Treatment in a sanatorium in Sochi. List of resorts, photos and reviews

For a good rest and recovery, many recommend treatment in a sanatorium in Sochi. More than a hundred years have passed since the city of Sochi became the main resort for the treatment and recreation of the Russian population. Sochi is the only corner in our country where the weather is sunny for 300 days a year. The warm sea, the mountain ranges of the Caucasus and the humid subtropical climate have made this place unique for sanatorium treatment and recovery of people in need.

treatment in a sanatorium in Sochi

Sochi is a city where there are more than 100 resorts, boarding houses and recreation centers.
The treatment at the sanatorium in Sochi is very effective. The local health centers offer their services to experienced doctors who use the most modern methods of treatment of various diseases.

Medical specialization of sanatorium facilities is constantly expanding. You can always choose which sanatorium will suit you for treatment. Health programs are based on the combination of natural factors and the latest achievements of medical science.

Rus sanatorium"

treatment in the sanatorium Russia Sochi
The health resort is located in the central part of Sochi. Despite many other medical institutions, "Rus" is recognized as one of the best. Vacationers are located in three buildings, two bungalows and individual villas. Comfortable pebble beach is located near the buildings at a distance of 50-300 meters. Shells are in the dendrological park with healing air.

For sports enthusiasts there are freshwater and sea water pools, an indoor sports complex, 4 tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts.

Due to the location of the sanatorium, guests have the opportunity in the evening to go to the city center and have fun.

The specialization of the health resort is the elimination of disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, gynecology, urology, restoration of the work of the musculoskeletal system and normalization of metabolism.

SPA procedures play a significant role in recovery programs.
Vacationers receive food 3 times a day according to the buffet system. On the territory, in addition to three restaurants, there are 4 cafes and 6 bars.

Treatment in the sanatorium "Rus" (Sochi) - is swimming in the sea, receiving solar, air, sand baths, meditation on the healing air.Herbal baths, treatments with curative mud and various types of massages deserve special attention.

Treatments are received by those who arrived on a voucher with a spa card. But anyone can order paid services for instrumental and laboratory examination, only a passport and a receipt of payment will be required.
Treatment in the sanatorium "Rus" in Sochi is held all year round.

Reviews about sanatorium "Rus"

Virtually no vacationer leaves without leaving a review. As a rule, all reviews are positive. For example, guests of the sanatorium like spacious rooms, modern medical facilities, a magnificent buffet, beautiful swimming pools and landscaped grounds. Many people will come back here again.

The sanatorium "Arctic"

The sanatorium "Arctic
The health resort is located in the center of Sochi on the territory of a subtropical park of 16 hectares. Evergreens create a special microclimate. The city center is 5-10 minutes walk. Not far from the resort is located Park "Riviera".
Vacationers are placed in six-hexa cases. They have 3 open and 2 closed pools with heated sea water.15 athletic fields, a swimming pool for athletes with seven lanes. There is a beach with the necessary equipment.

The spa center offers baths of all kinds (Russian, Turkish, Finnish), massages, peels, wraps, a gym and a solarium.

Vacationers get their meals 3 times a day using a buffet system in two restaurants. There are cafes, bars, lots of entertainment.

Medical specialization: diseases of the circulatory system, nervous, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems, gynecology, skin diseases.

Ways of healing

1. Balneological procedures.

Hydrogen sulfide baths (according to the Matsesta resort system), radon, iodine-bromine, bishofit, carbonic, pearl, hydromassage dry; mud therapy; paraffin therapy; special healing souls.

2. Physiotherapy procedures.

Magneto-, infita-, ultrasound therapy; laser treatment; heat, light therapy; electrophoresis; lymphatic drainage; cryotherapy; phytotherapy; UVU-, SVU-treatment; DDT, SMT treatment; inhalation.

Guests can come with children from 3 years old throughout the year.

Sanatorium "Polar" receives positive feedback.

Visitor Comments

Vacationers compare the level of service with 4 * in Cyprus, note the competence of specialists, the effectiveness of procedures and food, which, in their opinion, is beyond praise.

Health resort "Avangard"

sanatorium avant-garde
Sanatorium "Avangard" is located near the Black Sea and occupies an area of ​​4 hectares. This health resort is a branch of the FSBE "Children's Medical Center".
Lush greenery around the Bedroom and Primorsky buildings, its pebble beach at a distance of 30 m. The occupied area is fenced, among the evergreen plants there is a fountain, a swimming pool, playgrounds for children. Near the sanatorium "Avangard" is an arboretum and a circus.

Particular attention is paid to the improvement of children. This medical institution practices the treatment of the circulatory system, respiratory, nervous, endocrine and digestive systems.

Treatment methods

The following methods of treatment are practiced at the Avangard sanatorium:

  • physiotherapy; water and mud therapy;
  • heat treatment;
  • massage;
  • manual and reflexology;
  • aerotherapy and inhalation;
  • psychological help;
  • neurosensory room for classes with children.

The institution practices three meals per buffet.Sanatorium "Avangard" offers all the conditions for a family holiday, the program of entertainment for children and adults is very diverse.

Accepted families with children of all ages. Reviews about the resort most positive. Guests note the convenient location of the health resort, proximity to the sea, good food, perfect cleanliness in the rooms and pool, and excellent medical care.

Address: city of Sochi, Kurortny Avenue, 83.

Sanatorium "Black Sea"

sanatorium black sea sochi
This sanatorium is the youngest in Sochi in the 5 * category. It is located in the central area of ​​the city opposite the Winter Theater. The impressive service pleasantly surprises travelers. The level of service is comparable to the level of European quality.

Modern technologies of medicine and natural healing factors contribute to the restoration of life balance and help to create a healthy lifestyle.
In the dormitory building 50 rooms. For two people there are one-room, two-room three-room numbers and apartments.

At a distance of 150 meters from the building is a private beach.

Vacationers get their meals three times a day according to the buffet system.
For comfortable rest, the resort "Chernomorye" (Sochi) offers its own center for entertainment and sports. Throughout the free Wi-Fi.In the future, a business center will be built.

Health Resort Specialization

Restoration of disorders of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory and nervous systems, treatment of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, treatment of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases.

The medical staff uses only modern equipment.

Ways of recovery:

  • balneology - all types of baths;
  • water and heat treatment;
  • speleotherapy;
  • inhalation;
  • all types of massage;
  • hypoxytherapy;
  • spinal traction;
  • monitor bowel cleansing;
  • video computer vision correction;
  • conservative treatment of male and female sexual disorders;
  • laser and therapeutic cosmetology;
  • infrared capsule Slim Way;
  • dentistry;
  • dietology.

Sanatorium "Black Sea" (Sochi) welcomes guests with children of all ages all year round.

Reviews about the sanatorium "Chernomorye"

Positive feedback. Vacationers say that the resort is expensive, but very worthy. The food is good, the staff is polite, the rooms are clean. A wide variety of treatments. Everything is designed for a relaxing and quiet holiday. In walking distance of any part of Sochi.

Wellness complex "Belarus"

sanatorium belarusThe sanatorium “Belarus” is located in the central part of Sochi, next to the residence of Bocharov Ruchey. It covers an area of ​​15 hectares in the subtropical park.

There are two buildings on the territory: the main one, made in the palace architectural style, and the Primorsky building, equipped with an escalator descent to the beach. Pebble beach has all the necessary equipment.

At the disposal of the guests there are two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a tennis court, a gym for exercising, a sports ground, a sauna, a cafe, a bar and much more.

In the health resort park, guests can admire rare flowering plants.

Three meals a day on a customized menu.

The sanatorium works year-round, welcomes guests with children of all ages. Tutors can look after the babies.

Specialization of the sanatorium by profile:

  • the cardiovascular system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • nervous system;
  • dermatitis.

Treatment methods:

  • balneary with baths, showers, massages, inhalations; physiotherapy and acupuncture;
  • Ultrasonography of abdominal organs, small pelvis, thyroid gland, mammary glands, etc .;
  • ECG, heart monitoring;
  • speleotherapy;
  • dentistry, cosmetology; psychotherapist;
  • autogenic training;
  • gymnastics on the system of yogis and syan-miao.

Guests enjoy the beach and well-kept park. Attentive staff, excellent food, excellent medical care. Many come to the sanatorium "Belarus" again.


sanatorium progress
Progress sanatorium is located in Khostinsky district. It is located 150 m above sea level, near the yew-boxwood grove. All this creates a unique mountain-sea microclimate, which contributes to the rapid cure of diseases. Next to the sanatorium there is a balneological center "Matsesta".

Vacationers are placed in three bedroom buildings. The entire infrastructure of the sanatorium is at their service: a swimming pool, sports facilities, tennis courts, a gym and game rooms, and much more.

The beach of the sanatorium is located at a distance of 800 m from the sea. Organized bus delivery vacationers. The ride will take 10 minutes.

Three meals a day on a customized system at the rate of a seven-day menu.

Medical profile of the sanatorium:

  • cardiovascular system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • nervous disorders and skin diseases.

The treatment is carried out on the basis of its medical base:

  • balneological procedures (baths, showers, inhalations);
  • physiotherapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • mechanotherapy;
  • laser and manual therapy;
  • psychotherapy.

In addition to these methods, hirudotherapy, phyto and aromatherapy, halospeleotherapy and aeroionotherapy are used.

For the treatment of used modern medical equipment. Sanatorium "Progress" operates year-round. Children are accepted from 3 years.

Reviews about the sanatorium "Progress"

The sanatorium received positive feedback from those who love quiet rest and professional treatment. Guests like the location of the sanatorium and the clean healthy air. Many like diet food. But there are dissatisfied with rest in the "Progress" - do not like the distance from the beach.

The sanatorium is departmental, owned by the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation.

Address: City of Sochi, Khostinsky district, Sukhumskoe highway, 11.

"White Nights"

sanatorium white nightsIn the Botanical Park of Kuban, which is located in the village of Uch-Dere, Lazarevsky district of Sochi, is the sanatorium "White Nights". This is one of the most unique places, because hundreds of rare plants bloom in the park throughout the year.

The sanatorium operates year-round.Vacationers live in a high-rise building, 200 meters from the sea.

The beach is equipped with the necessary equipment. There is a swimming pool with fresh water, a sports complex, playgrounds for children, two cafes, two bars and much more.
Vacationers are provided with three meals a day according to the scheme buffet. A trip to a sanatorium in Sochi with treatment costs from 2,100 rubles to 8,200 rubles per person per day. Price depends on the category of room and time of stay.

Medical profile of the sanatorium:

  • the cardiovascular system;
  • peripheral and central nervous system;
  • respiratory system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • skin diseases.

Medical base:

  • balneotherapy;
  • inhalation;
  • aromatherapy;
  • hirudo, ozone, halo and acupuncture;
  • all types of massage.

Sanatorium "White Nights" offers a proven method of cleansing the body from accumulated toxins and toxins using the apparatus "Mediskrin."

In the SPA center of the sanatorium you can go through the program of rejuvenation of the body with the help of infrared and Finnish saunas, Turkish and Russian baths, cedar barrels.

The health center takes on rest and treatment for families with children over four years old.
The reviews of the guests are positive: the service staff, high-quality food and amazing natural conditions make it possible to have a good rest.

Sanatorium "Wave"

sanatorium waveSanatorium "Wave" is located on the Black Sea coast near the famous bath "Matsesta".

The buildings of the sanatorium are built in the palace style and are hidden in the lush greenery of the subtropical park. Holidaymakers are attracted by the beauty of nature and the proximity of leisure facilities.

At the disposal of guests a small pebbled beach just 200 meters from the sanatorium. The territory has everything for comfortable rest and entertainment.

Specialization in medical profile:

  • peripheral and central nervous system,
  • heart diseases,
  • musculoskeletal system,
  • female genital disorders,
  • skin diseases
  • musculoskeletal system
  • eye disease.

Used treatments:

  • hydrogen sulfide and bromide baths;
  • manual and hydromassage;
  • electrotherapy;
  • healing souls;
  • Matsesta irrigation;
  • "Mud pants";
  • autotraining;
  • climatotherapy;
  • psychotherapist help.

Reviews about visiting this sanatorium are the most controversial, often negative. Along with good grades for treatment, a lot of complaints are caused by service. Now the sanatorium "Wave" is closed for reconstruction - the old requires replacement.Our compatriots are abroad and have a clear understanding of the service.

Treatment in a sanatorium in Sochi will help cope with many ailments, relieve depression and fatigue.

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