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  • Date: April 10, 2018

US ready to strike at Syria

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"Where was the S-400" or any other Russian equipment in Syria at the time of any actions of opponents or, excuse me, partners? This question has recently become incredibly common. The answer is. Moreover, it is that our equipment works perfectly and copes with its task completely.
"Russia has blocked the radio signals of American drones in Syria, and this has significantly affected US military operations, reports NBC television channel, citing unnamed American officials."
This is what the US will say except in a whisper. It is not customary to show off failures to Russian blockers. And the main newsmakers are nervous people from the US military, their reaction is the main source of information. But they will not report on what to talk shame about! So it turns out that the main and main work of the technology remains in the shadow.
Of course, the news itself is served under a completely different sauce.Allegedly, the Russian military began to interfere with some UAVs a few weeks ago, "after a series of alleged chemical attacks in Eastern Gute." Sources of the channel believe that this is how Russia expressed concern "that the United States will avenge the attacks."
But to adequate people who understand that Russia itself and Syria are not the enemy, and will not shit where the insurgents are taken out by the thousands and without the use of force, it is obvious that no chemical. there was no attack. And that means no one would block the signals of drones just like that. Therefore, it is reasonable to find out what the American drones were doing in the zone where the chemical was alleged. attack? And why so tried to break through? More likely to arrange another provocation. Or after claiming "irrefutable evidence of the attacks of Assad." But it did not.
However, in general, the Syrian situation is heated. As, however, a year ago. The last alarming bell was the convergence of military equipment of the Russian Federation and the United States.
Russian VKS aircraft flew at least four times over the American destroyer Donald Cook. The US Navy warship approached 100 km to the Syrian port "Tartus", where the Russian naval base is located.The second destroyer - "Porter" - can come up in a few days to connect with "Donald Cook." At the same time, the media report on the readiness of “Donald Cook” to attack Syria at any moment.
Russia in the Security Council responded to the alleged US aggression:
"Through the appropriate channels, we have already conveyed to the American side that military actions under false pretexts against Syria, where Russian troops are at the request of the legitimate government of this country, can lead to the most serious consequences," said Nebenzya.
The permanent representative added that the United States, Great Britain and France are conducting a confrontational line with respect to Moscow, using a wide arsenal of methods and a tone that did not exist even during the Cold War.
Earlier, Trump stated that he would "respond" to the "chemical attack" within 24-48 hours. They expire tonight and Cook is ready. Therefore, the main intrigue - whether the States bang. Interestingly, it was precisely today that 3.5 thousand militants by no means the United States left the Eastern Guta - including that the intended blow of the States affected as few people as possible.
So bang or not? I will take the developmental scenario with a blow as likely.On the one hand, by analogy with Korea, we remember how the States love and scare, but also to be afraid. But last year’s experience reminds us that the sudden sharp impulses of American old men can seriously spoil life. And now they are deciding a lot - warlike grandfathers who, in their declining years, want to do something memorable and decisive. Even if it is decisive will be extremely destructive.
Let's wait until tomorrow. Although it is unlikely that something will change tomorrow.

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