they had a son, Alexander, later a daughter, Tatiana. Irina died with her husband in a car accident 08/27/1981.

The biography of children hockey player Kharlamov, of course, also deserves attention.

The children grew up with their grandmother, Irina's mother, Nina Vasilyevna Smirnova.

The son became a good hockey player, but he didn’t even get close to the level of his father.He played for CSKA (Moscow), SKA (St. Petersburg), Metallurg (Novokuznetsk), Dynamo (Moscow), Vityaz (Podolsk), and also for the American teams of lower North American leagues - Portland Pierts, Hampton Roads Admirals, Tacoma Cybercats, Bakersfield Condors. Silver and Bronze medalist at the 1995 and 1994 World Junior Championships. In 1994, he was chosen by the “Washington Capitals” in the NHL draft in the first round, but did not meet expectations. After the end of his playing career, he worked as an assistant to the head coach in Vityaz (Chekhov). He was the general manager of the Lithuanian "Winds" (Vilnius). Currently, the deputy sports director of HC CSKA. He married in 1997. Son Valery 20 years.

Alexander Kharlamov

Daughter Tatiana was fond of artistic gymnastics, where she achieved the title of master of sports. Married. Two daughters - Daria and Anna.

Valery Kharlamov was in a very warm relationship with his sister Tatiana, who, unlike her brother, spoke excellently in their mother’s native language, Spanish. She worked in the Aeroflot system. The son of Tatiana - Valery - in his youth was engaged in the CSKA football school. He was very noticeable, but he did not switch to adult football.

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