Thin Smartphones on 2 SIM Card: Review, Specifications, Reviews

We are accustomed to working with compact, attractive design, devays, able to solve the maximum of our tasks. In fact, all the devices that are present on the market at the moment have such characteristics. However, some of them differ from others in their dimensions, design, build quality, and capabilities.

In this article, we'll talk about those gadgets that can boast of a thin body. After all, manufacturers are trying to maximize the thickness of the device, make it more elegant and refined, even if sacrificing technological capabilities.

thin metallic smartphone


The positive qualities that thin smart phones possess are obvious. First, this is a decorative value. Yes, the refined body gives the phone some charm, makes the device more attractive in the eyes of the buyer. Not for nothing today, when creating a commercial about a particular model, manufacturers often mention something like "the world's thinnest case" or "the thickness of the case decreased by 4 mm." Such phrases are aimed at provoking a user association that makes it clear: the thinner the model, the more valuable it is.

Secondly, the reviews indicate that such devices are more convenient. In fact, keeping the model with a large body is not so convenient. Especially this applies to girls with a relatively small handle. Therefore, a thin smartphone gives them the opportunity to hold the model more firmly in the hand, for example, during a conversation.

Third, the sophisticated gadget is more practical. Think about it: how can you put a large device, say, in a pocket of a woman's handbag? Or, say, to put a smartphone in the pocket of narrow trousers, it is necessary that its dimensions allow it to be done, that is, as little as possible.

For these and other reasons, users love thin smartphones. Therefore, if you choose your device the next time, we recommend that you contact the owners of such a case.


Of course, behind the small thickness are hidden and serious problems. The first and one of the most significant is the "fragile" character. All of us, probably, remember the story, when the first-ever iPhone 5 and 5S suffered a lot from the inflection in the back pocket of the trousers. It was caused, again, by the desire of the developer to reduce the size of the smartphone. These thin smartphones did not have a solid enough body that could withstand the pressure in your pocket. As a result, thousands of reports that the device is bent, from around the world.

thin inexpensive smartphones

The second important point, which can be called negative, is the lack of a sufficient amount of space to accommodate some technological modules and parts. For example, with a larger body, the user can count on a capacious battery and a powerful "stuffing", which can not be said about thin smartphones. This is normal, because any equipment, being more developed, will occupy, respectively, more space. In some cases (judging by the reviews, again) you will have to sacrifice one of the components to ensure the successful work of the other. If you want a thin smartphone, remember that a large battery in it is not provided.


However, despite these and other shortcomings, models with a thin body are in great demand. We can convince you of this with the help of our device rating. It includes thin inexpensive smartphones, which are successfully sold in the communication salons and serve their owners. At the same time, we tried to select not so much the newest as the devices proven by time and having affordable price.

thin powerful smartphone

Huawei Acsend P7

The Chinese company, which started its work on the global market relatively recently, has in its lineup at once several thin functional smartphones. One of them is Ascend P7. This phone has 2 SIM cards, which allows the user to work simultaneously with two tariff plans from different operators. Agree, this is a good saving!

In addition, in addition to dimensions, the P7 model also has an attractive appearance. A successful combination of metal and glass makes the case of the smartphone truly elegant in the hands of everyone. For this model, judging by the reviews, and received such wide recognition. Such a thin smartphone can be an ideal addition to the style of not only a fragile girl, but also a harsh man - depending on the color combination and accessories.

Lenovo S90

Another interesting device (also a Chinese gadget) is the S90 model. In the world of smartphones, this instance is known as a copy of the iPhone 6 (due to its shell shape and some design elements, obviously borrowed from the American "flagship").

The model deserves attention, firstly, due to the thin shell (which, according to user reviews, also captivates with its light weight). Secondly, the gadget is equipped with a powerful "hardware", running on 4 cores with a clock speed of 1,2 GHz each. The battery for 2300 mAh additionally creates a good impression of the device.

thin smartphones on 2 SIM cards

Lenovo Vibe X2

Inexpensive thin metal smartphone (the second model in our list from the same manufacturer) is called Vibe X2. It is equipped with high-quality components - at the level of what the S90 model offers, only with a more efficient processor. The phone screen (1920 resolution x 1080 pixels) allows you to enjoy high-quality display of media files of any formats. And the thin body mentioned above is the detail, which, as they say, makes the work with the device even more pleasant.

Samsung A5

Phones from the Korean electronics giant in the high-end segment have both a thin body and high performance. The same applies to the Galaxy A5. It is relatively inexpensive (of the order of 150-170 dollars), but quite interesting is a thin, powerful smartphone that can show an excellent result on any speed tests. Due to the fact that the device is assembled by Samsung specialists, the quality of its service also deserves respect. Well, of course, all this is decorated in a stylish, light and compact body.

thin smartphone

Alcatel OneTouch Idol X6040

So that there are no reproaches that the rather subtle models are rather expensive, we can turn to the budget segment. There, in particular, a notable figure is the device from Alcatel. The phone costs about 8 thousand rubles, it has some average filling for Chinese copies of smartphones and looks much more expensive at the same time. However, judging by the reviews, the weaknesses of the gadget can be called its performance and optimization. Perhaps it is better to use it as an additional phone to the main smartphone on the 2 sim card.

thin smartphones

Oppo R5

By the way, speaking of Chinese little-known gadgets, you can not fail to mention Oppo. The products of this concern probably already were on your lips. At least, these smartphones are very cheap, although they have quite serious technical characteristics. Undoubtedly, most of them are visibility of high performance (due to matrix interpolation, for example, "the number of megapixels" is increasing). Nevertheless, the thickness of the case of this smartphone is amazing. It's about 4,95 millimeter. On the market this is probably one of the thinnest phones. With a battery on 2000 mAh and a processor on 4 cores, it can give odds to many.

Vivo X5 Max

You certainly did not hear about this brand, and there is nothing surprising in this. Purely Chinese brand Vivo, operating in the local market, went "into the world", offering an even more compact model. The thickness of the case of his phone X5 Max is only 4,75 millimeters! And, what is striking, the model is made of metal, due to which it is possible to speak with confidence about its stylish appearance and pleasant to the touch material.

As you can see, thin smartphones on 2 sim cards are not uncommon these days. Here we gave only the most significant samples from the upper and lower price segment. On the shelves of stores you will find many more interesting models.

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