Useful tips for home from experienced housewives

General cleaning will not be a burden if you know the main secrets of how to make a house clean and comfortable quickly. We hope that our advice will be useful and will radically change your attitude to this not always beloved procedure.

Kitchen. We distribute forces correctly

Putting it here is not an easy task. Everything is complicated by the presence of the oven, grill, microwave and hood. Add kitchen cabinets. What common? All these things are united by one - greasy stains that are not easy to clean.

useful tips for home

Using helpful cleaning tips, you can clean up the mess in two accounts, and spend time saved on more pleasant things. From this point we clean, wash, wipe in the process or immediately after cooking. Fresh stains and grease are easy to remove with a wet wipe. Otherwise, then you have to soak, wipe and wash.

Vinegar, soda and water for the oven - only "Yes"!

There are a lot of special cleaning products on sale, but choose better-proven brands.After all, there is always the risk of acquiring low-quality and unhealthy goods, which do not always cope with the task. Many prints offer useful tips for the home about the benefits of vinegar. It was used by our grandmothers to clean the house, it is a great alternative to expensive detergents. By the way, he is often included in their composition. Possessing a mild antibacterial effect, the vinegar solution with water kills germs and bacteria on any surface. Such processing is recommended in the house where there are small children, in cafes and restaurants where the use of chemicals is prohibited. Unpleasant odors go away if you leave a glass with vinegar in the room.

cleaning tips

By the way, do you know why you should marry a restaurant chef? He knows how to clean up the kitchen!

And now we offer simple tips to housewives how to clean the fat in the oven. We moisten the surface with vinegar, sprinkle with soda abundantly on top and leave for half an hour. Then simply wipe with a napkin and rinse with clean water. Vinegar and soda can be used separately. But it increases the cleaning time. So, mix the soda with water until a slurry forms and apply it on the inner surface.cabinet. After about an hour, remove the solution with a napkin.

Vinegar is well distributed on the walls with a spray. It is enough to mix it with water and pour into the container. This cleaning takes at least two hours. The remnants of fat remove a wet cloth. This option helps to avoid scratches in the process. Do not forget to handle other surfaces: tables, cabinets, stove, refrigerator, glass, mirrors, window sills, floor.

The fridge will be clean. And do not need to clean it

This article will find useful tips for home and those who care about cleanliness and order in the refrigerator. Do not have to wash and wipe anything, if you take care of the cleanliness of the shelves in advance. One has only to wrap them with cling film and change it periodically.

tips for housewives

Instead of film, you can use parchment paper, but this option is more expensive and not always convenient to use.


If you can not wash everything at once, then the remnants of food in hard to reach places can be removed with a soap solution. It is enough to pour it into the bowl and turn on the device at low speed. In the end, all that remains is to rinse with clean water.

Remove grease stains from the carpet

To deal with such pollution is not easy.But there is a way out. We offer you tips from experienced housewives how to remove traces of fat on the kitchen rug. Baking soda will help. Dry powder should be spread over the entire surface of the stain, rub in gently, and after half an hour remove with a vacuum cleaner.

Microwave? Don't worry

Among the many ways to remove fat, this surprise and amuse. Pour water into a deep plate, add a couple of lemon slices and send for a few minutes to the microwave. We are waiting for the microwave to fill with steam.

tips from experienced housewives

Steam perfectly removes all the dirt and scum, and the lemon refreshes. In the end you need to wipe everything with a dry cloth.

Grill is good hot

Often useful tips for the home help to solve many issues without help. For example, everyone loves kebabs, but very few people can cope with dried fat on a metal grid. Then you need to take care of cleanliness even during a picnic: cut the bulb in half, chop into a fork and wipe the hot grill. Onions will not only remove pollution, but also remove unpleasant odors. By the way, to grill the meat turned out to be more fragrant, the grate is rubbed with fresh onions and before cooking.

We update leather furniture

Lovers of soft corners in the kitchen will find useful household tips on how to quickly remove scratches and scuffs. Just pick up a shoe polish of a suitable tone and carefully treat all problem areas. The furniture will change right before your eyes.

In any business you need to allocate time correctly. Then you can complete several tasks at the same time. For example, while cleaning is in the kitchen, you can wash.

Wash without problems

Wash, honestly, no one likes. Like any other homework. To achieve perfect cleanliness and preserve the quality of things will help not expensive means, but several useful tricks. Our helpful home tips will help turn ordinary laundry into an exciting process.

useful tips on the housework

  • In order to avoid knitwear, it is good to use the “cold water” mode or choose a temperature of 30 degrees.
  • To keep jeans from shedding, you can pre-soak them in very salty water.
  • Boric acid will make white socks and socks white. It is enough to dissolve it with water (1-2 tablespoons) and place things into it for a couple of hours before washing.
  • A glass of white vinegar when rinsing will make things soft.
  • If to mix washing powder with salt, then the color linen will become brighter.
  • To remove unpleasant odors from clothes will help the cold. Before washing it is enough to wrap them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  • Soda also copes with an unpleasant smell. It is added to the water during washing, and then rinsed thoroughly.
  • Regular glycerin will help to return softness to a woolen sweater. Need to add 1 tsp. in the water for rinsing.
  • Stains from deodorant can be easily removed with ordinary table salt. Gently rub problem areas with wet salt, wetting a little and the thing itself, and leave it overnight. In the morning we send in washing. Vodka removes stains on black clothes. It is enough to soak the problem place for half an hour.

We hope that this information was useful to you. After all, the ability to wash properly ensures that your favorite clothes will look neat and will last a long time. And with the general cleaning in the house you can handle in two accounts!

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