Top English Detectives: TV Series

English detectives for many years are a model of the genre. It all started with the successful works of British writers, and later grew into a tradition of stunning detective series. Below is a small selection of the best English TV detective series.

"Miss Marple"

One of the most famous characters of Agatha Christie became the basis for two multi-part English films at once. Detective Jane Marple first appeared on screens by actress Joanne Hickson from 1984 to 1992 in twelve episodes. Twelve years later, the new series “Miss Marple Agatha Christie” based on the book series was launched, this time with actress Geraldine McEwan in the lead role. The series went six seasons, after the third the main role began to play the actress Julia Mackenzie.

Miss Marple

Both series enjoyed great success with viewers and critics, who noted the beautifully conveyed atmosphere of the classic works of Agatha Christie. Even the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth was a fan of the work of Hickson and awarded her the Order of the British Empire.


One of the longest-running TV shows in the history of British television. English series about detective Hercule Poirot was launched in 1989, the main role was played by actor David Suchet. A total of thirteen seasons and seventy episodes. The series was completed in 2013.

TV series Poirot

Agatha Christie's Poirot is one of the standards of English detectives, and David Suchet is considered the best performer of the Belgian detective. Even such recognized actors as Albert Finney and Kenneth Branagh could not outshine the performer of the role of Poirot on the small screen.


In recent years, one of the main English TV series. Detective John Luther works in a special department of the London police and is engaged in catching serial killers, rapists and pedophiles. His work gradually begins to affect the mental state, and the methods are becoming more reckless and desperate.

TV series Luther

"Luther" is not a detective in full, the killer and his personality are often disclosed at the very beginning of the series, following the example of the legendary American TV series "Colombo". However, this investigation of the protagonist does not become less stressful. Idris Elba was awarded the Golden Globe Award for his role as John.After three seasons, the series was closed, but after another cut-off season of three episodes was filmed, it is now planned to release the fifth season.


Another hit English detective in recent years. In a small coastal town there is a brutal murder of a little boy. A detective who arrives from a large metropolis begins to investigate the case together with a local officer. In parallel, the life of a small town and its inhabitants is shown after a terrible tragedy.

TV Broadcast Series

"Broadchurch" in many ways mixes the genres of detective and family drama, paying as much attention to the suffering of the boy's parents, his relatives, as well as the investigation itself. In total, there were three seasons of the series, after which it was decided to finish its production.


Perhaps the best of English detectives in recent years. Rethinking the classic character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a modern way became a huge hit in Britain and the rest of the world. Singer of the role of Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch and who played Dr. Watson Martin Freeman became international stars.

TV series Sherlock

A total of four seasons and thirteen episodes were released.Breaks between seasons are becoming more and more due to the busy schedule of actors. Officially, the closure of the series was not reported, however, Martin Freeman in a recent interview, said he was unwilling to continue to participate in the series because of too high demands of fans.


An unexpected rethinking of English detectives. The action takes place in the English outback in the fifties of the last century. A young priest who had previously served in the army, begins to investigate various cases, helping the local police.

TV series Grantchester

At the moment, there were three seasons of the series, but the fourth has already been announced. Critics note the atmosphere of Agatha Christie’s classic detectives and the work of the lead actor, James Norton.


The series, based on the book series of English detectives from JK Rowling, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The show tells about the war veteran Cormoran Strike, who, having lost his leg, leaves the army and becomes a private detective.

TV series Strike

At the moment, all three novels from the series have been filmed, in total seven episodes have been published. Regarding the new episodes, the creators of the series said they would have to wait for Rowling to write new books about the character.

Happy Valley

The series tells about police sergeant Catherine Caywood, who is trying to survive her daughter's suicide and divorce from her husband, while unraveling the mysterious affairs and planning revenge on the person who, in her opinion, ruined her daughter.

Happy valley

The series fell in love with fans of English detectives. At the moment, there are two seasons, consisting of twelve series. The third season is scheduled and will soon be on the screens.


One of the most recent hits among English detectives. The series, which many describe as "Scandinavian noir," talks about the former police detective Marcella, who is forced to return to London and investigate a case of eleven years ago, while trying to cope with problems in his personal life.

Marcella series

The series became a hit among viewers and critics. Most recently, the second season was shown, the third has already been ordered.


The series concentrates on police officer Stephanie Gibson, who arrives from London in Belfast to investigate the crimes of a serial killer. The role of the cold-blooded maniac was played by Jamie Dornan, the star of the Fifty Shades of Gray film series, whose work by critics and viewers was especially noted after the premiere of the series.

TV series Crash

In total, three seasons of the series were planned, the last of seventeen episodes was recently shown. New season is not planned yet.

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