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Valery Bure is a former hockey player who spent most of his NHL career. He was the real leader of the teams for which he spoke. The athlete is also known as the younger brother of the legendary striker who received the nickname “Russian Rocket” across the ocean.

The beginning of the sports path

Valery Bure was born on June 13, 1974 in Moscow. His father was a swimmer in the past and won many prestigious international tournaments. But he decided to give the children to the CSKA hockey section. In adolescence, Valery, like his older brother, showed an outstanding level of play. He was distinguished by high performance. All specialists predicted a great future for the brothers. Thanks to his work and talent, Valery began his professional career quite early. Already at the age of 16 he began to be involved in the main team of CSKA. In 1990, the striker spent on the field 3 games. True, the resultant actions are not distinguished.

Valery Bure

Departure overseas

Then the collapse of the Soviet Union began, and many talented athletes chose to leave Russia.The Bure brothers also decided to fly to America. Valery, at the age of 17, began playing for the club Spokane Chiefs, who played in WHL. In this team he spent 3 seasons, for which he scored 298 points. Valery Bure was the top scorer and the true leader of the Spokane Chiefs team. Then the attacker is invited to his team, “Fredericton Canadiens”. Valery Bure, despite the fact that the level of play in the AHL is significantly higher than in the junior league, from the very first season he began to regularly score scoring points. For 43 matches held, he scored 48.Bure Valery hockey player

NHL debut

The game of the talented striker was noted by many NHL teams. The best clubs of the strongest league on the planet wanted to get a Russian player. Where did the season 1994/1995 Bure Valery? Hockey player began to play for the club “Montreal Canadiens”. The team from the beginner waited for good performance, but the first season turned out for Valery almost a failure. During the year, the Russian forward played 24 games and scored a total of 4 points.

Despite this, the coaching staff still trusted Bure a place in the lineup. The next season was more successful for him. Over 77 games held in the NHL championship, he scored 42 points.In the club from Montreal striker Valeriu Bure spent 4 successful years. During this time, he proved to everyone that he is a top-level attacker.Valery Bure biography

Career continuation

During the 1997/1998 game season, Valery Bure moved to the Calgary Flames team. In the debut performances for the new club, this striker played 16 matches and scored 9 points. And in the next season, he became a participant in 80 games, in which 53 times he made effective actions. In the next 2 years, Valery also gained more than 50 points per season. In 2000, this hockey player took part in the NHL All-Star Game.

Then Valery spent 3 seasons in the “Florida Panthers” and played 5 games for the team “St. Louis Blues”. He ended his career at the Dallas Stars club. There he was noted in 13 matches and brought the team 7 points. During his successful career, the Russian striker could not win the Stanley Cup.

Country performances

Valery Bure throughout his career was the real leader of his teams. It is not surprising that he was regularly called to the Russian national hockey team. His debut for the Russian team took place at the Youth World Championships in 1994. There, our team in a bitter struggle became a bronze medalist. In the same year, the striker entered the main team and took part in the World Championships in Italy.Valery was a young player, so the coaching staff did not make a major bet on him. But he took part in all games and scored 3 goals. The championship was a failure, the Russian team took only 5 place.

In 1996, Bure takes part in the World Cup. But he entered the field only once. According to the championship results, the national team won the fourth place. Then Valery Bure played at two Olympiads, which were held in 1998 and 2002. In the first games, our team won the silver. Bure took part in all matches of the tournament. And in the second games, the Russian team won the bronze medal.

Valery Bure wife, children,

Athlete's personal life

Overseas, Valery Bure began dating American actress Candice Cameron. June 22, 1996 lovers legalized their relationship. Candace gave birth to Valeria daughter and two sons. Valery Bure, wife, children for whom are the meaning of life, after completing a career, is happily married. In 2002, he received American citizenship and feels comfortable in this country. The eldest daughter Valeria began to appear frequently in public. She is not a model, but she loves to be the center of attention and does not miss the opportunity to pose for famous magazines.Perhaps in the future she will follow in the footsteps of her mother and also take up the acting profession.

Valery Bure, whose biography was successful, after the completion of his hockey career, remained in the United States, unlike his elder brother Pavel, who returned to Russia. He regularly goes to the ice with other sports stars who have previously played in the professional league. At the moment, Valery is engaged in children and the wine business. Fans love this Russian striker and remember his great goals.

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