Toyota Harrier - Japanese SUV

Since the late 1990s, the world began to produceThe first SUVs are a kind of ordinary cars with the appearance of an SUV. The Japanese car industry was no exception. So, in 1997 the world saw a new car park Toyota harrier

It was a car, actively mastering the spherenew high-class SUVs. Concern Toyota marked the novelty with the abbreviation SUS. Soon, the analogue - the Lexus 300 series was presented on the European and American market. His appearance and characteristics corresponded with accuracy to the Japanese jeep. Perhaps the only thing that distinguished them was the location of the helm (in the Japanese it was on the right) and the emblem. For such an unordinary appearance, the SUV acquired the nickname "ferret".

Characteristics of Toyota Harrier

All cars of this brand were front-wheel drivetype, similar to the Toyota Camry. Toyota Harrier tuning was present from the assembly line: an anti-shock arc, an independent suspension and a sturdy body. But, despite this, the Japanese car did not become a truly true SUV.tuning toyota harrier

For its comfort and noise insulationproperties he was at the level of high-end sedans. Buyers of the first generation of the novelty were given a choice of two engines: the first - in-line four-cylinder with a volume of 2.4 liters; the second was more powerful - a six-cylinder with a volume of 3 liters. To both engines was attached a four-speed automatic gearbox.

The second generation ...

A few years later, in 2000, Harrierslightly improved. The design of the front part has changed a bit - the radiator grille and the shape of the headlights have changed. The rest of the bodywork of the designers left the same. The new generation has acquired a more powerful engine due to the increase in the working volume.

The exterior and interior looked like the sameHarrier of the first generation. But, thanks to some changes, the interior of the car has become more modern. A slightly inclined struts gave the sports car more sportiness, which was not enough in the old harrier reviews

The salon became more solid: Now in place of the gray plastic panel racks there are elegant metal inserts and many other details of the cladding. All the plating in the cabin was made of natural materials. Now the luggage compartment can be opened with the help of automatic buttons. The space in the trunk itself did not increase (however, it was already enough).

Suspension of the novelty is 2 types - pneumatic(for sports driving) and ordinary (for everyday comfortable trips around the city and on nature). The latter came from the assembly line on jeeps of the first generation. But the sports suspension was developed specifically for the release of new items. It can automatically adjust the ground clearance when driving. All cars are equipped with 18-inch wheels. Coupled with a sports air suspension, trips to the unevenness become very comfortable. At any time and in any weather the jeep is able to withstand and overcome any obstacles. About Toyota Harrier reviews and car specifications continue to lure more and more new customers. Quality, reliability and safety are the criteria for a modern car.

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