The shocking transformation of Christian Bale

Christian Charles Philip Bale (born January 30)1974) - a famous English actor and film producer. He was shot in a variety of films of different genre orientation - from art house to Hollywood blockbusters with a multi-million dollar budget. He received universal world fame after participating in the films "The Machinist", "Prestige", "Equilibrium", "Fighter", "American Psycho" and several other rating films. The greatest actor's and commercial recognition was received after the trilogy of films about the superhero Batman: "Batman: The Beginning", "The Dark Knight", "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend".

Transformation of Christian Bale

The first works and world recognition

For the first time in cinematography Bail appeared at the age ofthirteen years, when starred in the title role in the movie "The Empire of the Sun" (1987) from the director Steven Spielberg. In this film, Christian Bale played an English boy who was left without parents and found himself in a camp of Japanese invaders who occupied Shanghai. After the release of the film, many world critics and cinema experts positively assessed the performance of the young Christian Bale.

In 2000, Bail again receives a "respect" fromfilm critics, starring in the movie "American Psycho" by director Patrick Bateman. Here he played a serial killer who despises the laws of universal morality and values. According to critics, as well as the results of popular vote, this work is among the top three in his entire career. Here Christian first showed what his body is capable of.

Transformations of the body of Christian Bale

Currently, Christian Bale is one of thethe best actors of modern Hollywood. Films with his participation gain incredible popularity, and box office can give a head start to large financial companies. Bale has a fairly large track record of steep roles in the rating films. High-class acting, piercing communication with the viewer and a striking individuality originality have borne fruit - Christian is an incredibly rich and famous Hollywood actor. Do not forget about the role of the second plan in the movie "Fighter", for which the actor received an Oscar. Christian Bale is a selfless actor, ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of creativity. With each film, he surprises the viewer with his changed appearance. Transformations of Christina Beyla's body are shocked even by world nutritionists - he then picks up, then sheds weight. Let's take a closer look at how the actor for his roles has been reincarnated in chronological order.

"American Psycho"

In this film, the actor achieved an impeccable body,even some athletes will envy it. In order to achieve this form, Christian systematically engaged in the gym for four months (6 times a week for 3 hours). As a result, Bale achieved what became an eighty-kilogram handsome with a magnificent relief body.

Christian Bale Transformation

Two years later, Bale starred in the movie "The Power of Fire", for which he added a few pounds (83 kg). They gave him even more masculinity.

As a rule, Hollywood actors are very afraidlose your excellent body shape. This allows them to appear in a variety of films - brutal action movies, melodramas (where you need to play a macho lover), comedies and love dramas. However, as readers have already guessed, Christian Bale is not one of those actors who are afraid to set themselves serious tasks. It is easy for this person to pick up the form, so lose it. And he does it for the audience!

Transformation of Christian Bale's body for the film "The Machinist"

A real public response was caused by the film"The Machinist" in 2004. In order to play the role of Trevor Reznik, the actor had to lose weight by 30 kilograms. The transformation of Christian Bale (photo below) shocked the public, because his body was in a critical condition, he weighed 55 kilograms. Nevertheless, the actor found strength in order to qualitatively and professionally win back his role. After Bale made many transformations and experiments on his body for his roles in different films.

transformation of the body of the Bile Christian

"Batman: The Beginning"

In 2005, the world saw the film "Batman: Beginning, "for which Christian regained his original splendor, he began to look like a superhero. Transformation Christian Bale was achieved through carbohydrate diet and grueling training in the gym. The actor returned 26 kilograms, and then recovered another 5 kg.

"The Rescue Dawn"

If Christian is gaining weight, then very soonWhat will you need to do? That's right, throw it off! That's what happened in the movie "The Rescue Dawn." In this picture, the transformation of Christian Bale again hit the whole world of cinema. In order to look more realistic in the picture, Bale again loses 25 kilograms. According to the plot of the film, the protagonist, a participant in the Vietnam War, escapes captivity and torture, wanders through the dense jungle for two weeks, eating all that can be. Surprisingly, in the same film, Bale is shot in fragments with an acceptable weight. The same trick was realized in the film "The Machinist".

Experiments on the body in the films "Batman: The Dark Knight" and "The Fighter"

In 2008, there was a new physical transformation of Christian Bale. Actor, as before, with ease returns 25 kilograms of weight, gaining a beautiful muscle relief.

christian bale body transformation

In 2010, Christian receives an Oscar for his rolesecond plan, playing Dickie Eklund in the movie "The Fighter". According to the plot, the main character in the past was a professional boxer, who over the years turned into a drug addict. Therefore, Bail needed a suitable look, and he lost 20 kilograms.

Transformations in the films "Batman: The Return of the Legend" and "Out of the Heat"

In 2012 there was a third film about "Batman" withparticipation of Christian Bale. The actor again had to build up his muscles to look like a superhero. It seems to be nothing special, it was only a little exercise in the hall, but in 2013 I had to lose everything again for the movie "From the heat" to look like a skeleton.

"The scam is American"

In the same year (2013), Bail again had togain weight. Now not to look strong and sporty, but ugly and fat. In this film, the transformation of Christina Beyla was non-standard.

Transformation of Christian Bale photo

The actor had to gain weight so that they could be seenside and hanging belly, because he played a brazen and immoral rascal. As it is easy to guess, there were no problems with weight gaining - Christian simply consumed fatty and harmful food in large quantities.

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