The truth about Kurapaty.

Recently in Minsk there was an exhibition about Kurapaty. Despite the fact that the exhibition was small and took only a few days - this event was very significant for Minsk. The current government prefers to dismiss the "uncomfortable topic" of the Kurapaty shootings, does not recall the events of those years, and this exhibition was the first such event in modern Belarus.
A little bit about what kind of exhibition and what is this place. Kurapaty is a small forest on the north-eastern outskirts of Minsk. In 1937-1940, a large number of people, mainly political prisoners, were shot by the NKVD bodies in this forest. According to various estimates, from 30 to 200 thousand people were killed in Kurapaty. They were brought there mainly at night, in vans of trucks, shot in the back of the head and dumped in the pits ...
In the USSR, it was forbidden to remember about Kuropaty, meetings in memory of the victims of Stalinism, held in the late eighties, were dispersed by the police. Then, in the already independent Belarus, the Kurapaty were included in the list of historical and cultural heritage, now there are memorable crosses there, but still the position of the current government takes place somewhere between neglect and indifference.That is why the current exhibition is a bright ray in this dark realm of unconsciousness and indifference.
02. A story about Kurapaty.

03. Icon in memory of the repressed.

04. Pictures.

05. Sculpture depicting a prisoner.


07. In memory of the executed priests.

08. Pictures.



11. Sleeves from Kuropaty forest.

12. Comrade Stalin, you are a great scientist, you know a lot about linguistics,

13. And I am a simple Soviet prisoner, and I’m a friend of the gray Bryansk wolf.

14. Stand about the study of Kuropaty.

15. Photos from the first memory shares at the end of the 80s.

16. Stands.



19. Pictures.

20. The sword.

21. Security.


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