Upsize Breast Enlargement Cream. Cream Upsize: reviews, composition and features

Female breasts are the subject of male admiration and female envy. Tall, supple and soft, it complements the image, making it perfect. But not everyone is given such luxury. Most of the fair sex are dissatisfied with their forms and are ready for anything, just to make their breasts a little bigger. Manufacturers of cosmetics do not deny themselves the pleasure and offer a variety of creams, lotions and other means to make the bust luxurious. Can these drugs really help in such a delicate problem? Today, Upsize cream is very popular. The reviews about him are so different that it is rather difficult to form my own opinion on the basis of them. Let's try to sort this out together.

upsize cream reviews

Looking back

As early as the 18th century, the problem of the incomplete pomp of the bust worried women so much that they were ready for any experiments to correct this lack of their figure.Of course, at that time no one had heard about Upsize cream. Reviews, by the way, suggest that many today repeat the sad experience of their great-grandmothers. Then, liquid paraffin was used for breast augmentation. No, it was not used as an applicator, but was injected under the skin. What consequences could occur, we can only guess, but inflammatory processes were not uncommon.

Then plastic surgery began to develop rapidly. In order to increase the breast, tried to use a variety of means. This is its own fatty tissue, and glass balls, foam, polyvinyl, rubber, polyester, gel pads and much more. The experiments were very different from each other in efficiency, but they continued.

Yesterday and today

Only in the 20th century were safe ways been found to give a new breast shape without harm to the health of a woman. This mammoplasty, which today is very common. But not everyone is ready for surgery. Firstly, there are very few good specialists, and it is rather dangerous to contact the first surgeon. Secondly, these are very expensive operations, and not everyone can afford them.And against the background of all this appears cream Upsize. Reviews emphasize that women decide to try it after they realize that they cannot afford plastic surgery. Attractive advertising created specifically to push the buyer to such an idea.

cream upsize negative reviews

Little anatomy

In order for the reader to understand well what is at stake, let's consider what the female breast represents. To do this, remember the anatomical structure. Female breast - is the fatty tissue that covers the mammary gland. It is retained by the connective tissue, which is attached to the pectoralis major muscle.

So what does breast shape depend on? From the amount of adipose tissue and the development of the pectoral muscles. And we both can adjust a little. However, it is not necessary to eat off immediately, the fat will be evenly distributed throughout the body, and the shape of the breast will not change. You can sign up in the gym and pump up muscles. Due to this, the chest will rise and will look much better. And where is the cream Upsize? Reviews are not for nothing that express so much negativity, it can in no way affect the growth of the breast. This should be known to those who are only planning to buy such a tool.

Do you believe advertising?

It is very difficult to reject the temptation to buy a package or two of the coveted funds. Suddenly it did not help others, and it will affect you magically. But miracles do not happen. Yes, and think for yourself why the stars of show business went under the knife, if everything was so simple. Negative reviews cream Upsize is not for nothing called a useless tool. Simply, there is no miracle cream that would locally activate cell growth. Yes, and will not. Neither gels, nor creams, nor pills or bars can help. Even the exercises will not increase the chest, they will only give it a beautiful shape.

Breast tightness depends on the elasticity of the skin and the strength of the pectoral muscle, and the size is set genetically. Therefore, you can only influence the first two factors. Here, to maintain the elasticity of the skin, you can use the Upsize breast cream. Reviews say that the chest after him is just velvet. Therefore, if you need a care product, you can pay attention to it. However, the price is quite high, there is a cream and at a more affordable cost.

upsize reviews real cream price

Consumer choice

Despite the abundance of information, many women continue to buy various means for breast augmentation. Of course, the prospect of quickly transforming is very attractive.And trusting advertising, many decide to try the cream for the bust Upsize. Reviews often sound disappointed, because advertising is very colorful, and the result is not at all impressive. And the idea is very tempting: why go under the surgeon’s knife, when you can just rub a regular cream.

Information from the manufacturer

What promises us a manufacturer of cream to increase the bust Upsize? Reviews emphasize that only because of the luxury advertising and decided to try this tool. So, after a week you are promised a visible result. The maximum therapeutic effect develops within a month. The manufacturer promises that the breast will become larger, the bust will round and improve its shape. Moreover, the skin in the application area will become more resilient and elastic.

What is the catch? The manufacturer does not say how much the breast will increase. On the official website could not find any direct instructions regarding this issue. But the consumer is informed about it indirectly, through reviews. Cream to increase Upsize is presented as a magical means by which the breast after a week begins to fall out of the bra, growing to 1-2 size.That is, from the first you can go to the third.

breast cream upsize reviews

Instructions for use

Maybe the secret is hidden here? It is the application of the composition in a special way that leads to the fact that the subcutaneous adipose tissue begins to grow like a yeast? Everything looks pretty simple. The manufacturer recommends washing both breasts. Apply the product to one and massage around the contour for 10 minutes. Then do the same with the second breast. Now you need to wait until the cream dries.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Doing this is necessary for a month, regularly, only in this case, the manufacturer guarantees the result. The real reviews about the Upsize cream say that the skin condition has really changed during this time, it has become more taut. But nothing can be said about the increase.

Main advantages

The manufacturer informs us that this tool has no contraindications and side effects. It can be used by a woman of any age, there are no restrictions in this regard. Judging by the information on the site, this mask has passed clinical trials proving its effectiveness.Quality certificate confirms the absence of hormones. You are offered high quality products at an affordable price. And if you compare with plastic surgery, it is almost a gift.

upsize cream reviews Price

The composition of the tool

What should be added to the cream to cause local cell growth? Reviews of doctors cream Upsize immediately recorded in the category of drugs, bluff, but let's be consistent. Once the cream has been released, its effectiveness must be based on something. And here we are faced with a problem. It is difficult to find information about what this tool really is. Perhaps, if several compositions that are very different from each other, but at the same time serve the same purpose?

The main active ingredient, as the information on the official website says, is the Dead Sea minerals. The effect of their use is supplemented with an extract of red algae and green coffee, camellia oil and coffee beans. According to other sources, the composition includes deoxymyroestrol. What kind of substance, to install and failed. Mention of it is only on sites dedicated to the sale of Upsize. Reviews of the cream deception is forced to suspect almost from the first lines.The vaunted remedy did not help not only to increase, but even to improve the shape of the breast.

Online Reviews

How to determine who is telling the truth? In fact, the tool has recently entered the market, so there are not so many real reviews about it. Therefore it is necessary to be guided not so much by them as by common sense. It is logical to assume that reviews are written to order and published for one purpose - to sell more products.

From the reviews that are on the official website, you can understand that you can easily increase the breast by two sizes in three weeks. And the bust increases forever. In fact, the only option that can be assumed is that there are substances in the composition that cause a slight swelling. But to maintain the effect will need to apply it constantly.

bust enlargement cream upsize reviews

Opinion of doctors

And again we are faced with a harsh reality. Not a single drug that could meet the stated characteristics, no. This is the only real review. Cream to increase the bust Upsize, obviously, will not work. That is, you will spend your time and money without getting any result. Regardless of how much time you will smear it (day, week or year),nothing will change. Your chest will be exactly as it was before use.

What is this opinion based on?

Why are doctors so categorical? Because they are well aware of human physiology and understand that such metamorphoses are impossible. Creams that increase breasts simply do not exist in nature. Otherwise, all the developments would have been going in that direction, and mammoplasty, on the contrary, would lose its relevance. But what about the effects on other parts of the body? Hands that you rub the composition, for example.

Dead Sea minerals do not affect the size of the bust, which once again calls into question the entire advertising campaign regarding this product. This is another point that is worth paying attention to. If minerals produced a similar effect, then everyone would come from the sanatorium, visibly rounded.

And the last moment. On numerous sites indicated different composition of this tool. If the manufacturer is not ready to tell the consumer the truth of what the drug consists of, is it worth trusting him? What prevents him from providing accurate information about the mechanism of action or effectiveness? This point of view is confirmed by real reviews of the cream Upsize.The price is not too small, so you should think several times before making a purchase.

upsize cream reviews cheating

Recommendations for use

If you ask a breast doctor what he thinks about this, the doctor will only laugh. Doctors say with full responsibility that it is possible to rub any means in any quantities, but this does not change the structure of the tissues of the body and cannot cause the growth of cells in one area of ​​the body. For this reason, experts may recommend the drug solely as a breast care product. You will not wait for the increase in the bust, as well as from any other, similar means.

Cost of

After all that has been said, the price of the Upsize cream is most interesting. Reviews call it too high, because the desired effect was not achieved. The cost of one package means - 1000 rubles. But it is not enough to achieve the effect. This immediately warns the manager, taking the order. Usually, he recommends immediately purchasing three or four tubes that will be enough for the entire course. Now the client will have to perform simple manipulations twice a day within 30 days.

Usually after two weeks, clients begin to suspect that no result followed, but they are trying to complete the course. Of course, the amount for it is impressive.Add to this the disappointment and get a reason for a negative review.

Where can I buy?

In the store it is not for sale. To purchase a cream to increase the bust of Upsize, you will need to go to the official website of the manufacturer and fill out a special form. Usually at this stage you will be provided with a huge amount of information about the advantages you will get from using this tool. Discounts, bonuses and gifts - that is standard information. You will be contacted by the operator, who will specify the number of tubes of cream, the possibility of receiving discounts, payment methods. After placing your order, you must receive it within ten business days.

Instead of conclusion

Of course, there are many different opinions, among which it is quite difficult to find the truth. But let's pay attention to the tube itself. On it is written in small letters "Cream for elasticity of the bust", and not at all to increase it. As you can see, everything else is just an effective marketing ploy. Of course, sales grow tenfold. Who will be interested in the usual care cream? And if you offer a miracle remedy, because of which you have to change the bra every two weeks, then there will be those who want to - even more than enough.

Before making such purchases, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Usually a specialist will need just a few minutes to tell the advantages and disadvantages of such a procedure. It is possible that it will not be harmful. Moreover, it may even be useful. But you cannot achieve the promised breast augmentation.

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